Burning love


1. On The News

Harry's POV 


I was watching family guy when it turned into the news. I flipped through the channels and they were all the news. It must be important. I kept watching and then saw a girls school picture. She was a directioners for sure. Her shirt says future mrs styles on it. I felt so bad for her though. How was her entire family was killed. Then Simon Cowell came on. I called the lads. They looked at the TV in shock. He adopted her. "I call her!" I screamed. Then I got a call. "Hello?" I said. "Simon? Her names Sam? She's not talking and you need my help? Just because of the tee?" I asked. I shrugged. "Ok! Sure!" Niall hit me. I looked at him. I slapped him in the face. "Hold on Simon." I put the phone down. "NIALL!?! HER ENTIRE FAMILIES DAD AND YOU THINK I SHOULDN'T HELP HER?!?!" I screamed. He sunk into the couch. I picked the phone up. "Yeah I can come over now! Stay with us?" I looked at daddy direction and put my puppy eyes on. He rolled his eyes and nodded. "Yeah she can! Ok! Yeah see you son." I hung up and grabbed my keys. "Bye!" I screamed and ran out of the door.


Sams POV 


Harry Styles?!? In staying with one direction. I squealed. Simon laughed. Then there was a knock at the door. I forgot I was wearing my future Mrs. Styles shirt. Simon opened the door. He walked In and I fainted in my mind. His eyes. His hair. I smiled at him. He smiled back and winked. I blushed a little but inside I was in total fan girl mode. "Ok you can take her. Sam don't fall for any of them." I pointed at my shirt. "Ok to late!" I smiled and Harry held out his hand. I shyly grabbed it and we left. He opened the door for me.  Smiled and got in. He closed the door and went to his side. He got in and turned on the radio. More then this started to play. I mouthed the entire song not knowing Harry was watching me. I looked over and he gave me a cheeky smile. "What?" He asked. "Your cheeky smile and dimples that's what!" I mumbled. He laughed. "So you do have a voice!" That time I giggled. "And an adorable giggle." I blushed when he said that. 

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