The Guys That Moved Across The Street...

Hey I'm Megan Smith, I'm a regular girl that lives in a neighborhood and goes to school. Im a sophomore. I have an annoying brother named shaun. I go to palo verde HS. I was coming back from getting the mail one day and I saw a moving truck. I had to see who it was so I looked in the truck and there they were... Shimmering so bright. His name was Tyler Yale, and his friends Jesse Gauthier and Chad Jenkins. They moved from Utah and came to California. LA. And that's how I met the guys that moved across the street... Like I'll ever fall in love with them psch..... Shaun and them become best friends... Oh and did I mention I became Tyler's sisters my new best friend Madison? Im not a virgin because of what happened in summer 2011. I don't want to talk about it... Also I'm only going to have 1 POV which is Megan's because I feel tired after the 1st chapter so I'm only going to have Megan's POV and I'll try to put as much detail In It as I can


8. The Happenings...

Megan's POV

I can't believe it was this guy... Out of all guys it had to be Blake's brother.... I feel weird inside... Jason smirked at me and went downstairs. I am forever shit. I was just standing there and I looked at Blake then smiled. I can never tell him this secret...

Next Morning.....

I woke up and Blake was nowhere to be seen. I sighed and got up. I guess he picked out my clothes for me. There were three outfits and shoes... I was stretching in bed as I heard the door open. It wasn't Blake... It was Chad... Chad? He sat next to me and said "wake up sleepy head! Whose going to walk us to school when your not there?" "Shaun..." "hmmm well looks I have no choice..." choice of what? I thought... He started tickling me and got me out of bed. I pleaded and he waited downstairs. I brushed my teeth and hair. I changed into outfit 2 and went downstairs. Chad had my backpack for me. I checked everywhere but.... Where was my phone? "hey guys have you seen my phone?" "oh here Megan I charged it for you" "thanks Blake" I nearly rushed out the door but then Blake said "want me to drive you?" "no thanks! I need to run with these guys or else I'll get in trouble if we're late!" "okay bye see you later" I kissed him and left. The guys and Madison were all waiting outside and Chad said "let's go" I said "let's get our asses running shall we?" then Jesse said "we shall" we started running and it was like the 5k run we ran really fast. Our instruments were already at school so we didn't need to worry. We got to the streetlight and waited for it to turn green for us to go. It finally did and we ran. We got to the front of the school. I checked my watch and it read 7:13 am! Shit we need to get there in 7 minutes! We ran through the school trying not to hit anyone and it went well. We got in the band room and got set up fast! We were nearly late but it was worth the run. Band ugh grrrrr. Always starts early. Ms. Frolics congratulated me and told me I did a good job of getting them all here on time. That's what I get for being a section leader of the clarinet section.... I think it was just me but Tyler's euphonium sounded really really funky.... I told him to take it home and have me check it out. He nodded and said he'd get it after school. I looked as Nick and Madison were good to go and had their music and everything. Jesse was ready and Tyler now was. Chad had a problem with his valves.... Shit. I got out my valve oil and handed it to him. He thanked me and got ready. I usually set up Nick, Tyler, Jesse, Chad, and Madison's music while Madison gets my instrument because we share lockers. I always double check. Class was starting and we were like the only 6 that were actually ready besides the other section leaders. I wasn't just the clarinet section leader, I was also Nick, Jesse, Tyler, and Chad's section leader. I had to take care of them because Jesse has a huge mouth and said that we lived in the same neighborhood -.- I sat in my seat and just waited for the director to start us. I was always prepared. It's been my duty to train them and I sort of have. They were ready though. 

------------------------------------ First Period------------------ 

Recently after early bird band we ate always late to first period it's ridiculous. I would always say bye to the guys and see them off and meet them back where we opposed to meet. And then it would just become a regular schedule from there. I hated it when we were late but band was worth it. I loved it with my life. I'm always so passionate about it. Love..... I came to the kickers point as we were playing mattball. I was the best known kicker of sophomore girls p.e. I couldn't help it though. I just tried.... Unlike other girls.
I hate them... They become sluts because of the boys.... But they like me for who I am.... Whatever as long as I getcha head in the game...

