Burning love


3. Morning Flirt

Sams POV 


i woke up and looked around. Oh yeah. I got up and undid my French braid. I straightened my hair out and did my makeup. I grabbed my pink floral longsleeved shirt and black skirt. I put them on follow by my black flats I wore yesterday. I walked out of my room and ran into Niall. "Wow!" He said and caught me. He helped me to my feet. "Sorry babe." He said. "Not the first time that's happened." I laughed and walked downstairs. Harry looked at me then smiled. Then someone squealed. I turned around and saw Perrie Edwards. Oh my god. She dropped her bag and ran up to me then hugged me. "So nice to meet you Sam!" She said. "You too Perrie!" I said. Harry walked up. "She's gonna take you shopping. She's staying with us for a while." He said and kissed my forehead. Then he walked upstairs. Perrie looked at me. I shrugged. She did too. She grabbed my hand after I grabbed my purse. Simon put a credit card for me on his banking account. We went to the mall and took pictures of eachother in weird hats and sunglasses. We both bought sunglasses with mustaches on them and tons of clothes. We went home and Harry and Zayn came out and grabbed our bags. I looked at Perrie and widened my eyes with a smiled. She did too and we walked inside. Harry carried my bags up to my room and I followed him. He set them down and then smiled at me. "So it seems you get to stay with us the entire summer." I smiled even more. "Well then, I should unpack this stuff." I said."I'll help." Perrie said as she entered. I smiled at her in her mustache sunglasses. I laughed and got mine out. I put mine on and Harry laughed. "Oh yeah, I got you something!" I said and got out the mustache glasses I got for him. He put them on making me laugh. "Your wearing the same ones!" He laughed. "I know!" I said taking mine off. Harry took his off and kissed my forehead. He winked at me and walked out. 

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