Gabriella Grant-a 16 year old girl who meats a group of people who will change her life forever-good or evil.


3. #374

He said "chill Gabe".

no one calls me gabe but my dead mother.

i held my breath and spoke, "please don't call me Gabe. It is sort of a thing-"

He interrupted me again and said, "a thing your mother called you? Oh Lucy, was such a lovely woman she was, so sorry to hear of her passing.", he said with a straight face. The paced across the room to picture frame with my moms picture in it. As I followed him in his small room,mabey  his study i don't know really. He handed me the picture. 


She was in a flowery dress. She was laying in a Field of grass with the same necklace my mom had on. He sat in his wooden chair with the necklace in this clinched up fist up to his heart.


he smiled and said "you are here now so I gusse  I will tell you...

your mother was a 374 as in she was a bad  person. Fate some would call it. Her and I were in love and she was 274 before she met me it was like I was a flame and she was the wood. I was bad and she was good. You know what they say a person can change you? If a 274 and a 374 fall in love one will cave.

usually the 274  your mother was a 274 and she turned bad-bad-too bad so she ran away and hung herself. And left you and your sand and Oliver alone.

in order to bring your mother back we must sacrifice one 274 of her

for her to live again and that is why you are here."


i shivered I jumped up and ran for the door before I could I was stabbed in the heart and I was


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