Don't Change Me

I like sweet and romantic boys who buys me flowers, and takes me to see the stars every once in a while....But a girl can change ya know. Especially if it means changing for that bad boy known as 'Harry styles' at my school that can make me mad so easily but turns me on at a flick of a switch. I hate it how he can do that to me and I try to ignore but I just can't. He changed me.... But do I wanna be changed?
Mature content*


1. School......

Gabi's P.O.V. I stepped out of the main office and in to the crowded hallways of my new high school. This will be hard trying to find my classes when all I can see are couples making out and girls with too tight clothes and caked up make-up on. I see my first hour which is English so I squeezed my way through every body and right into my class. When I came in everyone had their eyes on me then they carried on making out with people and applying MORE makeup to their faces. I walked up to the teacher who was busy working on his messy desk. "Ummm...excuse me ummm.....Mr. uhh... Peters" I said waiting on a response. "Oh hello you must be the new student they told me about. Well welcome to James B. Walker high school Ms. -" "Murano, it's Gabi Murano. " I said cutting him off before he messed my name up. I took my hand out for him to shake and he did immediately. The bell rang and everyone went to their seats. "Ummm.... where do I sit?" Trying not to be the center off attention sense I'm in the front of the class. "Oh, umm to you can sit right behind Mr. Styles, raise your hand please styles" He said with his mind focused on his even more junky desk. After about 30 seconds Mr. Peters looked up and realized the boy wasn't there. "I should've known" he sighed out. He stood up and pointed at the desks. "You will be sitting in the third row and last seat okay? "I nodded my head and walked to my seat. After about 2 minutes gone by, a tall curly haired boy with Ray bans on came through the door. He walked through the rows of desks and sat down right in front of me. "Why? " is all Mr.Peters said. "I was talking to a teacher about my work in that class. " the boy said with his deep raspy voice said with his hands behind his head. "What was that you said, I couldn't here you over your lies. " Mr. Peters said. "Ok ok you got me Mr. P." " ters, you forgot the ters on my name it's Peters not P, got Styles? " The boy nodded his head and class began. About ten minutes after class began the styles boy leant his head back on my desk. "You new here?" He said with his glasses on his nose showing his green eyes. "Babe? " he said snapping his fingers in my face. "Oh, me?" I replied feeling embarrassed. "Uh, yeah" He said chuckling and lifted up his glasses. "Ummm...yeah I am, sorry" "What's your name? " he said "Umm...Gabi Mur-" "I dont need to know your last name babe." He said leaning back up to his chair. I just nodded my head even though he cant see me. About 20 minutes later the bell rang and i was back in the crowded halls again.I went straight to my locker to get my books. I put in my combination but it didn't work I tried again but of course being the crappy locker it is, it still didn't work! I just gave up and started to walk away until someone called my name. "Hey Gabi!" I turned around and saw that boy again..uhh...styles I think his name is. He had his arm rested on my locker door that was opened! "Thanks umm..." I said trying to figure out his name. "Harry, it's Harry babe." He said chuckling. What is with him calling me babe? "Oh ok well I guess I'll see you around Ha-" I turned around to look up at him but he left out of sight. What?
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