This is Our Love Story

This is based on Love Story by Taylor Swift. My name is Paola and this is the story of how I found love with the son of the family that my parents have had a feud with for over 10 years! Will Josh and me ever get our parents to stop feuding so that we can be together?


3. Truths & Rings

          I slowly walked into the living room and saw my parents sitting in their chairs by the fire place.
          "Hey honey! How was Victoria's party?" My mom asked.
          "It was fun. I met a boy there." I said quietly. The room got quiet.
          "What's his name?" My dad asked. I swallowed.
          "He's actually outside waiting to meet you." At this, my mom's head went up.
          "Well, don't leave him waiting!" My mom said in a fake happy voice.
          "Josh, you can come in now." I called out to Josh. Josh walked in slowly.
          "Paola, please tell us that you are playing a harsh joke on us!" My father practically yelled. 
          "No dad, I really do love him!" I said, wrapping my arms around Josh's arm. My mother looked at us with a confused expression.
          "Get out!" My father ordered. 
          "But, sir-" Josh started.
          "No buts! Just stay away from Paola!" My father interrupted. Josh took one look at me, and started walking out the door.
          "No! Josh stay! My parents will come around!" I said, going after Josh.
          "I'm sorry Paola, I will always love you, but until your parents come around, we can't see each other." Everything was blurry because of the tears.
          "If you really love me, then we can run away and get married! We are both 18 so it is perfectly legal!" I pleaded with him. 
          "Goodbye, Paola." He gave me one last kiss and left. I slowly slid down the wall to the stairs. I kept on repeating 'please don't go!" But knowing fully well that he was gone.
          "You will thank us one day." My mother said, rubbing my shoulders, just like Josh had done a few hours ago.
          "Never!" I said, getting up. I ran to my room and locked the door. 
          Then an thought popped into my head. What if Josh was only pretending all that just to not get me into trouble?
          It was truth time. At home room though, he was talking to Lizzy. Just to give you some background on Lizzy, she is the daughter of Liam Payne, captain of the cheer squad, and the smartest girl in class. She was twirling her brown hair in with her finger, so I knew that it was time to interrupt.
          "Hey Josh, can I talk to you?" Lizzy looked at me with hatred. In my defence, she had a boyfriend named Eian.
          "Sure." Josh said. He looked at Lizzy and she flipped her hair and walked away. 
          "Did you even love me?" I asked Josh.
          "Yes, but your parents didn't really approve." He said.
          "And?!" I practically screamed.
          "I'll make it up to you on Sunday." Josh said.
          "But that's three days away!" I whined. He leaned down to kiss me just as the bell rang.
          "Sunday, okay?" He reassured me. I nodded my head and took my seat. I officially couldn't wait until Sunday!
          I was finally home from school and I was BORED! I was already finished with homework and finished reading a Romeo and Juliet. Then I decided to go to the mall.
          "Mom! I'll be going to the mall!" I called out as I was walking to the door. She came to me running.
          "No! You can't go right now!" She said hurriedly. I stared at her. Why wouldn't she want me to go to the mall?
          "It's okay Mom, I'm not going to see Josh!" I reassured her. She still looked worried, but nodded her head. I opened the door and walked out.
          When I finally got to the mall, I parked myself in front of Claire's. I decided to go check out the engagement rings, since I might be getting married soon.
          Now here was the hard part. Jared's or Kay's? I chose Kay's after a lot of thinking. But as I got there, I saw Josh. Maybe he was surprising me! But as I walked closer, I saw a girl next to him.
          "Calm down, Paola. He is probably getting a girls opinion on the ring." I said to myself. Then I saw the girl put on the ring! I felt the tears burning in my eyes. How could he?! Now he finally decided to look in my direction. His face paled.
          "It's not what it looks like, trust-" Josh tried saying, but I was already far away from him before he could finish.
          When I got home, I wordlessly ran into my room and slammed the door. My parents tried talking me into opening the door, but I didn't open the door. I was about to go to sleep when I got a text message from Josh:
          'Paola, please talk to me. That was my cousin that you saw! She really wanted to come with me! Please talk to me?' 
          I laughed humorlessly. I deleted his phone number and all his texts. He didn't explain why she was trying on the ring! I finally fell asleep when I did that.

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