High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


6. French class and Fights

Clare's P.O.V Taylor and I were about to be late for french class our lockers were on the other side of school so we ran to our lockers and darted towards french class Taylor bumped into someone dropping all of her books and she fell into the lockers "Oh my god im so so sorry I should of watched where I was going" She said "No no its fine" A country twang accent said I froze I knew who that was "Arent you Hunter Hayes??" Taylor said "Yes I am whats your name and are you okay you hit your head pretty hard" He asked "I'm Taylor and Yeah Im fine" I started running back towards her "Tay you sure your okay??" I asked "Yeah fine" She smiled "And whos this?" He asked "Im Clare" I smiled "Nice to meet you both and by the way you were running Im guessing your late to class" He said "We are almost late" Taylor laughed "Whats your last names" He asked "Mine is Jane" Taylor said "Mines Palmer" I told him "Okay Im gonna borrow you for one more minute can you point me to the principles office?" He asked "Yeah go back the way and the windows you see with closed blinds are there will be a corridor and just ask for the principle" Taylor said "Okay Thank you!" he said he signed our phone cases Taylors face lit up and I wanted to laugh so hard "Thank you girls again and you can now continue running to class" He smiled "Your welcome"We said in unison and took off running and made it with 10 minutes to spare "We were wondering when you two were gonna get here" Nikki said "Well we went out to eat then we we got here and our lockers are on the other side of the school so we had to run" Taylor said I saw a football player eyeing me and I was about to walk over there and slap the shit out of him I felt my phone buzz and I saw the name Finn <3 I wanted to squeal I smiled and we went and sat down 

Finn: Hey you in class??

Me:Sadly but teachers not here yet got 10-20 minutes

Finn: So your able to talk??



Me: So Whats up 

Finn: Waiting for you to get off a school ;) 

Me: Aww :)

Finn: So football players messing with you 

Me:YES! one is in my french class and he is looking at me and Tay and wont stop im about to lose it 

Finn: Stay calm talk to me ignore him act like its just me 

Me: :) Ill try but what happens when the teacher comes in??

Finn: Think about something else but just listen to the teacher as well 

Me: I'll do that Thanks 

Finn: No problem love and are you free after school??? 

Me: Yeah why??

Finn: Wanna come over and we can hang out or something?? 

Me:Sure! ugh the teacher just walked in 

Finn: Text me after class :(

Me:I will promise

Finn: If you dont I know somethings wrong 

Me: :) Bye

Finn: Bye love

"Okay now class who had a good summer" The teacher asked Taylor the boys and I looked at each other and we jumped up "WE DID!!!" We shouted we fell back in our seats laughing with the class "What did you guys do this summer??" Taylor and I looked at each other and burst out laughing "I think we will explain for them since well they are doing that" JP gestured to us laughing "It was Taylor Sabrice, Lilian, Bailey,Brooke,Cynthia,Clare, Krista, Taylors Sister Samantha,Baileys sister Bethany, Me JP, Cody, Sabrices brothers James and Sullivan Cynthias brother Cesar, Taylors brother Alexander, and Clares brothers Casper and Marcus, and my brother Sam we all went to a lake for the whole summer and Clare and the girls decided to DYE our hair in our sleep and then they pushed our mattresses into the middle of the lake so when we woke up we all fell into the water" The girls started laughing with the rest of the class as Nikki said that "You dyed there hair????" Mr. Castrova asked we nodded while laughing "How did you get it out??" He asked we calmed down bit "Well after we let them freak out a bit we told them it was wash out" I said laughing Cody hit me on the back of the head I sat up straight "BOY I KNOW YOU DID NOT JUST HIT ME" I said shooting up yelling at him "Sorry" He said we sat back down "Since its the first day of class I was going to let you work on these and you can chat amonggst yourself I have to go to the principles office" Mr. Castrova said leaving the room "Back da fuck up" I said "Did he just say free class??" I added "Yeah" Everyone said "Tay come help me hurry up" I got up and ran to the teachers desk "You boys have our numbers Nikki go outside and be the sneaky boy you are and watch for the teach we are gonna go get the girls because god forbid we are going to be stuck with you for any longer that and we have a prank to do in the teachers lounge SO tell them we went to the bathroom or I got sick or something" I said and ran out the door 

Me: Lil the rest of your are in Spanish class right?? 

Lil: Yeah why whats going on??

Me: Is the teacher in the room?? 

