This is Our Love Story

This is based on Love Story by Taylor Swift. My name is Paola and this is the story of how I found love with the son of the family that my parents have had a feud with for over 10 years! Will Josh and me ever get our parents to stop feuding so that we can be together?


4. Proposals & Marrage

           I woke up to my alarm and a pounding headache. I rubbed my eyes and got my phone to call Josh. Then I remembered what he did. Foolish me, thinking he actually loved me.
           Since it was Saturday, I decided to stay in and eat all the chocolate I can eat and watch sad movies. My phone started beeping. I took a look at it. 34 text messages, and all from Josh. I deleted them with out even looking at them.
           Half way threw Titanic, I heard a knock on my door.
           "Come in!" I called out. My mother walked in.
           "Get dressed, we are going out for dinner." She said in a weird voice, like she is hiding something from me.
           "What's the occasion?" I asked.
           "Just put on that dress your father bought you and let's go." She said as she walked out.
           I did as I was told and straightened my long hair. 
           "I'm ready to go!" I called out. I got into their car, and we drove off.
           When we finally parked, I was a little shocked. We were at the hidden park! And Josh's car was right in front of ours! Josh opened my door, and I looked at my parents uncertainly. They gave me encouraging smiles.
           "Can we walk together?" Josh asked. I nodded and got out. My heart was pounding.
           "Why did you do it?" I asked him.
           "Do what?"
           "Cheat on me, or with me, whatever!"
           "Paola, that was my cousin!" He said, looking me in the eyes.
           "Then why were you shopping for a ring?" 
           "So I can do this." He said as he bent down on one knee and took out a beautiful diamond ring. I gasped. "Paola, I have loved you forever, and now your parents aren't a problem because they are completely on board. Will you marry-" but he didn't get to finish because I threw myself at him, repeating yes over and over again!
           "So you believe me?!" He asked incredulously.
           "Of course!" I said, as we kissed in the moonlight.
           The next day we eloped, and boy were out parents mad at us for doing that! They eventually forgave us though, but made us have another huge wedding a few months later.
          "I love you." I told Josh.
          "As I love you." He said as he leaned down and gave me one of those kisses that still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

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