The Guys That Moved Across The Street...

Hey I'm Megan Smith, I'm a regular girl that lives in a neighborhood and goes to school. Im a sophomore. I have an annoying brother named shaun. I go to palo verde HS. I was coming back from getting the mail one day and I saw a moving truck. I had to see who it was so I looked in the truck and there they were... Shimmering so bright. His name was Tyler Yale, and his friends Jesse Gauthier and Chad Jenkins. They moved from Utah and came to California. LA. And that's how I met the guys that moved across the street... Like I'll ever fall in love with them psch..... Shaun and them become best friends... Oh and did I mention I became Tyler's sisters my new best friend Madison? Im not a virgin because of what happened in summer 2011. I don't want to talk about it... Also I'm only going to have 1 POV which is Megan's because I feel tired after the 1st chapter so I'm only going to have Megan's POV and I'll try to put as much detail In It as I can


15. Exhalence

Megan's POV

We were in the car,,, after School. Friday.
Car Radio was playing on the Pandora Radio. Nick and I tried to sing but sometimes failed and Chad just kept going with Jesse. As we were riding I saw everyone, well mostly everyone I knew from school.. And yes, I was their ride because they don't have a freaking car to ride themselves.... We were going to Matt's party cause he couldn't find a right date so I told him today as in this Friday on the phone. He nodded and said that's a good idea. He thanked me and I welcomed him. I wasn't really excited but I acted... Well tried to. After all that's happened these past few weeks... I'm not so sure I was okay.... But I dealt with it. I dropped the guys off and went off somewhere. I got a oncoming call and answered as it was from Matt, "you coming right?" "yea of course" "okay.. Then I'll see you then?" "yea," "okay b--" I cut him off asking "hey Matt.... Are you and Blake really chill? I mean after that day...---" "yea don't worry about it Megan, I'll see you at the party bye" "okay" but before I could say anymore, the line went dead. "thanks, and sorry" I continued and then hind up... Only so much drama can happen in a persons life right? Not too much, not too less... Just right and suitable for the person who's dealing with it. My family all had cars, I finally got my license. And I got a red range rover. I was happy I got the car I wanted. On the other hand.... Shaun has a crappy old jeep... My sis had a black sedan. My mom had a Lexus that was gray and dad had a blue Mazda. Yea, I'm a car person so I might say a lot about them. I got in my car and picked a gift for Matt. I mean it's the least I can do when he's inviting me. I went to the usual drug store around the corner and parked my car, I walked in the store and looked around. The usual cvs. I wonder what I could get Matt here... I noted my surroundings as he did say that he loved grape Arizona iced tea. I was going to the drink section and I saw a familiar.... MATT! I looked at him and started walking straight back hoping he won't notice me... But I was too late. "Megan?" I turned around again "Matt! Whatcha doin here?" "just picking up some groceries my mom told me to get that's on the list. " I looked as he lifted a list from his pocket. He didn't even have anything yet... "you need help?" yes please, thanks, I don't really know about shopping..." "no probs! I help my parents and sister,,,, well mostly my sister all the time with shopping!" "okay" Matt handed me the list as he was going to go to get a cart, this is one hell of a huge store to find all these things... But it shouldent be that bad... I mean what could possibly happen?.... Matt came back with a cart, we were at a hugggeeeeee Walmart. That was basically connected to Costco which makes it 10x bigger! I split the list as I told Matt to get the 'easy' stuff and I go get the rest. " this shouldn't be so bad..." "okay, now call me if you need help or something" "k" he said. I got a basket and walked around. I picked up most of the things but I couldn't find this one... Soap... It was just unexplainable and not found. I went to the sanitary section and the kitchen section. No luck. I got a call and answered it as it was Matt. "hey... Umm.... I can't find this one... Uhhhh,,,, santitizer..." "you mean sanitizer?" "yea" "that would be in the sanitary section!!" "oh..." his voice faded and he said "Blake..." "Matt, what are you doing here?" just picking up the usual groceries you know." "oh IC, see ya layer then" "k" I was a row next to the sanitary section and I just froze. I walked straight. I didn't know where to go. I saw Blake cross the aisle I was in so I just looked up at the price of some random cleaner... "Hey! This is the soap I was looking for!!!" I said aloud as I Reached for it a hand swooped and grabbed one for me... Aside from the tallness I'm not very tall. I was barely in reach of the soap. I looked over and it was Blake... He handed me the soap and I said thanks and walked away trying to avoid the situation that I've just walked myself into. I started walking and he grabbed my arm. And turned me around. Matt was still looking in the other aisle. I hoped for him to come around the corner making me distracted by him so I can get away from the pain. I just stood there looking at him and him looking at me as his eyes gleamed into mine... He gazed at me... I got a call and I didn't know if I should pick it up or not. "answer it" he said. I picked it out of my pocket and answered it. It was Matt. "where are you?" "oh, I'm in the bathroom, just give me a few." "oh okay I'll wait." "k bye" "bye" I hung up and put my phone away. "so... " he started bluntly, "how's life with your girlfriend?" I said "who? I don't have one, I broke up with that girl 4 days ago,,," ohhhh.... IC... "so, how's the single life?'he asked "good, I have more supporters now that I am, how about you?" "nyeh it's good" "cool, well Matt's waiting for me so I have to go,,, see you around?" "oh, so now you're shopping with Matt? And yea alright I definitely will" he sounded confident... "I'm just doing chores from his mom chill" I felt like he wanted me to be jealous by that statement "dont have one, broke up with her" whatever, I walked away and looking in search of Matt. I saw him waiting near the girls bathroom. I poked on his back and said in a guy accent kind of voice "put your hands in the air, and don't look back" he seemed