Love Me

This is a book about Draco Malfoy and his sister Cindy Malfoy who may just be falling for Fred Wesley and Gorge but which will she chose and How is Malfoy taking it He is Super careing and loyal to her and Loves her and is way to over Protective of Cindy And he may just be thinking but she is Pat Veela and Fairy form there mother but full witch form both Parents she is beautiful and all the boys in the whole 5 year call her the Sex Goddess and just as much as her brother is the Sex God they both have Platinum blound hair and grey eyes and she hates Draco's girlfriend Pansy what will she do and how will he take it to know that he may also be falling for another girl non other then Hermione and she may fall for him this is told in.(Draco's Pov) , (Cindy's Pov) , (Hermione's Pov) , (Feds Pov) , also Gorges Pov)


1. Prologe

Hi my name is Cindy...Cindy Malfoy Sister to Draco Malfoy and this is are 5 year at Hogwarts and GOD DAME I DONT WANT TO GO BACK AND DEAL WITH DRACOS GIRL FRIEND PANSY I  would spit then be near her but anyway everyone think Draco's mean and evil but he's not to me he's a very careing person and he loves animal's and is a over Protective Brother but other then that he's amazing and loves me I am in Slythren same as my brother and even better im the Sex Goddess and my Brother is The SEX GOD (GAGE) lol all the guys like me but my best friends are Fred and Gorge Wesley and my brother doesn't like it but he doesn't mined much and all the boys and to get in bed with me but my brother would kill them and my owl is "Live" and my cat is "Ro" and there my pets and my brother has an owl "Night" and a cat "Lord" anyway off topic I am happy about going back and I am good friends with the golden trio but Draco doesn't know so lets keep that quit...Love Cindy Malfoy ... 

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