Love at first sight

Two teen fight for the love they deserve through a terror filled journey of which they find out the wonders of this life


1. Hallways

I saw him every day for a year, and yet I never knew his name. He had eyes like fried chicken, light brown but still good. He never talked at me, but I felt he knew my every thought. This boy had the key to my heart but had always kept it locked. We were two totally different people. Him being charming and hilarious, and me the southern girl who couldn't tie shoe. I walked by him in the cafeteria he wink at me. I couldn't believe it. I put my hand in some noodles, I was so shocked. I slowly moved to the empty table until Marvin, my only friend came and sat by me. Marvin had, had a crush on me since we were three, so I didn't bother telling him about the mystery boy. As we were eating I notice the boy starting to walk towards me. I slowly popped a piece of a mint into my mouth to hide the awful smell of morning breath. He walked over to the table and sat beside me. "Hi I'm Justin" he said in a dreamy voice. I started to studded "u-um hi,I'm Jessica". He smiled and said "well hey Jesse I was wandering if you'd like to go for some pizza today". I choked on my mint, I couldn't breathe I was choking and I was turning purple. I was alright after a while but I was to embarrassed to stay so I ran home. Later that day I got a knock on the door, it was Jazzy my ex friend at the door. We had gotten into a fight and she had no idea that I hated her. She came in and asked my mom if I could go on a trip with her family. And of coarse my pea brain mom said yes, I packed and left. While We were in the car with her whole family I tired around to the next row of seats. I turned to Jazzy,"What is Justin doing here" I asked her in a surprised tone. "He's my brother, didn't you know that. Well that woke me up.

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