The Guys That Moved Across The Street...

Hey I'm Megan Smith, I'm a regular girl that lives in a neighborhood and goes to school. Im a sophomore. I have an annoying brother named shaun. I go to palo verde HS. I was coming back from getting the mail one day and I saw a moving truck. I had to see who it was so I looked in the truck and there they were... Shimmering so bright. His name was Tyler Yale, and his friends Jesse Gauthier and Chad Jenkins. They moved from Utah and came to California. LA. And that's how I met the guys that moved across the street... Like I'll ever fall in love with them psch..... Shaun and them become best friends... Oh and did I mention I became Tyler's sisters my new best friend Madison? Im not a virgin because of what happened in summer 2011. I don't want to talk about it... Also I'm only going to have 1 POV which is Megan's because I feel tired after the 1st chapter so I'm only going to have Megan's POV and I'll try to put as much detail In It as I can


2. First Day Of School

Chap 2: First Day of School


Megan's POV


Ugh it was Sunday night as I put ma pjs on. Bleh I think I'm going to oversleep or something better put on my alarm ' puts on alarm to 6am. ' I think I should tell the boys to put on their alarms but I only told Shaun as he came through the door coming back from Jesse, Chad , and Tyler's house. So I was thinking they were still up. Since I'm actually closer to Chad then any of the other boys I texted him first. He replied back ' oh! Thanks for telling me Meg! I almost forgot. Thanks


