Under The Impression

"We'll go off somewhere. Together. If time is what you need then so be it. But I won't leave you on your own Draco."
"Promise?" He asked her, his grey eyes searching for something in hers. Anything.
"I promise. We're a team, remember? I sometimes get the impression you forget I'm always here for you."
And he knew Marie was right. He knew she'd always be there, just not for the reasons he wanted her too.


1. Draco and Marie

   "Draco, hurry up!" Marie called to her friend, shoving his bedroom door open. She stood by his side and helped him finish packing.

   "Why are you so excited? It's just another boring year at Hogwarts." He dragged. Marie looked up at him and frowned slightly.

   "Well, unlike yourself, Mr. Grumpypants, I have quite a few friends at Hogwarts."

   "Yeah, like who? Potter, Weasley, and Granger? None of them are your best friend, unlike myself."

 She rolled her eyes and slammed his trunk closed.

    "Anyways, your parents told me to come up here and tell you they'd be waiting at the train station."

   "Okay. Let's go."

The two made their way downstairs, to the living room.

   "Ready?" Draco asked as he stepped into the fireplace. Marie sighed and grabbed her trunk as well.

   "I suppose."

    She stepped in as well, gripping his hand tightly. She wasn't very fond of floo powder...it made her queasy. Draco held her hand as well, and grabbed a handful of the strange green powder.

   "KINGSCROSS STATION!" He shouted. He threw the powder down. The two figures standing in the fireplace were now gone.





Hey guys, if you liked the first chapter thanks so much! If not let me know, i'm sure i can adjust a few things ;)  Also, sorry about how its so short...i'll try and make them longer! Lots of love, Natalie xx

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