Under The Impression

"We'll go off somewhere. Together. If time is what you need then so be it. But I won't leave you on your own Draco."
"Promise?" He asked her, his grey eyes searching for something in hers. Anything.
"I promise. We're a team, remember? I sometimes get the impression you forget I'm always here for you."
And he knew Marie was right. He knew she'd always be there, just not for the reasons he wanted her too.


2. The Train Station

   "Ugh, I hate you." Marie whimpered, holding a quivering hand to her stomach.

  "Yup, love you too." Draco smirked. The two made their way through the many people, being pushed and shoved by both parents and small children. As they looked for Draco's parents, Marie was torn from Draco's grip and thrown over someone's shoulder.


   "Calm down woman. It's me."

   "Who is 'me'?"

   "Me is Fred." The ginger snickered. She frowned, wondering why she felt so surprised.

   "Well what do you want Fred? I was sort of busy."

   "Doing what? All I saw was Malfoy dragging you around."

   "He wasn't dragging anyone around."

   "Okay, have it your way." He set her down and turned her around to face her friends, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

   "MARIE!" Hermione squealed, hugging her tightly.

   "Hey Mione." She managed, before being pulled away by Harry. He gave her an even tighter hug.

   "Hello Harry."

   "Hello Marie." He let her go as she turned to Ron.

   "Hey Marie." He said, not making any move towards her. She gave him a stupid grin.

   "OH HOW MUCH I MISSED YOU RONALD BILLEOUS WEASLEY! I THOUGHT I'D NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!" She yelled overdramatically. She ran to him and gave him a tight hug. She knew his cheeks were burning.

   "Okay, alright, calm down." He hissed, hugging back. She laughed and let go, taking a step back.

   "Here, I'll get that." George said from behind Marie, taking her trunk.

   "Oh, such a gentleman." She teased, causing him to smirk.

   "We should go to our compartment." Hermione suggested, linking arms with Marie and leading her to the train. The others followed close behind, but on her way to the train, Marie couldn't help but see an angry Draco standing in the massive crowd of people.



   "So, you mean to tell me there were Death Eaters at The Quidditch World Cup?" Marie asked, completely shocked.

   "Yes! Tons of them! And, you know, I don't want to start any trouble with you...but Malfoy was there and I think-"

 Marie interrupted Harry angrily.

   "Oh, so just because you saw him, you automatically assume that he's a...a what? Death Eater?! THAT'S RIDICULOUS! ABSOLUTLY RIDICULOUS!!!"

   "No it isn't." Ron butted in. "It's absolutley reasonable."

   "OH SHUT UP RONALD!" Hermione shouted, hitting him in the head with a book.


  "No. But, I just don't believe he would take part in that. He doesn't seem...brave enough."

   "Thank you, Hermione." Marie sighed, leaning back in her seat.


  "HUSH RONALD." Marie scolded, shutting her eyes. "Just wake me up when we get there."

  And silently, Marie fell into a silent slumber.

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