High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


10. second day of school part 2

Cynthia's P.O.V We all heard the gun shots and we ran screaming we were trying to find the boys but wasnt possible everyone was going into a class room and we couldnt find one "Guys the bathroom come on!" I said as we started running to the bathroom we saw 6 guys in black hoodies we stopped turned around and started running again "GET BACK HERE!" They screamed we ran as fast as we could and started banging on the french room door "Its Clare and Taylor let us in!!!" They opened the door and let us in and turned off the lights again "YOU BITCHES BETTER COME OUT!!" we all flinched we heard 3 gun shots and 3 guys scream we all covered out mouths trying not to scream we saw a girl with her head in her knees we knew it was Sams girlfriend Jessica we all crawled to her and put my arm around her and hugged her "Jessie we will be alright" She just nodded we heard the guys leave "KIDS ITS SAFE TO COME OUT!" teachers yelled we all got out of class rooms after we got out Clare started running towards one of the bodies "FINN!" She screamed and dropped down to his body. Then I saw Nikki and Sam on the ground covered in blood my body couldnt move everything was silent everyone was running around in slow motion I saw Samantha run to Nikki who Brooke was next to crying her eyes out and Jessi ran to Sam and started crying trying to wake them up not caring that blood was covering there hands as Paramedics arrived I saw Austin come up to me mouthing "COME ON" I couldnt move it was like my feet were stuck to the ground he picked me up and through me over his shoulder and started running outside 

Brooke's P.O.V I couldnt believe what I saw Nikki was lying on the ground I broke I havent talked to him since yesterday and he could die today "Nikki Im sorry" I whispered into his ear crying hoping he would here me "Its fine brookie hey sammy" He smiled slightly "HES AWAKE!" We yelled Paramedics ran in and picked him up I kissed his forehead as they took him away Taylor came in and hugged Samantha I slid my back down the locker door and cried Someone yanked me and Taylor by our hair as we screamed "NO!" we screamed everyone's head shot up "TAY!" Samantha yelled Cesar held her back We saw Keaton and Niall with the boys standing there with worried looks on their faces "LET THE GIRLS GO!" The cop yelled "NOPE!" They said gripping us tighter "OW THAT HURTS STOP IT!" I screamed "SHUT UP" He jerked me backwards "Boys let them go we need to get out of here" They through us to the boys Keaton Instantly wrapped me in a hug and held me I just cried into his chest "You okay???" He asked "I just want out of here" I mumbled we all walked outside and I saw my Mom and Dad "Mama!" was all I said and hugged her and my dad "Are you okay??" My dad asked I nodded Keaton was standing back there "Keaton"I ran over and grabbed his hand "Mom Dad this is my friend Keaton Keaton this is my Mom and Dad" I smiled he shook there hands "Hi Mr and Mrs. Kelly nice too meet you sorry for the circumstances " He smiled damn his smile killed me I dont care how long Ive known him personally I have fallen for him "Its alright from what Brooke tells us your a really sweet kid and she likes you and please call me Keith" my dad said "DAD!" I groaned "So you like me huh??" He smirked "Your just loving this" I glared "Yes I am" He smirk "and you can call me Trish" My mom said He smiled and nodded "Brookie its Nikki come here" Dean said Keaton walked me over  knowing it would be hard for me "They wont allow you to go see him in the hospital they only allow family we will have to facetime you" He said "No they have to let me in" I cried "Brooke he knows your sorry and he says you have nothing to be sorry for he shouldn't of hitting you and he knows that he will be out in a few days if nothing happens" He said I just nodded hugging Keaton "Hes gonna be okay" He kissed the top of my head "FAMILY AND KIDS THAT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL LISTEN!" THe principle yelled "DUE TO THIS EVENT SCHOOL IS CANCELED IF THE CHEER AND GYMNASTIC TEAMS WILL COME UP HERE YOU MAY LEAVE!" She yelled "Keat come with me" I told him he put an arm around my waist and took me up there "Heres your varsity jackets" she handed them to us and we put them on  "You girls are free to go" she smiled "sweetie we both have to go back to work we are so sorry" My mom said "Its fine can Keaton come over please?" I asked "Of course as long as he doesn't touch you" My dad said "Wouldnt dream of it sir" He smiled "Then its okay" he said they kissed my forehead and went to the car "Will you come over???" I asked him "Of course" He said "the girls have they boys at there place so" He said we got in his car and drove to my house

Keatons P.O.V I cant stand seeing her like this it breaks me I pulled up to her house we walked inside and laid in her bed  "Are you alright???" I asked "No my best friend is in the hospital" She said "He will be fine" I kissed the top of her head "Thank you for being here for me when you really dont have to" She said "No need to thank me" I smiled as we started to watch the horror Movie Mama on her tv she was laying on my chest while I had my arm around her 

When the scariest parts of the movie started to come on she jumped and hid her face in my chest "You wanna change the movie???" I asked she shook her head I paused it and sat up "Brooke I know your upset and your crying" I said "Im not crying" Her voice broke slightly I looked at her "Look at me" I told her she looked up with tears rolling down her face "Nikki knows your sorry hes your best friend I know your worried but from what I know hes a fighter just like you I promise you he will be okay" I told her as she yawned "someones tired" I smirked she sat up and smiled "Yea just a bit" I honestly couldn't resist any longer I pulled her close and kissed her 

She blushed and looked down "Why?" she asked "Because I like you I dont give a damn about how long I have known you I have felt like ive known you my whole life I cant stand to be away from you will you please be my girlfriend?" I asked "Yes" She smiled We laid down in the bed played the movie and fell asleep  watching the movie 


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