Burning love


4. After shopping

Harry's POV 


The guys left so I can be alone with Sam. But she's really shy. She's just sitting on the couch staring into space. I went up and sat by her. I rubbed her back and she jumped. "Sorry love." "It's ok Harry." She said. "What are you thinking about?" I asked. "My kittens. Coco and Keke. There at Simons house." She said. I nodded. "Whatcha wanna do?" She asked. I shrugged even though I wanted to kiss her. "You talk outloud…a lot." She said making my eye practically pop out of my head. Then she kissed my cheek and walked upstairs with a smile on her face. I smiled. What do I do now? I texted Lou.


-I said I wanted to kiss her outloud.

-What happened?

-She kissed my cheek and walked upstairs with a smile on her face making me smile.


-Now what do I do?

-Go after her. Tell her how you feel.



Oh boy. I've never been this scared to tell a girl how I feel. I got up and walked upstairs. I knocked on her door. I heard her on her phone. "What do you mean? Who is this?" I heard something drop. She came out of her room with a scared look on her face and tears pouring out of her eyes. She looked at me. "Sam?" I asked. "What's wrong love?" I said putting my arms around her. "They fffound mme. The ones that set the fire found me. They know where I am." My heart sank. What do I do? The cabin. "Back your bags." I said. "I'm keeping you safe." She looked up at me and kissed me. Then she ran into her room and closed the door.

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