Love at first sight

Two teen fight for the love they deserve through a terror filled journey of which they find out the wonders of this life


3. Misery

I could see the tears in Justin's eyes. "Why are you here" he said with a crack in his voice. "You came to my town." Said Jaxon in an even louder tone "This is misfit island!!" Said the obviously confused man." "Come on Jazzy lets go", he tugged the both of our arms, wrinkling the skin on my wrist. We got back to the hotel and we let Jazzy fall asleep till we talked. "I'm sorry about that" he said in a sincere voice "Jaxon, is our older brother" I could see him fighting back the tears. "If you don't mind me asking w-hat did he do". I was scared for the answer "A couple of years ago my brother went crazy and killed my dad and his dog and he kinda" He couldn't finish his sentence he was almost in tears, but I knew what he ment." Sometimes I wish I could just run away.. You know from all the chaos." He chuckled and leaned in I didn't realize it till it was over, I was just kissed.

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