Next Morning 6 AM



I woke up to the sound of my alarm as I turned it off. I got dressed in a blue plaid and skinny jeans. I had a tank top on and left my plaid shirt unbuttoned. My tank top was black so the color fits in and doesn't look weird. I brushed my teeth and took my schedule, brushed my hair and went downstairs. Shaun wasn't up yet so I went in his room and kicked the shit out of him. He grunted and got up... Slowly. I went downstairs as Shaun already got dressed and did that shit. I ate cereal and he did the same. It was now 6:48 am and so I got my instrument and put on my shoes, got my backpack and headed for Madison, Jesse, Chad, and Tyler's house. I knocked on the door as Shaun was standing next to me waiting. Jesse opened it. He said "hey beautiful" as he gestured to come in, and we came in. We waited for a few minutes as Chad came down the stairs mouthful of chewy bars. It was now 6:50 and I told them that we should get there early so I can give you guys a tour since some of you don't have the same classes as me. They all nodded except for Shaun cause he was already known at school and knew the school. He was such a trouble maker. Dickhead... I have never seen anyone act so cold to a girl. Maybe that's why girls are cold to him... Anyways as they say " treat people the way they want to be treated". Unlike him I'm always nice and smiley with everyone :). They were all ready and so we walked... To school. Ugh I hated walking to school even though it was like 4 minutes by running and 9 minutes by walking... Slowly. Lol. We were walking as we got to the crosswalk signal. I pressed the button as Madison was texting. She was probably talking to her friends back in Utah. *tear*. We started walking as the signal went green. I didn't know that there was a bike guy going high speed. He passed me and I got startled and the guys and Madison started laughing. I punched them and pushed them and we went on with the walk. We got to the school and they all whoaed at the building. Except for Shaun and I. We laughed at them and they looked like they were going to get lost. I hurriedly pulled them inside as they took some snaps and followed along. I introduced them to the: 200's, 300's, 400's, 900's and the portables and gyms and don't forget the classrooms that are nowhere to be found! They all wrote something down on a piece of paper. That's good to take memos.... You'll need that skill later on in the classes... After I took them on a tour I went to my band circle of kids from Band that I'm really close to... They're like siblings to me... I don't about anyone else... But it's true. They are family and I love them to death. I introduced everyone to the circle and they got along just fine after I said they'll be joining band haha. I can't believe it was already 7:47 am... 13 minutes and the bell rings to go to first period. Soon it was past 13 minutes and first period was p.e... Ugh. I told the boys that their changing room will be on the other side sort of hidden outside the campus and they nodded as I said.... "when you guys get out of class make sure you guys meet me here!" and they nodded again... First period was a drag because we had mr. Wolfram.... Wolf and a ram huh? Sorta looks like one.... Anyways Madison looked all confused... That's too bad she only has 2 classes with me... Which is band and p.e. Oh well, at least I hope she makes it through until 3rd period which is band. First period was over and we met at the place I told them to and they were all there... We went through the 200's then went upstairs to the 900's. Tyler has a class in the 200's 2nd period so we dropped him off and went upstairs where Madison needed to be dropped off. We dropped her off there and then we went to the 800's because that's where Jesse, Chad, and I had a class together. I asked them how their day was so far and they nodded and said it was okay. Then Chad asked me how my day was and I was thinking in my head... Aww what a gentleman.... And then the psy song came on in my head. I realized I didn't answer his question yet and I shook my head and said " oh! Sorry I sort of dozed off there for a second! It was great thanks!" and I smiled warmly at the boys. They smiled in return. I then was reaching for the door but then, Jesse opened it for me and I walked in then Jesse then Chad lol I guess they're in for one hell of a competition to get me. We sat next to each other hoping that the teacher doesn't change our spots. It was 2nd period for Chad, Jesse, and I... Mrs. Beck.... I heard that she was a... "nice & simple" teacher... But I don't really think so when I see her in action in them hallways. She be yelling at kids, hitting them, pulling them... Can't believe she's not fired yet... We were sitting in a row of 3. I was in the middle and Chad was on my right and Jesse was on my left.... I saw a guy staring at me and he smiled and I smiled back. I guess Jesse saw and he made a gross weird face at the guy. I felt bad for the other guy... Why is Jesse so mean when guys look at me? Then there's Chad... He's perfect... 1. He won't get jealous when guys stare at me and 2. He's not mean. Then I started singing... " nice guys finish last, that's why I'll treat you like trash...." and it was all in my head too. I loved that song.... I made a heart shaped note for the guy telling him sorry and that Jesse was a jerk so don't pay attention and stuff like that because he was cute and I didn't want to lose him or be unknown to him... Just yet. The bell rang as we went out the classroom. I caught the guy that was staring at me... I handed him the note and Jesse got super jealous. I went up to him and introduced my self. His name was Blake. Blake Jacobs. Okay..... Then Jesse rolled his eyes and walked on. Chad and I then followed him as he was going the wrong way to band. He caught up with us and the bell to be late rang. Chad and I were on time but Jesse wasn't... Thats what you get for being jealous. I met up with Madison as I saw her in the band room. She ran up to me and screamed silently. She pointed secretively and I looked.... She said they were hot. They were ok.... Compared to Blake. I knew them for a long time... Drew and Kavika Covington. The Covington's... Why out of all people them? Wow Madison sure has an eye. An eye for bad boys... I went up to them and smiled lightly " hey Kavika, Drew... Long time no see!" and they said " hey Megan! Wow it has been a long time! That summer is over now though... So who's your friends there? I don't think I've seen them before... They new?" I nodded and introduced them one by one. " this is Chad, Kavika & Drew. Jesse, Kavika & Drew. Tyler, Kavika, and Drew....And finally Madison, Drew and Kavika." they smiled warmly and gave brotherly hugs to Jesse and Chad. But to Madison they gave a warm smile and a hand shake which she turned seriously bright red too. We walked away and Chad whispered into my ear "looks like someone's got the hots for Kavika and Drew... Madison..." haha I laughed as he said I knew it. Then the band teacher mrs. Froelich came out we all became quiet. She introduced Madison, Jesse, and Chad to all the band members, she said that Chad played trumpet, Jesse played Alto Sax, Tyler played euphonium, and Madison played Clarinet. They welcomed them and came straight back to me. Mrs. Froelich asked if I knew them and I nodded. Jesse blurted out that we were neighbors and that they live across the street from me. Then she said " good, then Megan. I'm holding you responsible of their actions and their playing abilities. Yes?" I nodded and the bell rang to go to 4th. All of us, except Madison she walked on to English. We walked in and the seats were all separated so Jesse sat on my left and Chad sat on my right. But Tyler.... He either wanted to sit in the front or back of me....he chose back. The teacher