You and Me

Emily and Travis have known each other for years. They have always been insuperable. Emily has always had a little crush on Travis that only her best friend, Alison, knows. Will Travis ever know how Emily feels about him or will she keep it hidden?


1. The Bus Stop.

Emily's P.O.V. I woke up like it was any other day. I got out of bed and put on my new dress with my favorite pair of boots, curled my brown hair and put a little mascara and eyeliner on. I walked out of my room and went down stairs ate breakfast and went out to the bus stop to see no one but my best friend Travis Hey Travis." I Said . He Was Talking To His Girlfriend On His Phone. She Was Going On And On About Homecoming. He Just Rolled His Eyes And Said Okay When Ever He Had To. When They Finally Hung Up He Just Laughed And Said, " It The First Day Of School And She Is Talking About Homecoming. Homecoming Isn't Even Till The End Of September." I Just Stood There And Laughed. " Travis If You Don't Like Her Why Are You With Her?" I Asked. " I Really Don't Know. " He Said Laughing. " I Wish He Would Like Me But Its Not Possible. I'm The One Who Likes To Sit In The Corner Of The Class And Be Quiet. I'm The One Who Is Often Called A Geek.Travis Will Never Like Me." I Thought To Myself.




Travis's P.O.V.

     "She Looked Beautiful Today. Like She Did Every Day. I Know She Would Never Like Someone Like Me. I'm The Guy Who Is Center Of Attention. The Football Star. The One Everyone Wants But Her. Shes All I Think About Everyday Of Every Minute. Maybe Homecoming. Maybe Ill Tell Her Then. I Love Her And I Have Ever Since That One Day In Second Grade When She Took My Hand And We Ran To The Swings Together. I Bet She Doesn't Even Remember That." I thought To Myself. As Soon As I Was About to Tell Her Something The Bus Pulled Up, And He Other Best Friend Alison Who I Guess She Hasn't Seen All Summer Screamed." EMILY !!! I MISSED YOU SOOOO MUCH YOU HAVE TO SIT WITH ME AND TELL ME EVERYTHING.





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