High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


14. Birthday bash part 2

Zayn's P.O.V We stopped fell asleep at the movie sinister we fell asleep and i was falling asleep again Lilian started panting in her sleep and squeezing her eyes tight has hell i rubbed her back and she calmed down i closed my eyes and started drifting off "WE'RE HOME!!!!" they yelled Lilian screamed and fell on the floor and was in tears I jumped up immediately and held her "Hey shhh its just the girls and the boys" I told her everyone just looked at me with a what-the-hell-happened face I just shook my head "Lil are you okay" Brooke asked Bailey and Cynthia ran upstairs real fast "Yeah im fine" She still didnt let go of me "but you haventlet go of zayn there" Louis said "Who said I wanted to let go" She smirked "Ewwwww"Everybody said "Shut up" We said in unison "Can someone take me to go get a tattoo" the girls looked at her in shock "What i wanna get a tattoo" She shrugged her shoulders "I'll take her" I smiled "Can you give out anymore PDA???" Clare asked "Do you want us too??" Lilian asked "NO!!" They screamed we just laughed Bailey and Cynthia screamed and ran down stairs and Cynthia fell "Oh my god Cynthia are you okay" The girls laughed Austin helped her up "Shes fine nothing new" Lilian laughed "Shut up Juliet!!!!!!" She said I kissed her cheek "Okay you two love birds go! shoo" They pushed out the door tossing me my keys while they did so and we were off 

Austin's P.O.V "My Face hurts" Cynthia said rubbing her cheek I kissed her cheek I honestly love her to death ive fallen head over heels "So where is the party going to be at?????" I asked "Here its gonna be a pool party" Clare said "But we have to get everything from the basement and then lock the basement" The house is pretty big plus a basement?? WOW The boys and I went to go get the heavy stuff from down stairs like all of the tables and speakers  "Why does she have so many damn speakers" I asked we laughed "We have HUGE partys sometimes and then we sell them too" Clare said they all walked back down stairs "Where did the Helium tank go??"  Krista asked did you check by the freezer???" Cynthia asked they were all looking for the Helium for the balloons Brooke went over to look "FOUND IT!" She screamed and tried picking it up  but almost dropped it "Babe let me help you" Keaton came up behind her and lifted it over the freezer and kissed Brookes cheek they started filling up balloons while the boys and I continued taking speakers upstairs and started hooking them up "how many speakers do these girls have" I asked "Theres like 5 more down stairs" Louis said I heard Wesley and Drew were coming we all hung out a few times but they wanted to let Keaton have his space with Brooke "Okay so we have enough speakers we just need to hook them up" I said we started hooking them up and we heard the girls laugh while they came up the stairs and started tying balloons all over the place I started hooking up the last speaker in the back and I saw Cynthia fall and a scream I stopped and ran inside to see them laughing "Babe are you okay I saw you fall??" I asked still a bit worried "Yeah Im fine it was a mega trust fall" She laughed "You scared me I thought you had completely fallen" I told her "Hey Austin everything okay in here?? Keaton asked "Yeah man everything's fine" He was looking at Brooke who wasnt even paying attention "Clareeeee hand me some tape pleasseeee" She said reaching towards Clare Finn Jack Wesley and Drew were out getting all of the food "Did you guys get the speakers set up??????" Gemma asked "Yeah" We heard Harry scream "HAZ!?!?!" Everyone yelled and we walked outside to see a soaking wet Harry glaring at Lou we all laughed "Sorry man but that was funny" Louis said laughing Harry rolled his eyes "Come on Lilian should have some of her brothers clothes you can use" Bailey took him upstairs "Why did you push him???" Gemma asked "He tried pushing me first but failed" He smiled proudly as we finished setting up the tables that were laying in the yard and Drew Wesley Finn and Jack walked through the door and sat the food inside and we all started organizing it on trays "What time are they going to be here" Brooke asked "When we text Zayn to come back" Harry said we nodded as someone busted through the front door "HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled "oh... my..god..."

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