Love Me

This is a book about Draco Malfoy and his sister Cindy Malfoy who may just be falling for Fred Wesley and Gorge but which will she chose and How is Malfoy taking it He is Super careing and loyal to her and Loves her and is way to over Protective of Cindy And he may just be thinking but she is Pat Veela and Fairy form there mother but full witch form both Parents she is beautiful and all the boys in the whole 5 year call her the Sex Goddess and just as much as her brother is the Sex God they both have Platinum blound hair and grey eyes and she hates Draco's girlfriend Pansy what will she do and how will he take it to know that he may also be falling for another girl non other then Hermione and she may fall for him this is told in.(Draco's Pov) , (Cindy's Pov) , (Hermione's Pov) , (Feds Pov) , also Gorges Pov)


6. I saw you (Gorge)

I was looking at them the girl i like in my brothers arms i had to win her over make her think im Fred just for an evening to get her to like me maby...I could no that whould be rude to her not to me but how i maen idk ill figer it out tommorow.I woke up and looked at Fred how dose he have her but thier only firends i did not see them kissing or anything they just talked and then went in "Oy,Freddy Wake up" i threw a pillow at him and his eyes opened and locked on me and grined "Lets go brother Id hate to miss anything " i said and we both were up in a few seconds and bounding down the stairs to the Great Hall "Oy" iheard someone say "Fred Gorge" it was a girl i walked to were it was comeng from and smiled "Hey Cin" i smiled and she practicly hissed at me "My brother is getting out of conttrol i mean come on" and then we started walkeing to the Great hall when we stopped she told us she would have to say something mean we both nodded and tehn the doors opend "OY." she screamened and that got MAlfoy z"what have you filthy people done to my sister" she smiled at us "Thier stinch brother its makeing me dizzy" he smirked at her and led her to there table and we both smiled to her she smiled back i loved  her smile i really do....

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