Meeting The Princess

~Sequel to Meeting The King~ Well...this is the sequel I promised. You'll finally get the answers to those unanswered questions.


2. First Real Job

I wouldn't say I was forced to grow up so fast, but, I worked myself to death so you could say I forced it upon myself. I got good grades in college, joined a sorority, got texts from Prince every so often, but it was terrible. I couldn't get any money because I couldn't get any clients for my lawyer business. 

One day, I was sitting in my office, messing with the curls in my hair when I got a call. Billie Jean, my ringtone for Michael, started to play and I quickly answered. "Michael?" "Megan I need your help..i know you're all grown up now, and I swear to you , I swear I did not harm that child." He was frantic and very upset. "Michael where are you?" "Santa Barbara Police Station." "I'll be there as soon as I can." I hung up the phone and got a ticket to the next flight.

I picked up my bags and took them to a hotel then ran to the police station. I walked into the interrogation room where they were questioning Michael. "Excuse me gentlemen but, this interrogation is over. Let's go Michael." I put my hand on his shoulder and he flinched a little. "Okay.." "Who are you exactly Miss?" "His attorney, that's all you need to know."

After we were outside Michael was so shy. I showed him to my car and he got in the passenger's side not saying a word. "Michael..." I said breaking the silence. "Yes?" He faintly asked and looked up at me. "What'd they do to you?" he shook his head and I drove him to my hotel. I took him up there and he sat on the bed and I took his hand. "Michael, I need to know what happened...Your side of the story." He sat there silently and I sighed. "I'm always here if you wanna talk." I let go of his hand and I went to the other bed.

At about 10 I was in my red pajamas much like Michael's, and I was laying on my side. "Megan...." "Yeah Michael?" "Jess stayed the night...but he was in the bed! I was on the floor! He had a nightmare and I got up and I held him for a while! That was it! I'd slit my own wrists before I'd harm a child. You believe me...don't you Megan?" I couldn't see him but there was innocent tears falling and I knew it. "Of course I do Michael." I came over and hugged him tight.

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