The Guys That Moved Across The Street...

Hey I'm Megan Smith, I'm a regular girl that lives in a neighborhood and goes to school. Im a sophomore. I have an annoying brother named shaun. I go to palo verde HS. I was coming back from getting the mail one day and I saw a moving truck. I had to see who it was so I looked in the truck and there they were... Shimmering so bright. His name was Tyler Yale, and his friends Jesse Gauthier and Chad Jenkins. They moved from Utah and came to California. LA. And that's how I met the guys that moved across the street... Like I'll ever fall in love with them psch..... Shaun and them become best friends... Oh and did I mention I became Tyler's sisters my new best friend Madison? Im not a virgin because of what happened in summer 2011. I don't want to talk about it... Also I'm only going to have 1 POV which is Megan's because I feel tired after the 1st chapter so I'm only going to have Megan's POV and I'll try to put as much detail In It as I can


1. The Guys That Moved Across The Street...

THIS IS MY 4th book! I've worked really hard on this one because it's based on real shit! ENJOY!



Megan's POV 




It was ending... summer 2012. Hot... It was a Saturday and after Sunday it was school... I was wearing a black tiger tank top and a pair of basketball shorts. It was hot outside and I didn't even feel like going outside to pick up mail but I knew I had to or else dad would yell at mom for not getting the fucking mail. I mean it's just mail! I went outside as I saw a moving truck parking outside across the street. I wonder who's moving there. That house hasn't been really bought since about 3 months ago... About time. I was wondering if a ghost moved there and watched me through my window watching me change. I looked out while I was changing to my take-me-out clothes and put on jeans with that tank top. I put on some converse and unplugged my phone off of the charger. I put my phone in my back pocket and plugged in my headphones. Shaun just came home as I was putting on my converse. He said there were new neighbors and I replied with a no dur. And he just rolled his eyes and said " hey ms. Dur dur dur. I told the neighbors that I have a sister and she would be happy to make a little more new friends so they're waiting outside..." I gasped in shock as I yelled out " why the fuck would you say that?! I could've met them whenever I had the time!" he nodded and said " I know but it would be better now because you have time and you're going outside to go get the mail anyway so might as well go across the street and at least say hi..." I sighed and said " then you're coming with me. And you're going to speak for me and lie to them saying that I'm deaf but can speak." he ughed me and just nodded and started walking toward the door again. I started walking and Shaun was about an inch behind me. I saw as some of the neighbors started to gather on the side of the moving truck that was facing my house. They were all boys and only saw 2 girls. I'm guessing one was the mom and the other was the sister. I walked up to them and smiled. I shook all of their hands as I said hi in a deaf tone. They all looked at me weird and I poked Shaun as he looked at me and held out his hand specifically pointing at me. He started " this is my sister Megan... She's deaf but she can speak sometimes if you speak slowly and signal her that you are speaking to her... Because she can't hear if you're talking to her or not. So make sure to comfort her and stuff." they all nodded and said their sorries as they heard as I was ' deaf '. They all waved as I waved back and smiled. Then someone came from inside the house.... Whoa... He's a total beauty.... I asked Shaun in sign language what his name was. He spelled it out for me.... T....Y...L....E....R..... Y....A...L...E. so it was Tyler Yale huh? Wow that's a nice name for someone who looks like that~ I was looking at the other guys as they were checking me out like they were blind and had to check over and over again. I smiled as they noticed that I've noticed them staring at me and checking me out. Then