High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


1. Senior year

Brooke's P.O.V 

My name is Brooke Raven Kelly im going into my senior year of high school cant wait to get out of there My 7 best friends are Lilian rain Cortez, Krista Diane White, Cynthia Anne Lanuza, Taylor Mary Jane, Sabrice Marcel Rose, and Bailey Rae Jackson,Clare Marie Palmer, they are literally my everything I have an older brother he serves in the Army. Bailey is Irish but has no accent, Cynthia is Half British, Sabrice is Half British and Half Irish, Taylor is also half British and half Irish, Clare is British, Krista and Lilian are american as well Im Half Latina and Half American. I looked at the clock and its 5:00 Sabrice was picking all of the girls and driving us to school she should be here in a minute she has an SUV which has 6 seats in the back and 2 in the front since are school is almost an hour away we pick something up to eat on the way Im wearing a off the shoulder Purple shirt that says Swagalicious across it paired with black skinny jeans and a pair of white supras I brushed my hair and my teeth I put on my paper airplane necklace its exactly like the one Harry has but mine as a story behind it that I dont feel like getting into I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs "Morning sweetheart are you hungry?" My Dad asked I looked at the clock "No the girls and I are stopping at starbucks Sabrice should be here soon" I said "Alright have a good first day my baby is growning up her Senior year" my mom said hugging me the car horn went off "That the girls bye Mom bye dad!" I said hugging them and running out the door slamming it behind me the only seat left was the passenger seat I jumped in the passenger seat "BROOKIE!!!!!" They screamed "AYE!!!" I said "You ready for our first day of senior year" Bailey said sarcastically  "Im dreading the day" I sighed "arent we all" Clare asked "Lets try and make the best of it" Sabrice said "I mean afterall we do have Senior Ditch and Prank day" She pointed out "shes gotta point" I said we stopped at a red light "TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM PICTURE TIME" I said I pulled out my phone Sabrice and I leaned over in the middle and we took a picture simular to the one that One direction took that looked like this just we arent boys and there is 8 of us 

"Thats a good one" I smiled "LET US SEE" Lilian shouted "You will in a second Im posting it to Instagram and twitter" I said as Sabrice started driving again 

" @Krista_DW @Clare_MP @Bailey_RJ @Lilian_RC @Cynthia_AL @Taylor_MJ @Sabrice_MR FIRST DAY OF SENIOR YEAR WITH MY BABES #Rockinit #Senioryear" 

All of their phones went off and we laughed they retweeted it and Favorited it and we all put our phones down and pulled into starbucks we all filed out of the car We all ordered and paid we had enough time to eat in We decided to take a video and post it to youtube we are kinda youtube famous we remake Music Videos or we answer questions when fans send them so we have a few hundred followers on instagram twitter and vine "HAIIIII!!!!!!" Sabrice said into the camera on her phone she had an iphone 5 like the rest of us she pointed it to us "AYE!!!" We said in unison  We all piled next to Sabrice "Its our senior year" Cynthia eyed the camera "And we Shall rock the hallways with our pure AWESOMENESS!" Clare said throwing her arms back hitting both Taylor and Krista in the face we all burst out laughing "SOWWY!" She said "I dont think Clare needs any coffee today" Sabrice said taking the coffee" Touch my coffee and I bite your hand off" Clare said Sabrice but it back down "We are like 30 minutes away from school and this year we have to try out for a sport" Taylor said and she wasnt fond of that "Im gonna do Cheerleading I mean we all have done gymnastic at least its something I know I can do" I said "Im agreeing with Brooke on this" Lilian said "We are going to be late we gotta go" Bailey said "WE SHALL FLIM IN THE CAR" Clare shouted picking up her coffee "shes crazy yet we love her anyways" Cynthia laughed we all crawled into the car carefully not to spill our coffee "Here Brookie record because i have to drive"I nodded and grabbed the phone and pointed it behind me at the girls "Okay we are posting this right when we get to school where we have precious wifi and we want you our precious fans to decide what sports we should do we can have up to 2 sports" Krista said "BUT we have to go now because we are at school" Bailey said "BYE GUYS WE LOVE YOU" We said in unison and stopped recording "you girls ready?" Sabrice asked we nodded and got out of the car we walked to the front desk to get our Locker Combos and number "What Locker did you guys get" Lilian asked "121" I said "324" Bailey said "803" Krista said "911" Cynthia said "612" Clare said "513" Taylor said "232" Sabrice said "I got 955" We all groaned we are no where near each other "Post that video we have by the end of the school day to get results" I told her we nodded hugged each other and went to our lockers 

Krista's P.O.V I was  bummed that we werent close to each other I grabbed my books my first lesson was Biology a subject that I HATE "ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS TO THE AUDITORIUM FIRST PERIOD IS CANCELLED" The principle said we all cheered and ran out of the door I found the girls and we ran to get seats our phones buzzed 5 different times each we looked at our phones "One direction just followed me" I squealed "us too!!" we all smiled and we tried not to scream and cause a seen "Can we Have Bailey Jackson, Clare Palmer Sabrice Rose, Cynthia Lanuza, Taylor Jane, Krista White, Lilian Cortez, and Brooke Kelly back stage please" a lady said into the microphone we all stood up all eyes were on us but we didnt care and we ran backstage "Hey girls" She said "Hi Mrs Lorenzo"We smiled "You girls were in gymnastics right" "Yes Mam" I smiled "Can you girls help the gentleman that will preform??" She asked "Um sure what will we be doing" I asked "They are back there there" she said going to the stage we walked back a little more and saw who we never thought we would of met One Direction "Hi we're One Direction" They said in Unison 


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