High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


15. Birthday bash part 3

Keaton's P.O.V someone busted in through the door causing everyone to jump "Oh...my...god..." The girls (Except for Gemma) said in unison "What not happy to see me?" He asked "You outside NOW"Brooke pushed him outside I grabbed her hand "Babe who is that"She whispered "My step brother" She sighed I nodded and let go of her hand "If you need me come get me" I told her and she nodded and walked outside i walked back to the table and sat down "She alright???" Louis asked "Yeah man its her step brother" I said "She called him that?" Krista asked "The douche doesnt even deserve to have that title"Clare said we could hear yelling from outside and then a scream but we couldnt tell from who "Keaton you go we will stay here just in case" I nodded I got up a darted to the door and saw brooke on the floor "Did he hit you" I asked as I glared at him "She fell and i tried catching her" He said "You sure about that"Bailey shot at him the girls had came outside and im sure the boys are behind the door Harry had taken Gemma out to go get Ice cream for the party and to hang with just her for a little bit "Babe come here" I helped Brooke up she had the wind knocked out of her "HOLD UP! BABE?!?!" He shouted we all looked at him "Yeah" We said in unison "Why do you give a damn after leaving her you dont even deserve the title step brother" Sabrice said "Guys lay off I fell hes telling the truth for once" Brooke coughed holding onto me "Brooke explain to me why the fuck he just called you babe" He said "First why do you hive a damn? Cynthia is right on this, and he called me babe because HE is my boyfriend so dont be changing the damn subject why the hell are you here i dont want you here no one does" She spat and laid her head on my shoulder she was starting to tense and shake a bit "Look i came to say sorry" He said "There you said it now leave ill call you later" Brooke said I put my arm around her to let her know he wasnt going to touch her in anyway "Bro-" Bailey cut her off "She said leave" She said sternly He nodded and walked down the stairs "Why does I feel like I got my heart ripped out" Brooke asked "You shouldnt we can worry about it later when we are done" Cynthia said Brooke just sighed and nodded her head "We'll let you sit here for a few minutes" Clare said as they walked inside "Keat you can go too" She told me "Nope I wanna stay here with you" I kissed the top of her head she looked up at me and smiled "What??" I asked smiling "Nothing" She smirked and poked my cheek repeatedly I grabbed her finger and kissed it "Your finger shouldnt poke my face" I told her "Why not?" She asked I looked at her and slammed my lips onto hers "Thats why" I smirked pulling away "Thats just gonna make me poke you more so I can have an excuse to kiss you" She said I pecked her lips "Your my girlfriends you dont need an excuse" I smiled she blushed and dug her face into my chest "Ahh you blushed" I laughed "Shut up" She said getting up "Come on let go help them we only have 30 minutes left till people arrive" She said pulling me up I grabbed her hand and walked in the house (jesus sorry i didnt realize i was writing in keatons P.O.V) 
Lilian's P.O.V Zayn and I have been having a him and I day we went to the movies then shopping then back to his place and NOW we are at a tattoo shop so I can get a tattoo we decided to get matching tattoos 

"Zayn?" I asked him as I sat down in the chair "Yes love?" he asked "How bad is this gonna hurt" I looked at it "Well your about to find out" He told me I grabbed a hold of his hand and closed my eyes he stood above me and kisses my forehead repeatedly and I felt the needle touch my skin and it hurt "Zayn this hurts you know that right" I told him squeezing his hand "Yes love I do but your gonna be fine" He smiled "Alright sweetie your done" The lady said I smiled and got up "LEMME SEEE!!!" Zayn shouted "Calm down" I showed him my arm "Your next sir" He said Zayn sat down in the chair and pulled me in his lap I sat in between his legs and laid my head down on his chest "You guys are a cute couple how long you have been together???" She asked "going on 3 weeks tomorrow" Zayn smiled "AW congrats you guys" She smiled "Thanks" I told her "But today is her birthday" He smiled and kissed my cheek "Happy birthday sweetheart" She said "Thank you" I said "and there you are" She told Zayn I got off his lap and let him get up "Thank you so much" He said "No problem" She said we paid and left to go to Zayns house he said he was taking me to some kind of event tonight no one has remembered my birthday yet... oh well :( 

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