---------- Second Period------

Mrs. Puff is just so ughhhh I hate how she yells at us and expects us to finish our work without explaining how to do it! Jesus say something woman! Jeez mrs. Beck I hate her! She's just like our English reach. Ms. Dubsky! Blah. Whatever as long as we get to work in partners which we do... But only 4! That's all I need anyways. I picked the only boys I knew.: Nick, Chad, Jesse, and Blake. They were happy to oblige. I was happy to to. I worked out a gameplan. They worked the way I said and we were at that. The bell was about to ring as I looked at the time. I then said we should work on this at my house and they all agreed to it. We packed it up and the bell rang. I walked with Nick, Jesse, and Chad. We got to Band.

--------------------------------Third Period----------------------------------------

Band! YAY! I love band! I spell band way too much on my phone so it became auto corrected into NAND! :( that's sad. Why did it have to happen to me? I mean band NAND..... Seriously? There's something stupid with my autocorrect.... Anyways Madison finally made a move on Drew. She asked me for him to come over here. I went over to him and told him that Madison wants to talk and I just stood there while he was walking and I started to walk over to Chad and the gang. We weren't really the bad gang, but we were a gang alright. We always plan things and do stuff for each other, we even cover for each other cause we know we got all of our backs. I knew Madison. Was going to kill me if I just left her there so I was waiting for her to make a face... Lol she was holding it in. I started laughing and waved at her she was going to do something but Drew reached her before she could. She turned into a tomato and I knew exactly what was happening. Then... Nick, Chad, Jesse, and Tyler started sniffing and said "do you smell toast??" I rofl and couldn't stop.... Hey at least it wasn't like a sewage pipe... What's with people and toast these days hahahahhahahaa. Madison I know you're reading this. They asked what was so funny and I just kept laughing. I coughed out my last few laughs and Nick helped me up. Only one arm was up though... Chad put his hand out and helped me with my other hand. I got up and wiped my tears. Nick still had ahold of my hand and he whispered in my ear and asked what it meant.... I just started laughing again and pulled out my phone and texted him what it meant... He opened up the text and started laughing with me. I looked over at Madison and just kept on laughing. I then texted Drew and he ohhhhed me and nodded. And that was that. The bell rang.~~

-- Fourth Period----

Grrrr it was now fourth period. I was in class with ms. Puff. And I was also in class with Chad, Tyler, Jesse, Nick..... There was a new guy named Vlad. I've seen him somewhere..., but where? I think in our neighborhood.?. Nick tapped me and said "hey, so the drug addict in our neighborhood finally decided to show up eh?" "he lives in our neighborhood after all!" "yep" "he always be smoking in the green park...." I haven't decided but I think Nick will make good friend with him just cause he wants to get his hands on those drugs. I either should do 1 of 2 things. 1. I should make friends with this guy... Or 2. Leave him out of sight. Ehhh I don't know. He's a druggie.... I shouldn't be with guys that influence me. I guess I'm just cool enough for them or something... Vlad sat next to Jesse... Oh no. I looked over at Jesse and he was making a scared face. Vlad asked Jesse if he had an extra pencil. "no sorry!" "oh it's okay..." "do any of you have a pencil?" "I do!" I gave him a pencil since none of the guys were tough enough to do it. "thanks...?" "names Megan." "okay" we went on with our studies. Ms. Dubsky yelled at us and told us to work with one partner.... Shit. Who am I going to choose out of all them? Ugh. They all looked at me and I sure as hell knew Tyler didn't want to work with me. He's just a plain old jerk. I looked over and they were all staring at me... ALL! I'll just go for whoever asks me first... I got asked by Vlad out of all boys... "unm.... Hey, Megan.... Would you... Um. Like to. Work ... With um.... Me?" "sure Vlad I'd love to work with you!""okay great..." the boys sighed as I walked over with Vlad to his desk which meant that I had to sit in Jesse's desk. He moved for me and walked over to Chad and them. I concentrated on work. I got a bunch of texts but didn't want to read them. I bet they were from the boys. I told Nick to work with Chad and Jesse to work with Tyler and that was that. Vlad and I discussed what we were going to do. It was Olympus and the gods and goddesses. I wasn't good at this but it seemed like he was. I told him if I could go to his house cause I knew if we worked at my house that the boys would come by and check through the windows. Or Chad and Nick who would basically unlock the door and come in because they have the key... He told me sure and I nodded and said thanks because 'it's messy and crazy' around my house. I knew they would come to check up on me... I looked over at them and they looked back. I shrugged my shoulders and looked away from them. I looked a little nervous so Vlad whispered in my ear... I looked startled now. He whispered "don't worry bout them..," I knew he knew that if I didn't do something about them, we would be annoyed by them if I didn't do something. I told them not to annoy me. 