I believe his name was Chad... He said " damn Madison.... Why don't you have a friend that look like that?" and I laughed and she said " well now I do!" Chad and Jesse started to laugh. Jesse caught my eye as he did in sign language ' c-a-n I h-a-v-e y-o-u-r n-u-m-b-e-r? ' I nodded and he got out his phone and said ' you can start now' I nodded and then spelled out my number. Chad looked at Jesse's phone and entered the number as well. My phone was on loud. Crap. It rang two messages and I picked it up from my pocket and looked at it. Jesse then asked me how I knew it rang. I told him it had vibrate. He ooohhhhhed me and I laughed. 2 new text messages. One saying " heyyyy~ I'm Chad.... Hi lol" and the other said " hey you I think I've seen you before... Maybe.... Right in front of me?" and I texted them both back saying hey and it just went that way. I told Shaun to tell them that I have to get the mail and I should really get going. He told them and they nodded but Jesse and Chad just kept on coming. I was expecting 3 packages and big ones too. They were packs of games. I'm a gamer girl, let's just say that.i opened 3 of the mail box packaging slots and took them out. When I was going to take out the 3rd one a hand just swooped out and grabbed it. I looked surprised as to who it was... Tyler.... He looked a little embarrassed as he said sorry. I told him it was ok and he nodded back. The boys and I were carrying the packages... Well the boys were.. I was just carrying paper mail. I came back and we got to my house and they entered it. I told them to drop them off on the floor and they did. They started to look around. Tyler's eyes seemed to be focused on my ps3. I asked if he had one and he said yes. I asked him what his psn was and I added him as a friend. Jesse and Chad were just focused on the instruments I had: Alto sax, bass clarinet, clarinet, trumpet, and euphonium. Jesse asked me if I was in band and I nodded. He said " oh cool. I'm going to join band when school starts..." I asked which school he's going to and he said " Palo Verde High School." I gasped as I go to that school too. He asked me which school I go to and I told him same and all the guys looked at me. I felt like the center of attention until Shaun came in. Maddie followed him as she entered the building. She asked for my number... That's all she really came over for. I told her and she texted me. " hay gurl! We will become the best of friends and I hope we will forever!~" and I replied "I hope so too!" and them she just hugged me and left. Maddie gave my number to the mom too. Her name was Denise she was nice. Then Jesse said " we all have Megan's number except for you Tyler." and then everyone looked at him and I said " Shaun has a phone too you guys!"they all laughed and looked at Shaun as they grouped together. They all had iPhone 4s' and so did I. We all used iMessage and had free texts since Jesse didn't have unlimited texting. Chad texted like a crazy maniac and so did Shaun. What a great pair. On the other hand Shaun and Tyler were trading numbers I texted Tyler my number because Chad gave it to me I wrote ' heyya~ it's Megan ^_^' and he texted back and looked at me. I smiled at him as he looked at me like I was expecting something and smiled back at me. I received a text from him as I looked up at him and had a ' really' expression on my face. It said " I like what ur wearing" and I was like.... Really? And he's like smirking saying yeah with his yeah kind of face. I laughed a little as everyone looked at me like I was crazy and then Jesse laughed as he said " cute" and I just laughed some more. He stopped laughing and said " Megan... Your laugh is sexy haha" and I just laughed and sat on the couch. Jesse squished onto the side of me and just smiled while Chad also came from the other side of me and squished me also. I smelt a whiff of good and powerful cologne. I sort of leaned my head towards Jesse and smelled him... He smelt good af. I then did the same to Chad and it was heaven for guys probably. He smelt good too.... Damn what am I doing? I'm smelling guys..".. 




