Meeting The Princess

~Sequel to Meeting The King~ Well...this is the sequel I promised. You'll finally get the answers to those unanswered questions.


1. Trying To Make It In This Terrible Place We Call A World

Prince had pulled me aside after dinner and gave me his new number. I smiled a little and then hugged him. My step dad cleared his throat and I pulled away. I was eventually pulled away from his and then we drove home. I went upstairs and put in my headphones again. My step dad had been pissing me off lately. I mean for Christ sakes I was 17 and graduated, I'm pretty sure I can handle myself.

I was already looking at apartments. I so wanted to get out of this house. I didn't have a job yet though so that was my top priority. I needed to get a college education though if I worked anywhere. I was voted most likely to be successful so maybe I'd be successful at finding a decent college and a part time job. I was looking through the want ads in the paper and I ended up getting a part time job at this bar. It wasn't the best job, but they needed performers, no not strippers, singers and dancers.

I came there every weekend starting this one. I performed Michael songs and the dances to go with it. That was my life..all I ever knew. I didn't want to be a performer as a full time job though. I saw what Michael went through and I knew I couldn't handle that.

I worked there for a few months and I had my college tuition and spending money left over, quite a lot of spending money actually, enough to buy my own car. I applied for several colleges in law. I was so hoping for a Harvard acceptance letter, but who was I kidding? I wasn't good enough for Harvard.

A few weeks later, I got 5 envelopes addressed to me in the mail. All acceptance. I was so happy, now I had to figure out which one to go with, so I texted Michael. All he could focus on that I got accepted to the top 5 law schools in the United States. We eventually narrowed it down and I picked my college. Harvard for sure.


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