Love Me

This is a book about Draco Malfoy and his sister Cindy Malfoy who may just be falling for Fred Wesley and Gorge but which will she chose and How is Malfoy taking it He is Super careing and loyal to her and Loves her and is way to over Protective of Cindy And he may just be thinking but she is Pat Veela and Fairy form there mother but full witch form both Parents she is beautiful and all the boys in the whole 5 year call her the Sex Goddess and just as much as her brother is the Sex God they both have Platinum blound hair and grey eyes and she hates Draco's girlfriend Pansy what will she do and how will he take it to know that he may also be falling for another girl non other then Hermione and she may fall for him this is told in.(Draco's Pov) , (Cindy's Pov) , (Hermione's Pov) , (Feds Pov) , also Gorges Pov)


5. Then Again (Fred)

I looked down and then I saw her sitting with her brother his arms around her confronting her and then Pansy crying in to her best friend Hanna "Hey Hermione" I smiled and gave her a hug and then Cindy was looking at me I smiled and waved at her and then she smiled and waved back but then Draco was looking at me and I looked away and down at my goblet "Lets get the first years up and done" said George and then the first years came in there was a girl with light brown hair and she had a cute face that's our cousin from America her mum is Tammy our mums sister and her dad is Coulson her name is Julia Soared both pure-blood then Prefacer Blanton Prefacer MeGonigale was sick "Lounden,Tom"  a lanky tall boy with blound hair smiled and walked up "Slythren" the hat yelled the table from the far side clapped and he walked to them. "Tondlon,Kassy" a girl with big brown eyes and red hair walked up and sat down she was put in Gryffindor the net few kids were sorted till it was one kid left our cousin "Soared , Julia" she walked up her hair is Braded and she looked nerves the hat looked at everyone of the tables  and then you heard "GRYFINDOOR" and she smiled and clapped and cheered as she walked over and I hugged her "GOOD JOB JUL" I smiled and asked me a question "Why are you yelling ideout " I smiled and gave her another hug. We were know in our command rooms im in 6 year unlike the girl I like I walked up to harry "Harry can I Clock plz" I pleaded and he smiled and gave it to me ''Thanks Mate" I walked out till I heard Ron "OY.WERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING" I turned to see him looking at me "nothing I just want to do something" I give an evil grin and he leaves and I walk out side and down to the lake and there she sat I walked up behind her and slipped her under the clock "Hi there" I gave her a kiss she smiled and kissed me back  " how are our u"     she smiled at me and I dint know what to do she's perfect nd perfect divines....              


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