Survival Guide: Zombie Apocolyspe

My First book and it's gonna be about a zombie survival guide, so hopefully you guys enjoy. :)


4. Rule 4: Got Bit?

If you see that you are bit at any time of your life, amputate it quickly. I mean really quickly or else what ever that is causing this will probably spread throughout your body very Quickly.

If not you can be a coward and live with the burden that you might die in your sleep, i guess what i'm tring to say is that if there is a cure you should try and live throughout this plague and be a real Man/Woman.

Another way to go about this is to tie yourself up until you do turn and get shot by a traveling companion. If you don't have one at the momento you can just do it yourself, i mean it's just a bullet to the brain right whats the worst that can happen besides the fact you mght die!

When bit and you do not wish to amputate there are plenty of other ways to stay alive. Like if you treat it regularly with ointment, take medication to reduce a fever you would normally get when you get hurt really badly and especially take some painkillers to reduce the pain then sow it up with tread and needle.

You have more of a chance if the wound heals quickly over time, to help with that reduce walking or running alot or else it'll open the wound and hurt even more and i don't think you would ever want that.

 Anyway what im trying to say is that even if you're bit, live on you WILL be better off!

Happy Raiding

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