High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


8. Surprise

Clares P.O.V 

We were on our way to my house . I just remembered that I forgot to tell my brothers FUCK!! I said in my head "grr" i said . "Hahah What and were here?" he said . " oh i just forgot to tell my brothers that i was with you now there gonna find out and hunt you down" i put my head in my hands. "awe babe its ok " he told me calmly and rubbed my back . My face was still in my hands but my eyes were wide . I felt electicity when ever he touched me. " what ever , Well i had fun fin but i got to go and face my brothers" i sighed . I looked at him and he looked at me for alittle to long . then he snaped into reality " oh yea lets go " he smiled . aweeee hes adorab- WHAT !??! ok were just friends .He got out of the car and ran to my side and opened the door "my lady " he said like a king and bowed and heled his hand out . I took it and relized my sleave was up and i saw my cuts . When i was looking at his eyes travled down my arm and caught a glimps of them i pulled my sleave down i got really self causious of this and i got out of the car and grabbed my bags and coat. I looked at him for a second and he looked worried " fin ? finnnnn?" i said as i snaped in his face . " oh yea come on" he smiled to cover his worried face . We walked to to door " well good by fin I had a really good time with you today " i told him and kissed his cheek. god so soft - SHUT UP CLARE! . "yea I had a really good time today to " he smiled and kissed me on the cheek to i felt fluttering in my stomach the actual fuck? i just want thoes butterflys to die! ok no dont die please i love you . "clare?" he waved in my face. " haha sorry well bye " i gave him a smile and held out my arms and he walked into them and i put my arms around his neck i had to go on my tippy toes to hug him he put his arms around my torso but it felt so right i couldnt help it we never left eachother for like 2 mins. he pulled me closer and I felt so many fireworks in my stomach . "well i should be going " i told him and he let go. " oh bye " he told me and i went inside . I heard my brothers talking stop . "CLARE?!?!?!?!" i heard casper yell. I tried to run upstairs and avoid them . "clare we see you " marcus said. I sighed and walked down stairs with my head down. "where were you?" the both asked . " u-um this guy fi-" they cut me of"A GUYS HOUSE?!?!?!?!?!? HOW OLD IS HE ? WHERE? WHAT WERE YOU DOING ? DO YOU LIKE HIM ? DID HE TOUCH YOU WRON- " i cut them off "WOULD YOU LET ME SPEAK?!?!?!?!" i screamed they both looked at me I calmed down "this kid finn invited me over to hang out , Hes really nice , we were just hanging out nothing else . AND WERE JUST FRIENDS!" i told them . they looked at eachother "i dont like the sound of him" they told eachother . "OH FOR FU-" they looked at me . "FUDGE SAKE HES FINE YOU GUYS AWAY THAT ARE MY FRIENDS!" i yelled at them and tears sprung to my eyes cause they make me so frustrated . I was so stressed with gymnastics and school homework , Life , Bullies, Depression, Anxiety, FUCKING EVERYHTING .I couldnt handle it any more. I ran upstairs . They ran after me and I slammed my door and locked it right in there faces i got mad and threw my chair across the room. Went in my secret box in my dresser.My mind and body took over I opened it and grabbed my razor and ran to my bathroom and locked it and sat in the bath tub . slice. slice Slice slice slice slice . I just laid there and relaxed . after about 10 mins i got up and washed all the blood off and pulled my shirt down. i unlocked the bathroom and went into my room and picked every thing up. i unlocked my room door and walked out they were standing there. I held out my arms and they picked me up "im sorry clare" marcus said . "im sorry bear" Casper said i walked into my room and got out my phone . I have to text everyone I didnt even tell then where i was after i left except lilian. I sent a text to all of the girls Me: Hey girls im sorry i wasnt there at the end of the day I got in a fight with a guy and a slut cause the football player slaped and grabbed my ass and the girl came and pushed me so i fought her and i won.

Sabrice: we know the bitch that did it cause her face is trashed not that it wasnt before cynthia:Its fine are you ok?

Brooke: He deserved it

Krista:who took you home?

Bailey : Its ok do you need us?

taylor:Its ok are you ok? lil told us you coughed up blood

Lil: Babes that was alot of blood and i agree with bay do you want us to come over ?

me : no im good thanks i love you guys and i was at a guys house . Thats not all the blood that came out of me today i thought to my self . I lifted up my sleave . No one noes exsept myself . then my phone buzzed again Finn: hey you up? me:depends on whos asking I saw I had different Text messages from the girls so I click on those I laid down on my bed and then my phone buzzed

Krista: ohhhh What guy?

sabrice: I think i knowwww!!

I got up and changed into a tank top and a pair of shorts and i heard my phone buzz on my bed I ran over to it and laid back down

Finn: What if it was your prince?

Me: Then Im definitely up

Finn: You sure???

Me:yeah hehe I really dont care if its late

Finn: Look out your window <3


Finn: Just look our your window hurry

I got up and ran to the window and I got a huge smile on my face i saw Finn in the yard

Finn: Surprise I knew I should of met your brothers they did sound too happy that you were gone so late are they still up???

Me: Yeah go ring the doorbell Im gonna be down there grabbing a water bottle

I smiled and left the window I ran down stairs and went to the fridge The door bell went off "ILL GET IT!" I yelled not knowing where my brothers are "Dont scream we are right here" Casper said I opened the front door "Casper Marcus your in the living room right??" I asked "Yeah!" They replied I shut the front door and Finn hugged me Damn I love his hugs what was I thinking?!?! I just met him earlier today I cant be falling for him already! "Clare who was at the door???" Marcus asked I took Finn into the living room and they both shot up right then and there "CHILL!" You said the eased up a bit "I knew you were absolutely pissed earlier and he did too and we like hanging out so Casper Marcus this is Finn, Finn this Casper and Marcus my brothers who are OVER protective" I said "They are your brothers thats their job if they didnt do that boys would be at you left and right" He said my brothers smiled they are actually smiling "Im sorry she got home so late Lilian had called me saying she coughed up blood and I think we all know that it would be good for her to stay at school so I offered to Take her while everyone was at school and we fell asleep watching movies" He explained something i never got to do "Well shes back in one piece so we are happy thank you for taking care of her" Casper smiled HOLD UP! Did he just say THANK YOU!?!?! "Your welcome now I have a question" He said "Anything" Marcus smiled "Are you and Clare twins because you look a bit alike" Casper and I started laughing "Yes they are Twins" Marcus said "Nobody but you could point that out like literally not even the girls could of done that" I told him "Well I have an eye for that stuff" He smiled "Well I should get going just thought I would stop by and explain because I heard you guys yell and I just wanted to explain so theres not a problem with me and Clare hanging out" Finn smiled hes making a really good impression "Oh no problem at all thank you for coming and explaining" Casper smiled I walked him to the door and stepped outside "You really didnt have to do that but I think you made a really good impression" I told him " Oh but I did now its late go get some sleep" I nodded as he started to lean in I knew exactly what he was going to dd I didnt pull away I honestly think I like him a lot I closed the gap as our lips touched sending jolts of electricity all over my body He pulled away "Night" He smiled walking down the drive "Night" you replied walking in the door "Im going to be night!" I screamed "NIGHT!" They yelled I ran up stairs and went to sleep all of the girls had texted Night so im assuming they went to sleep oh well

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