Lil:No he said we could talk to each other that he had to go to the principles office 

Me:Ours did too PRANK TIME we are walking in the door

"We walked in the door and everyones head shot up "Sup" I nodded the girls got up and came to us "The rest of you follow us hurry" they listened and we ran to the french room "People heres the spanish class talk to them and we will be pranking we will take a video and post it to youtube and its going on Twit cam so JP Pop it up on the computer" Krista pressed record and we tweeted about it  

Lilian's P.O.V Once we tweeted about the twitcam right then in there our views shot up to a hundred and my phone started going off

Zayn:We are watching your twit cam arent you supposed to be in class 

Me:Haha Yeah but out teachers left and we have a prank to pull so keep watching :) 

Zayn: Be safe dont get caught HEY YOUR ON CAMERA!! I read it as I got into the frame of the camera 

"Okay guys we are heading into the teachers lounge to pull our annual prank on the teachers we have two whole classes helping us so we will set the camera up on like a tripod so we can all do it so Lilian is making sure no one is in the room right now" Cynthia said "Okay LEGGO!" I said we all piled into the room hooked up the camera and started doing our prank we started coloring of the big dry erase boards blue so when they grabbed the erasers feathers will drop we put a 2 buckets of water for Mr.Martinez and Mr.Castrova since his birthday is today "Okay the Reason why we are doing this prank is because the french teacher Mr. Castrova and the Spanish teacher Mr.Martinez think his Favortie students meaning us forgot his birthday well this is for them haha we arent going to be their favorite anymore" Bailey laughed laughed Brooke and I hung up the poster that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it "We have finished so Lil run them through what these buckets do" Sabrice said "Well these two buckets here above the door are filled with water and there is clear line so who ever trips it gets water pour on him and the second one is for whoever walks in first will trip that one as well and the other person will get soaked now if you come through here we have two more buckets this is glitter covered in ease away glue that will get dumped on them as well now the two buckets over here are connected to the erasers so when they pick them up to erase all of this feathers with ease away glue will also dump on them and thats when the happy birthday poster signed by the whole school drops down" I smiled "I think they are in the lounge lets go check" We heard mr Castrova said "ACTION TIME!" Clare whisper shouted we all hid behind something and we filmed it "Girls are you in here?" Mr.Martinez walked in water poured on him and he jumped foward tripping the next wire that dumped water on Mr Castrova then they tricked the glitter buckets "These girls are suspended" They walked to the board and feathers dumped on them and they turned around and saw the poster and we came out with the school behind the door "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" we shouted  "You- you girls are good" Mr Martinez said  "We know" We hugged them "SAY BYE TO OUR PRECIOUS FANS!" I shouted "BYE!!" They said "Alright guys you saw it happen LIVE!!! now we must go back to school bye!!" We pressed end and it uploaded "This stuff comes off right" Mr Castrova asked "Yes rub it with water and it comes off" The bell rang "YEAAA!!!" We shouted and all left I went to my locker the girls and I were gonna meet up before class 

Clare's P.O.V That was fun. I was on my way down the hall with every one else going to their next period and got to my locker . I was just thinking about unicorns while I took a quick look at my face and hair. I felt some ones presence behind me then a slap and a squeeze on my ass . I gasped "THE ACTUAL HECK?" i yelled and turned around and saw a tall foot ball player on the side of me . He looked at me from my feet all the way to my butt to my face . "Your hot " he said and bit his lip . "EXCUSE ME ?!?!?" i said at my short height .He reached for my butt again and I slapped hes hand away "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ?" i threw my books down along with my bag "TOUCH ME AGAIN YOU UGLY PERV!!! DO IT I DARE YOU" i yelled and pushed him then a circle of people surrounded us "oohhh feisty i like it!" he said loudly. I slaped him across his face and then this ugly popular fucking slut came infront of him and pushed me " DONT  PUSH ME WITH YOUR UGLY I DONT WANT TO GET YOUR UGLY" I screamed in her face ."SWING COME ON SWING !" i screamed in her face "  FAT BITCH" she yelled and i teared up because that brought me back to my middle school years but I wasnt letting her win  " WHAT DID U CALL ME !!" i screamed and punched her across the face and grabbed the back of her hair and slammed her face into the locker . I tackled her and started punching her . " CLARE?!?!?!" i heard some girls and boys yell. I got up off of her and the guy was still there so i went into his face and slapped him "DONT YOU EVER TOUCH ME EVER AGAIN YOU DO THAT TO ME OR ANY OF MY FRIENDS I SWEAR I WILL BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOU" I yelled at him then some one pulled me away . "YOUR LUCKY "I screamed. every one went silent and i looked around and the whole school was surrounding us. They Clapped because I actually stood up to the most two popular bitches in school.

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