Jesse's POV 




I moved to this neighborhood about near the end of summer 2012... I was helping unpacking while everyone else was inside arranging the items. I met the neighbors across the street. His name was Shaun and he was now my new bro. We're tight like we are now best friends and he told me that he had a sister that was inside now and he said that I'll bring her.... Hold on a minute and I said ok. I waited a few minutes and was just thinking.... What does she look like? Is she hot? Ugly? Weird? Different? Cut....e!!? I looked as Shaun said here she is. I looked at her up and down. She was..... FUCKING AMAZING!! Wtf so...pretty.... I called Chad (my bro) and he came out looking as shocked as I was. I said hi and she just smiled and waved. I asked Shaun why isn't she replying and he said she was deaf.... Oh.... She's amazingly different. Why would this... Why.... She spoke.... Her voice... Oh so heavenly. Why would a pretty girl like this... Have a damage like this? Why... Just why... She's so beautiful. Wow is all that came out of my mouth. I knew the alphabet for sign language so I spelled out can I have your number? And she spelled out her number. Chad then looked over my shoulder and copied the number. We both texted her and her phone was on loud... Hmmm what? Her phone is on loud and she's deaf? Uhm. What? I asked her how she knew it rang and she said that it was also on vibrate. I was like ohhhhh~ I'm so stupid! Why didn't I think of that and I just laughed to clear up what was in my mind right now. Chad was just staring at her. I nudged him and whispered to him to stop drooling. Shaun interrupted our little show and said " Uhm. Megan has to go get the mail and she'll get going now so..." I cut off saying in sign ' I'LL GO TOO' and she said ok as Chad just followed me. I didn't know that Tyler would be coming but he silently tagged along. She opened the mail and we took the packages out. But Tyler over here just decided to swoop the package and look cool. Blah I hated him sometimes for showing off! He's good at everything too. That little bitch. He was a good for nothing show off. He just loved showing off those abs and strength that he had so he said he was going to join wrestling when school starts. I mean I got abs too.... So does Chad.... Chad and I are just like twins. We like the same type of girls, clothes, electronics, and shoes and brands. And we both definitely liked Megan. Madison was Tyler's sister which Chad and I thought of a sister too. I guess reality is just too much for this world right now. I mean I can't believe there's a girl this pretty that lives in a small neighborhood like this and she just happens to live across the street from us! Wow and I thought this day wouldn't get any better. But it did cause I just met the hottie of my life! I mean I liked other girls over in Utah but this one was way different and prettier than all the ones I've ever met. She didn't scream like a fan girl when I walked by and she was nice and gentle. I liked her. She might be the one.... WAIT JESSE! DON'T POP INTO CONCLUSIONS! Just because she's the hottest one on the block doesn't mean that me and her will ever.... We went into her house to drop the packages off. I asked her what's in them and she told me that they were games, Mostly resident evil because she said she was a huuuugggeeee fan of it. Lol my type of girl. She's the one and only girl that I've met that's: deaf, plays resident evil, pretty, hot, cute, has a nice laugh, nice body... She's got everything. She's the complete package. The one and only package. If I don't make a move she might disappear before I know it. Only one girl like this comes once in a lifetime." I gotta get at that" says quotes on Facebook. I got dozed off as I was staring at Megan. I shook my head to get myself snapped out of it. While I was shaking my head I placed my eyes on a pile of instruments. Wow she even plays? I asked her and she said yea. I asked her but just by looking I could see what instruments she has. She had an alto sax....! Yea buddy! We could play a duet together! I should start looking at pieces right now but right now... I'm spending time with an amazing girl and a few of my friends. They were being goofs. I asked her what school and band she'll be in and she said Palo Verde HS and Palo Verde Panther Pride Marching Band! The same band I'm joining! I hope we sit near each other! I asked her what instrument she's going to play for marching and concert band and she said clarinet. I said oh and told her that I'm going to play the alto sax and that I'm going to sit near or behind you as close as possible. She laughed. Then we all stared at her for like 5 long minutes and became the center of attention, and then Shaun and Madison walked in. Madison only wanted Megan's number. They exchanged numbers and Madison left. Megan asked if Madison's going to join band too and Tyler said that she is going to play clarinet. Megan woopee'd and became the center of attention again... Lol. She then sat on the couch in the middle and I sat next to her and scootched in over to her. Chad then joined in from the other side and scootched next to her. We were literally squishing her and she didn't really say a word. We laughed and got off of her. She started to breathe in deeply and we said sorry. I laughed and said sorry and went for a peck on her cheek. She looked at me surprised as I laughed while she was looking at me and holding her hand on her cheek where I kissed her. She started blushing as Chad started to hold her hand. She started to blush even more and stood up and said " guys. I'm not your toy! Stop playing with me!" and we laughed . We never thought of you as a toy I said. We're just making a good impression on you lol. She then ohed me and then sighed... She said this happened to her 8 years ago too. She said that 2 guys moved across the street and they both fell in love with her then She fell in love with them which then concluded that they have moved out to a different part of the state because they broke her heart. So... She has a darkish childhood. I comforted her as she sort of started tearing up... 



