Burning love


6. Hospital

Harrys POV


I woke up in a hospital and saw Sam outside of the room hysterically crying. Then the nurse gave her and shot and sat her in a chair. That touched my heart. I looked down and saw a wrap around my stomach. a nurse came in a few minutes later. "You're lucky you have such a good girl in your life. She did CPR on you for more then 6 hours until an ambulance showed up." She said. "I know. I love that girl. I'm lucky to have her. I took the bullet for her safety." I responded. "We'll she hasn't left the hospital since you got here yesterday. You can go in about a week." She said. I nodded. "Do you want to see her?" She asked. "Hell yes!" I said. She smiled and nodded. She went outside and came back in with Sam. She looked like a wreck. But I smiled. It was all for me. Then I saw her arm. A cast. An orange cast. "What happened?" I asked as she came over to me. "He tried to shoot you again so I stood in front of him covering my face with my arm. But I'm glad your ok. They tranquilized me like 5 times." She kissed my forehead. "Get some rest. Perries making me come home and fix myself up." I nodded and put my hand on the back of her neck. I leaned up and softly kissed her. I couldn't for long because of my stomach. I fell back on to the bed. She frowned. Then she smiled and leaned down. She kissed me softly and longly. Then she pulled back and hugged me lightly. "I'll be back tonight." I nodded and she walked out. Then I saw Perrie with a box of tissues. Why? "Uhh nurse? I'm gonna be ok right?" She was looking at Sam also. She nodded. "Of course dear. She's just worried. I was like that when I was a teenager." I smiled at the thought.

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