Don't Change Me

I like sweet and romantic boys who buys me flowers, and takes me to see the stars every once in a while....But a girl can change ya know. Especially if it means changing for that bad boy known as 'Harry styles' at my school that can make me mad so easily but turns me on at a flick of a switch. I hate it how he can do that to me and I try to ignore but I just can't. He changed me.... But do I wanna be changed?
Mature content*


3. .

I looked up at him right after he said that. 'Umm excuse me?' I said with my eyebrows arched up. 'I said that you really shouldn't wear any pants they fit just right to me' he said walking up to me and pushed on his door while licking his lips. Just as je was about to kiss my neck I pushed him off of me. 'What the hell babe?! ' He looked at me confused. 'No I should be saying that to you! ' I yelled right back at him. 'Remember when you said that you don't get in girl's pants on the first date? ' He chuckled 'Babe relax I wasn't going to get in your pants......yet.' He slowly walked towards me causing me to take a step back....until iI bumped into the wall. He smirked at me and whispered in my ear. 'Besides I don't want you to lose your virginity yet. ' My eyes grew wide and I gasped at that comment. How did he know that? 'Relax I'm not going to tell' His lips were so close to my neck that I could feel tingles at that very same spot. I bit my lip and wrapped my arms around him. He smiled and pulled me closer to him and kissed. I wrapped one leg around him and he grabbed my bum and lifted me up so I had both of my legs around his body. He slid his other hand on my bum. Wow this felt great I never had a make out session like this before I thought. We both pulled away and I laid my head on his chest (which he still didn't have a shirt to cover it....yay! ) and I moved my hand to where it was laying on his biceps. He kissed my neck and I smiled. Harry still holding went to his bed and laid me down, he laid right next to me turning my way so he could look at me. 'What?' I questioned him. He just smiled and pulled me in closer to him and keeping his arms around my waist. I looked up at him and bit my lip. He was beautiful when he slept. He interrupted my thoughts. 'Get some sleep babe' he smirked and kissed my lips. I couldn't help but blush at the fact that he knew what I was doing. So I snuggled my head in his chest and fell asleep still smiling.
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