Chad's POV


Ugh, during summer by do we have to move out? Just because Jesse and my parents can't afford us we have to move in with Tyler?! He's a total show off and we used to be best friends in middle school... Now what? Moving huh and not closer than friends anymore but merely brothers now. Jesse and I've always been brothers. But me and Tyler? I've never thought of him that way cause we parted long ago and are now back again. We were moving shit into the new house. Jesse, mom, Madison, and I were inside moving the things while Tyler was carrying the boxes in. He told us that he can't all move the boxes in and we sighed and went outside. But before that we met this guy named Shaun. He was about our age and he told us that he had a sister! I wonder...... What she's going to look like. I nodded my head as he said that he's going to go bring her. I waited for a few minutes and then that's when I saw her.... Megan. Shaun's sister. Amazing.... She doesn't even really look like him at all. It wouldn't be weird for me to date her then. She said hi in a weird way and we all looked at each other weird. Shaun then announced that she was deaf. Oh..... I'm sorry for her. But the good thing is that she can talk and know what we're saying as long as its not too fast haha. But anyway it was worth the wait. She was worth the wait. I guess. She's soft hearted just like I am sometimes. I guess Jesse liked her too because he was checking her out just like I was and he went in for the kill. Shaun said that Megan had to go because she had to go get the mail and Jesse and I volunteered. I guess Tyler was interested too... He's never a really " oh that girl is hot" kind of guy. He's always boring. Wtf maybe he's changed during the summer. Well that's a surprise. He even cut his hair. Wonder why. New style? Nah he doesn't care about style that much. He's never been the type to be judged because he just doesn't care about that stuff. I wonder why... Style is everything. It expresses who you are. Whatever Tyler isn't important. What is important is her. We went with her and we all carried one box except for her. She carried the paper mail but anything for her :) we went in her house and set the boxes down and then Jesse asked what was in them and she said resident evil games lol. I FUCKING LOVE RESIDENT EVIL!!! Wow what more can I ask for if I've got a girl with the same likings as me? Nothing.... Absolutely nothing. She was enough to handle. I wonder what would happen if school started.... Either one of two things.... One Megan can fall for me during the times we have in class because we started comparing our schedules together and it seems that we have the same exact classes! Or two, all the other girls will be chasing after me while Megan gets pushed over and rejects me :(... I really don't want option two to happen..... SHIT! I MIGHT NEED TO KNOCK ON SOME WOOD! WHERE'S A TREE? I ran outside and saw a tree, went over and knocked on it lol. That hurt... I felt some serious pain! Megan ran over to me as my hand started bleeding... Shiit! My knuckles are bleeding! Its just like I've come from a fight or something. Jesse and Tyler walked outside and said that they were going with Shaun to our house. I said ok and they left across the street. Crap... Now it's only megan and I... Awkward... But Megan didn't treat the situation that way. She was holding my hand carefully and walked me into her house. She sat me down on the couch and left me waiting there while she was getting first aid. She patted the alcohol rub gently on my knuckles as I sort of felt a serious urge of pain. I accidentally squeezed Megan's leg of pain. She looked surprised as I started tearing up a little... I couldn't believe I was doing this in front of a girl... A hot girl. She sent a reassuring smile at me and I smiled back. We started talking about school stuff. She told me what I needed and I just wrote them all down. But then I got a text from her... Lol she's sitting right next to me she texted me the list of things I needed. I playfully pushed her and said " you made me write this down for no reason!" and she pushed me back and then she said " well that's how school is... They give you useless shit unless your going to use it the next day. For a test or something..." and I said " well thanks for getting me prepared..." and she just winked and smiled and we took a picture together on instagram. We added each other on almost every social network we both had. If she didn't have it she would get it and if I don't have it I would get it. We agreed that we would always like each others posts. It was only Sunday and we knew each other quite well. It was only 11:00 A.M and I didn't feel that hungry. I was watching a movie with Megan by our selfs and I yawned and put my arm around her. She didn't move. She didn't freak. She just laid her head against my shoulder and watched the movie as we went. We were watching the Evil Dead. The remake. She got scared at some parts and hid her face in my chest. That's cute.... Then we heard a knock on the door. I looked at the time... Whoa. It's already 10:42P.M?! Wow it's been a long time since I've socialized and watched a movie with a girl I just met. Lol she was sleeping on me when I got out my phone and said come in after Tyler texted ' dude, open the fucking door ' I told him that Megan was sleeping on me so Tyler said that I could sleep over. I did a invisible yessssssss in the air with my free hand like the one in the movie breakfast club. After a while I woke up to a sound of the garage. I guess her parents were home... WHAT?! How am I going to explain this to them?! I better act like I'm sleeping... I pretended sleeping as I gently and slowly put my head on Megan's. I sighed at how good she smelled ah~ smells just like roses. Then the person walked in and saw Megan and I sleeping on the couch. I closed my eyes as I heard a "I'm home" it was a woman. About young but nearly. I guess it was either her mom or her sister. She whispered to herself "who is that?" and I was like shit. And then I heard a camera snap and pretended I woke up. She gasped as I nodded my head and cracked my neck. I lifted Megan's head up gently and put it on the couch. Then the woman asked " are you Megan's boyfriend?!" I shook my head no and said " hey I'm Chad and I just moved across the street from you guys and I'm new. So I met Shaun and he introduced me to Megan and I was just watching a movie and she fell asleep and I did the same." and shes like "oh so that's why there's cute guys outside?" and I nodded " those are my brothers." she silently jumped in excitement as I gave her a weird look and she said " oh hi I'm Melissa, Megan's older sister. Our mom and dad are doctors who are barely home so feel free to feel this as your second home." and she just smiled. Picked up her bags and left. I sighed saying in my head ' well that went well' and sat back on the couch. I looked over at Megan whose peacefully sleeping. Aw she looks so cute when she sleeps. I stroked a piece of her hair to the side and planted a kiss on her cheek. Then I left... What a good night. 