----- Fifth Period-----

It was finally financial lit. And I was hungover by all the drama-ish things happening these days... I just can't believe Vlad finally came to school even though it's only been like what? About 3 weeks since it started? Well he's a lazy azz. He's needs to stop doing that shit that ruins his brainz. I looked over at Nick and he was pretty upset with me... All of them were... I looked over at Blake and he realized that I was in stress mode. I couldn't deal with the stress right now. He patted me lightly on the back and mr. Friel was about to look over.! I removed Blake's hand and he looked as if nothing happened. We held hands behind the computer so he wouldn't notice. He didn't. Jesse, Chad, and Tyler were all looking over here and I just can't deal with them right now. I just sighed and went back to what I was doing on my computer. We went through the full course at least 5 zillion times? I was tired and rarely had lunch. Chad and Nick always save me some stuff though. Blake then insisted that he makes me lunches and I sit with him at his table instead of walking about eating lunch. I nodded and said that I'll try tomorrow. I didn't know that he cared who I hung out with... But I guess he does... I never seen anyone really tell me who and who not to hang out with. It's weird. I've never had someone really care for me like him... I was wondering what would happen if we had schedule changes. I shouldn't wonder about it too much... 

--Sixth Period--- 

Ugh it was math... Grr my most worst subject. I got a text from Madison.... She said "dude!! I don't know why but Drew likes me! He asked me out!! I said yes!!!! We're going tomorrow!(in the next chapter)" I texted back "wow! That's amazing I feel happy for you!" "thanks" I really do feel happy for her! I knew the two would work out. Chad, Tyler, Nick, and Blake all noticed at how happy I was. Then Nick asked me why I was happy and I said "Madison got herself a date!" "wow that's great!" " I know right?!" "yup" I then got out my workbook and started to do the pages we were supposed to do. We had to work in partners. 5 in a group since there was 45 people in our class. I chose the usual people.. We sat and moved our desks in a group so we were all facing each other. I sat next to Nick and Chad. Nick was on my right Chad was on my left. I flipped out my book and started doing the problems on my own. The guys were just talking. Chad and Nick started working on them too. It was Tyler and Blake hat were talking which was very unusual... They were enemies... But they're talking now... What is going on?! Why are they talking to each other??? I finished the problems and so did Chad and Nick. Chad checked my work as usual. He told me I got em' all right. I nodded and he checked Nick's work. Nick got some wrong and Chad didn't feel like helping him so I had to. We were already 28 minutes into class and we were already done. We are overachievers. Nick got numbers 2, 9, 29, 36, and 66 wrong. Grr square roots and math formulas.... We need a study session. Bleh,,, study.... Study.... Stud..... Stu...... St...... Sl..... Slee...... Sleeping..... ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz 

... I fell asleep.... Where am... Oh.... I'm here.... Getting carried... By? Nick? Chad? Tyler? Jesse? Blake? Oh it's Jesse.... I woke up in the feeling of swaying. I was covered in warmth as Jesse's chest tensed up as I touched it and moved a little. He asked me if I was awake... I didn't open my eyes and just mumbled yes. He asked why I chose Vlad.... I said that it's just too complicated because you guys are all my favorite, best buddies and all. "oh...." "yea..." it was awkward now but Jesse just pretended to be a okay. I guess that's that. He said I passed TF out. I was doing problems in math and then I just got knocked out, guess I was tired. I was walking down the stairs with the guys when I nearly fell halfway to the ground. Jesse caught me but none of the other boys were paying attention. He asked Chad and Nick to help get me on Jesse's back. He took off his backpack and gave into Chad telling him to keep watch of it. He then carried me on... 

I'll be editing little by little so it's gon, take some time :P

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