This is Our Love Story

This is based on Love Story by Taylor Swift. My name is Paola and this is the story of how I found love with the son of the family that my parents have had a feud with for over 10 years! Will Josh and me ever get our parents to stop feuding so that we can be together?


1. Tingles & Kisses

         "He's cute, isn't he?" My best friend Victoria said. She pointed to Josh Jammar, the son of my parents worst enemies. We were hanging out in the courtyard while we waited for the bell to ring for our next class.
         "He is, but my parents would have a fit if they found out that me and Josh so much as talk in home room." I pointed out, just as Josh walked in our direction.
         "Oh my god! He's actually coming here!" Victoria squealed. I rolled my eyes, I mean sure Josh was actually kind of hot, but he would never be interested in a girl like me. Besides, we were going to college soon (I am 18).
         "Hey Paola." Josh said, snapping me out of my thoughts. His looks kind of reminded me of Zayn Malik from One Direction.
         "Hi Josh!" I said a little too enthusiastically. A part of my brain was questioning why he was even talking to me.
         "I know our parents hate each other, but would you like to go out sometime?" He asked. I knodded my head, not knowing what I was getting myself into. "Great, I'd pick you up, but you know how that would go."
        "But you have to make sure to keep this a secret." I warned him. God knows what my parents would do if they knew I was going on a date with Josh Jammar!
         "Meet me at the hidden park at 7." He smiled. I got lost in his perfect white teeth. The hudden park was the place that our parents discovered long before they started hating each other. They didn't go there much anymore. Josh walked away, leaving behind his scent.
          "What happened the 'he's forbidden' crap you gave me?" Victoria asked. I blushed. I had always had a little crush on him since I was eight, when our parents first started fighting.
          "Could you say no to him?" I asked Victoria. She shrugged just as the end of lunch bell rang. I called a "see you later" to Vicky, and walked in the opposite direction. My last few classes flew by quickly now that I had something to look forward to other than homework. 
           After school I walked to my car to see Josh leaning on it. For a dude that didn't do sports, he had some large biceps.
          "Couldn't wait to see me?" I asked him.
          "Nope. I needed to see your beautiful face one last time." I blushed and smiled at the ground. I wasn't really the girl that boys said those type of things to. He walked forward and lifted my face with his thumb. "You don't believe me do you? That you're beautiful?" Josh asked, looking right into my eyes. I bit my lip.
          "No, not really." I admitted. 
          "Will this help?" He asked, leaning forward until our lips met. I tingles went down my body. This right now felt so… so right.
          "Yes, yes it will." I giggled and leaned forward for more.

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