was mrs. Dubsky... I heard she was the meanest teacher on the block. Or so it seems. She started yelling and that was that. After an earful of loud speeches and lectures. The bell rang for lunch. We all got up and walked in a group as usual. I wonder if Madison had this lunch... What was her 4th period again? Math... So she should be in the 800's! I quickly ran accidentally leaving the guys behind. I yelled back at them " wait here and don't move or else I'm going to have to call in swat!" and they nodded. As expected I found Madison lost in a trance just standing there outside of her math class with mr. Haygood. She saw me and started freaking out. I told her everything was fine and I walked with her to where the guys were. When we got there.... A bunch of girls were surrounding them! Wow they can get so popular so fast! I started walking over to them and some girls pushed me and Chad saw that happen and he pushed off all the girls and rushed to my side.. Aww. He cared. Madison asked if I was ok and I nodded and Chad asked the same and I replied the same. He put out his hand so I could grab it and then I got up. There was blood on his hands..... He then quickly grabbed my hand and saw it gushing out with blood even though it was only a smallish scratch... Tyler and Jesse followed as Chad carried me for no reason. Madison was my right hand girl. The other girls tried to chase them but for some reason Chad just kept ignoring them and focusing on me. It's weird I know.... We got to the nurses office and Madison, Jesse, and Tyler made it out alive while the crowd of girls were crowding the nurses office... They were screaming and it was weird because it was only their first day and they're already this popular! Chad treated me like I was dying... Which I was because my hand hurt but it was a little scratch... Chad told all the girls that he wasn't interested and he only cares about 1 girl... Me... Awkward... I asked him why he was doing this and he said " remember that day we first met and I punched a tree and got a huge cut..." he showed me his cut. He continued " I'm returning that favor." he smiled warmly at me as the nurse started to apply alcohol so it won't be infected... Shit it hurts! I grabbed onto Chad's hand as he was the closest one to me. He endured the pain with me... How sweet. :P it was finally over... The nurse bandaged my hand with adhesive tape and it was all better. Since all the girls were blocking the exit so we exited through the stairs and went downstairs to the office. Phew... None of the girls were there. We quickly made a run for it and went into the cafeteria... Tyler made a plan. He said if the girls ever come again we all have to hug each other as tight as possible so we can't be separated. Chad is the most at risk here because of him the girls were surrounding them. I guess he's the one with the looks. We all have that friend who does anyways. We got food and ate it. These kind hearted, not screaming, not fanning people were nice enough to give us a table. We sat and ate there. There was 3 minutes till the bell and there wasn't any disturbance... Crap I spoke too soon. A huge wave of fan girls started chasing after us. I told Chad to run into the band room and that I'll meet him there. He nodded and ran. The reason why I said band room was because it has a sensor that tells if your a band student, former or past and let's you in if you are. He went in. The girls couldn't go through so they just stayed there till the bell rang... But before that I walked past the girls and one of them said "it's no use... We tried and you obviously can't get that hunk" I smirked and walked through the sensor... I smirked at her and said " bitch please I can go through here if I was to... Oops I mean I tried my very hardest to get in and look at me.. I got in." they all sighed and walked away. I proved that bitch right. Tyler, Jesse, and Madison were all following me too. The bell finally rang and Madison trailed off from our group. We were going to fifth period... Financial lit... Mr. Friel... We walked in and I saw Blake... Wow what a small schedule. I waved at him as he looked at me. We got assigned seats... I sat next to Blake... He was on my left and Chad was on my right. Jesse and Tyler sat next to each other. We filled out a computer responsibility sheet Blake handed me the papers because we were passing it down by rows. He smiled at me and I handed them to Chad.., I made sure to say welcome and then I looked back over to Jesse and Tyler and there was an awkward silence between them. Jesse saw me look at him and he waved and gave me a weird look and pointed at Tyler when he wasn't looking... I laughed and Blake looked at me saying " whatcha laughing about?" and I just said.. " oh nothing" and then laughed some more. I didn't realized how fast this class went by but it was already a few seconds till sixth period... Ugh algebra 2 with the oldest teacher in tha world!!!!! We walked up to the 800's and we parted away from Jesse... Meanwhile Chad, Tyler, and I walked up to the 800's. We walked in the room and I saw Blake in the classroom... Haha awkssssss. I just saw him too. Weirdddddd..... I sat behind him and Chad sat on my right like always and Tyler just sat on my left because Jesse wasn't in this class with us this time. I was surprised! We actually got homework in this class! This mean hag! Well at least the homework is easy... We talked a few minutes and then the bell rang! I mean why tf is this day going so fast? I texted Jesse and Madison to meet in the band room and they texted back okay. Blake saw me with my phone out and snatched it from me. He gave it back to me when I saw that he put his number and put a profile pic for his contact. Aha cute. Then I realized he texted himself with my phone and he texted back. Haha okayyy... He gave me back my iPhone 4s.... Everyone had one... Jesse, Chad, Tyler, Blake, Madison... They all had iPhone 4s' lol I wouldn't be surprised if we all face timed... Them when we got to the band room and met up with each other. We walked home and talked about everything that happened today. We got to the passing signal and I saw Blake waiting there going in our direction... One direction haha no? Okay... I approached him yelling out his name and he's like oh hey Megan and I asked him what neighborhood he lived in and he said Marbella... That's my neighborhood too! So we all walked the same direction when we got into the neighborhood. We also got the mail. Same mailbox. Then we walked back the same direction and seems like I just met my new next door neighbor! Blake lived next door to me. He looked extremely shocked! When I got to my house he looked at my house and questioned if this was my house... I nodded and said. " hey neighbor" and he pointed at the house next to mine. He said that it was his house and laughed. We said our goodbyes and then he went inside his house. Jesse, Chad, Madison, and Tyler were all waiting outside to go inside my house.... Homework session.... Then Jesse questioned Chad when Nick is coming... Who's Nick? I asked... They said Nick is their other unrelated brother that's moving in with them. I said oh, and then Chad got a text.. He suddenly got up and said that nick was here. Everyone but me rushed out the door. I slowly got on my shoes as I heard some brotherly love saying "hey bro hows it been?" and stuff like that. I was about to walk out the door then I heard Chad and Jesse say " hey Megan! I want you to meet Nick! Get out here" and then I walked out. I saw a tall skinny guy that was also from Utah. We said our hey's and went on with the conversation...while I was thinking 'great another friend and another dude to guide through the realms of school...' And that's how my first day of school went...

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