You and Me

Emily and Travis have known each other for years. They have always been insuperable. Emily has always had a little crush on Travis that only her best friend, Alison, knows. Will Travis ever know how Emily feels about him or will she keep it hidden?


5. Tennis And Soccer

                                               Travis's P.O.V

I slide my cleats on for soccer practice, and then jog my way over to Emily. She's stretching for her tennis practice. I sit down beside her, and start stretching to.

"So. Thanks for covering for me at lunch," I say.

"No prob. Why were you so... Why did you grab my hand?" She says instead.

"Well...Uh. You see.. You looked nervous," I lie.

"Oh. Well I wasn't," She laughs as she gets up.

"Gotta go," She says as she jogs her way to her team.

Wow, your so stupid Travis! I stand up and jog back to my team too. We start kicking the ball back and forth, like out coach demonstrates. Our coach, Mr. Steam, complements us and says we're doing better then last practice. I don't pay much attention to what is going on, mostly I'm just thinking about Emily and staring at her as she swings the rack. She's just so hot.

"Travis!" Joe yells in front of my face, making me turn back towards him.

 "What?" I ask.

"Stop staring," He laughs.

"I'm not!" I exclaim.

 "Uh huh," He says, before walking towards the water.


                                                         Emily's P.O.V.

A part of me feels as if someone is staring at me, and it probably is just Allison. She's on the soccer team too, but I'm not sure why. She says she hates soccer with a passion, but it's probably to get closer with Nick. Erm, why can't me and Travis be that way? I swing the rack. I mean really. I thought he was going to tell me that he liked me, but he just said he thought I was nervous. Okay, honestly I ways, but still! He wasn't supposed to say that! Urgh!

"Put your hands a little farther a part Emily," Mrs. Garlen, my coach, says.

I do as I'm told. I swing the thoughts of Travis away from me, and then start focusing on practice again. Nobody is staring, and if it is Allison is probably just trying to say hey. So shut up, and focus.



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