Not Just a Pretty Face

When Ally's ex boyfriend rapes her, she ends up on a wild ride. Finally meeting a curly haired boy who changes her life and protects her from the dangerous. Will they fall in love or will Ally be harmed?


1. Cheater

The flash of the TV screen intrigues leaving nothing on my mind. My eyes set on the screen as I hear my name being called. Minutes go by until the word ‘Ally’ rings throughout the whole flat sending chills down my spine. Whipping my head around I find myself staring into the eyes of a very aggravated Ansley. Before I can say anything she grabs the remote out of my hands, turns off the telly, and points to the boxes piled up in the kitchen corner. I push myself up with fists and a loud grunt. Making my way towards the boxes I start to run away. Ansley runs after me and tackles me on the couch right when Lanie walks in. We all burst out laughing and finally finish unpacking the boxes.    

          Recently I have moved in with my 2 best friends, Ansley and Lanie. We have known each other since grade school and even went to the same college together. Sadly they stayed another year in the college dorm rooms when I moved into a flat. Hours and hours of elbow grease and sweat I can comfortably pay my rent, but that leaves just a hundred dollars a week for other expenses such as food. Although most of the money goes to pay for my boyfriend, Drew, and I to eat, not that he doesn’t pay for some of his food he usually just hangs out at my place. A lot of people wonder how I even have a boyfriend, but my simple answer his we love each other. He asked me out during our college orientation and we have been dating for 2 years now. We seem to bring happiness to each other.

          A couple of hours ago I got home from my date with Drew who was not as fun or spunky as usual. Drew just seemed really distant. He often is spontaneous and goofy, but tonight he was subdued and shy. It honestly surprises me because we have been dating for a little over 2 years. Though, I have noticed he has been really touchy lately and gets upset when I end things at making out. Must be a guy thing I think as I turn out the lights.

          I wake up to an annoying buzzing sound which is my alarm. I have been meaning to change it. While I am changing my phone rings, and the number is unknown. As I ignore it and wait for a voice mail I hear a knock at my door. Walking to open it my phone rings again and the person smacks the door another three times. Neglecting to check the peep hole I swing the door open revealing a very angry girl. She seems to be my age but one never knows.

          “Are you Ally,” the girl asks fuming.

          “Yes, why do you ask,” I say in a soft voice.

          “Well,” she says looking at her feet and back to me, “I have been informed you are dating my boyfriend Drew.”

          The words hit me like a ton a bricks, her boyfriend, the phrase swirls in my mind. Before I say anything stupid I let out a quiet question, “What’s your name?”   

          She grits her teeth while saying, “I am Chloe,” as she continues her voice grows in anger and volume, “Drew’s girlfriend,” finishing her sentence with the word ‘girlfriend’ elongated.

          Again I’m stunned by the fact she is calling herself Drew’s boyfriend when he is mine, but I just leaves one answer. Drew is cheating. “Why don’t you come in and we can chat.” I say motioning inside towards the couch. She nods and smiles a little loosening up her very tense body. We both gracefully walk to the couch and smooth our skirts as we sit down.

          As the conversation continues we both seem to realize Drew is a dirty cheater. He started going out with Chloe 5 months ago when I first declined having sex with him, and Chloe’s friend had seen me and Drew kissing and thought I was grabbing Drew against his will. Chloe’s voice and face seem to get furious as do mine. The chatter came to a silence and we both looked at our feet thinking and absorbing everything that was just said. Seconds later we look at each other with the same thought in mind, ‘revenge.’

          The topic of revenge was the theme of our new talk. After much discussion we came up with a plan. We would publicly embarrass Drew so no other girl or should I say girls would date him. Without wasting any time we jump up and head to campus. Although not everyone will be at our little announcement word spreads fast.

          Once we arrive in the heart of the campus we climb up on some picnic tables and scream out our message. As we go along a larger and larger group crowds around the picnic table and among them was Drew. He had an angry frown on his face and was fuming as people started to notice he was there. Boys pointed laughed and walked away and girls either just walked away while whispering with one another or walked up to him and slapped him. After the announcement and some high fives I headed home saying good bye to Chloe.

          Driving home I get this unsettling feeling in my stomach, like something was terribly wrong. Though, being me I brushed it off and turned on Ed Sheeran. Even though I only live a few minutes away from the campus it felt like forever. It started to rain as I tried to sing along with the music and not crash my car.

          Once I arrived in the parking lot of my building I got out of the car, and made my way up to my flat, unlocked the door and immediately changed into my pajamas. I then crawled up onto the couch and turned on the movie ‘Love Actually.’

          Although the movie is still playing I feel myself drifting off to sleep, but I stay awake trying to finish the movie. Surprisingly the whole thing about Drew isn’t really bothering me. I mean I could tell something was up and he just seemed to drift farther and farther away from me to another world. It just seems to be time for it to end and now it is over, for good. The movie goes to the credits right when someone knocks on the door. This is quite a surprise due to the fact its 2 am.  

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