High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


4. on the way to lunch

Brooke's P.O.V the whole time we were talking to the boys I noticed Keaton looking at me and I can say he is quite attractive when we had to go to gym which i really didnt want to do I told keaton I'd like it if he texted me Im very Familiar with Emblem3 I mean who isnt and Ive always had like a soft spot for Keaton I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket I pulled it out while I waited for our gym coach to come in I walked to the locker room with the girls and got changed  into my gym clothes

Unknown: hey Its Keaton xx :). 

I saved his number to Keaton <3 and I walked and sat back down

Me: Hey :) 

Keaton: How bored are you because by the way im looking at you, you dont seem entertained  

Me: Your watching me???? and Well im talking to you right now so its probably the highlight of my gym class 

Keaton: Look behind you 

I turned around and saw Keaton and the boys except for Wesley and Drew Keaton was staring at me he winked and I blushed 

Me: where did Drew and Wesley go?? and you boys dont have to stay here

Keaton:They had to go to the studio, We want to stay

Me: And I thought Drew was the flirt?? ;)

Keaton: He is :) 

"OKAY ITS TIME FOR SENIOR DODGE BALL!!!" This was our male gym coach Mr. Weber Taylor had a stupid smirk on her face I nudged her becauss she wasnt paying attention 

Me: Keaton can you guys come grab our phones???? the boys here will take them and go through em 

Keaton:Sure :) they all came down and grabbed our phones we mouth thank you and get ready 

"Okay boys on one side girls on the other" the coach said we all went on one side and grabbed a ball "When I blow my whistle you are going to start" We all said okay music started and he blew his whistle we all started the game 

********************************SKIP DODGE BALL GAME********************************************* 

The girls ended up winning We all ran to the showers did everything we needed to dried our hair and got into our regular clothes and looked for the boys we couldnt find them which isnt good because they have our phones we saw them around the corner and we ran up to them "Nice game"Harry smiled "Thanks" We said Taylor was in deep conversation with Niall "Ready for lunch?" Austin asked "Yeah and lets go before the place gets crowded and you get mobbed" Bailey said we all ran into the parking lot "Where did you girls park??" Finn asked "Right there thats my SUV but I dont wanna drive" Sabrice said "Ill drive" Krista said "Lets go eat!" Niall said we all got into the same cars we came in and we headed to a restaurant because Im pretty sure Niall knows there is No Nandos Kristas phone started ringing she picked up 

*************PHONE CONVO BETWEEN JUSTIN AND KRISTA (In her POV)********************


"Did you actually pick up cellphone while driving" He asked 

"Well in my defense you are the your the one who called me and Dont act like you dont do it" I told him

he laughed a bit "Do you wanna go to the Chili's up here since thats like the only thing near the school" He said 


"Okay now get off the phone and drive" He said 

"Yes dad" I laughed and hung up

*********************************************END CONVO**********************************************

"Who was that because he had you smiling" Sabrice asked we all started laughing "It was Justin and we're going to the chili's" "Okay so does everyone like one of the boys???" Cynthia asked "I know Taylor likes Niall, Brooke likes Keaton, and its OBVIOUS that Krista likes Justin" She added "I can guess these!!!" Clare shouted "Taylor likes Niall, Lilian likes Zayn, Sabrice likes Liam, Bailey likes Harry, Krista likes Justin, Cynthia likes Austin and Brooke likes Keaton" She said "How did you do that??" Bailey asked "Your my best friends DUH!" She said "and its obvious who you like" Lilian said "FINN!" We said in unison "Shut up" She groaned we just laughed and pulled into the parking lot 

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