Tyler's POV



It all starts now... Summer 2012. New school new start. Time to pick up new girls with my shy act. But then I saw her. Megan Smith. Wtf she's so beautiful... I've never seen anything so.. Bright and amazing and typically deaf. She was beautiful even though she was deaf but that's ok... Cause ur amazing..... Just the way you are. Lol see what I did there? No? Okay. I feel the sudden urge to just kiss her and make her mine but.... She may not like it and then we won't become friends anymore. And I don't want that to happen! Wow this is becoming an interesting day.... I can't believe how someone like her can move to... A place like this. She reminds me of those tumblr girls. But better. And in real life. I must've just moved into the thug lyfe if I'm seeing this correctly. She's definitely shining bright like a diamond. Lol. I need to make her mine before Jesse and Chad. I need to get her straight and make her become best friends with my little sis Madison. So I can then go to her house everyday and pick Madison up. I would get to see her everyday just like at school... Shit schedules I forgot all about em'... I wonder if we will have any classes together. I hope we do. We do. We do. We do. Come on! "We have every single class together" said Chad as he held up his finalized schedule. I looked at his and compared it to mine. We have 5 classes together... No but... Yeessss!!!!! Then Chad left and went to Jesse's room. Jesse only had 5 classes together with Megan as I heard... Well as long as I don't have less than 3 I'm good. This is going to be an interesting school year....

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