really surprised! "now wave em' like you just don't care" he turned around and sighed of relief, "Megan! You scared the bejesus out of me! Gosh, don't have to do that" "I was just playing around" I put the basket in the cart. "you know I thought you were a real officer." "and if I was?" "you'd be pretty ugly to be one though... So I don't think that'd work out..." he said jokingly, I gasped and pushed him playfully knowing he was joking. Blake was miles staring at us. Spying. We went to the cashier and paid. We then pulled the cart up to his light grey range rover and popped the trunk. I helped him pack and closed it. "well I'll see you when the party starts I guess" I said, "yea, bring Chad and them, as many people" I laughed and said "well... I can't fit that many people in my range rover so..... I don't think that's going to really work out..." "you mean they don't have cars?" "most of them don't" I replied. He onhhhed me and waved as he etched me go into my rover. We waved at each other and pulled away. Even though I totally forgot to give Matt something, I didn't think it was a big deal anymore... I got home and started getting ready as the party started at 5 and it was now 3. I have to get my hair done, I mean, I don't really care for parties... But I should at least dress and act like I want to be there, well it's not that I don't, I was invited so.... I have no choice, it's rude to be a no show... And Chad and them wanted to go anyway.... So I can't really say no... I had the perfect dress... Well Blake's sisters stuff were already moved into my closet... So yea. I wore a black and blue dress. It was basically over my knees but not mid thigh... I wore heels that I've already broken into. It's basically it. One necklace and on bracelet. Some earrings and that's basically it. I'm not really the type of person to dress up but I do when I try, well experiment. Nyaaaa it was already 4:22. I already did my hair and put a condom in my phone case... JUST INCASE!!! Not that I'm hoping... Whatever.... The guys texted me if I was ready... Basically cause I was their ride. Which means I can't drink. I texted them back yea... So they told me to come. I wasn't 100% ready... I put on my eyeliner on an my lipgloss. I grabbed my phone from the charger and grabbed my keys. I put them in the car and turned the ignition. I backed up and pulled up in the guys' driveway. I honked twice and they all came out wearing decent clothes. At least I wasn't the only one, Madison wore a dress too. the guys just wore jeans and a sweater/ pullover jacket. They opened the doors and Tyler said he wasn't coming. Nick said that Jonathan didn't feel like coming cause he's never been to a party... But I told him he could sit in the back. Nick sat next to me and Chad, Madison, Jesse, and Tyler squeezed in the back cause none of them wanted to sit in the very back where the seats are sort of crap. The song "California Dreaming" was playing and it was epic, I loved that song. It was peaceful. I turned and turned and went straight then we finally reached the house at 4:30 we were early but it was okay, wanted to help set up and stuff anyways. We walked in cause I knew where the spare key was, it was under the... Oops, I've spoken too much... Lol I stepped in and walked on in as I saw Matt setting up. I rushed over near him as he was setting up the table. "you aren't even done setting up?!!" "I'm almost done... Just 2 more things to do and then I'm done..." "ohhh" "yea,,,, you can help if you want" "yea, looks like I came just in time..." he nodded and handed me some stuff. After I put them in the spaces he told me to, I sat down on the couch. I grabbed a drink in a red cup and put it on the table, there were beer for only some people. I wasn't a drinker... And neither was Matt, or the boys and Madison. We thought it tasted bitter... Even Matt... Well except Nick, he just drinks it. Blehhhh how do you drink that?! Well I understand the smoking... But drinking? Gross. It's bad too....You can die. I sat and Jesse sat next to me not getting over what I was wearing, Chad said the same too. I was just sitting when a few other people came over. They knocked and Matt answered. The music was already on and I just danced letting out all the stress. Jesse and them were talking chilling at the lounge chairs and Madison was dancing it's meeeee. Some weird dudes just started dancing with us... I'm guessing the boys saw so Nick came up and asked if he could dance with me... Aha I nodded and the other guy went away. A slow song came in and we came closer... I had my arms wrapped around his neck as Nick's hands were on my waist. He said "you look beautiful today, some reason you don't dress like this all the time?" I laughed "thanks,, I don't really want to be a number one slut at school since no one likes me... Plus now's not the time to stand out" " ahh IC" 'yea" Nick looked into my eyes as I looked into his... "I'd kiss you right now but... I have lipgloss on.... And I think you'd hate to have it on your lips..." he scoffed and said "as long as its cherry flavored" lol "well... I hate to break it to you but they're pineapple flavored" "I can deal with that too" he smirked at me like there was no other option for me... I just waited for his move. He looked over at the guys. They were gone... "where'd they go?" I said, "they're probably fucking drunk or outside somewhere like always" "ahhh IC" Madison was with Drew... Yea I'm surprised he came, he's not really the "let's go party type" he had his brother Kavika with him, that probably means that his sisters are here too... Which probably meant that Jesse is with Sienna and Chad is nowhere to be found... Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Matt's being a loner over on the bench,... Even though he's the host of this party... That's just messed upp. I mean it's his house. I came back to real life when Nick started leaning forward. I just closed my eyes...I felt a soft touch on my lips... He continued as I continued.... He pulled me closer and we started making out... Softly though, to the slow song. He held my face and kissed me. I had my hands/ arms right where I wanted them and didn't need to move them... I put my hand against his face where his cheek was. After we slowly parted he smiled and I smiled too. I rested my head on his shoulder I didn't know what to say... I got a text from Madison saying that she's going to hang out with Drew so she said that I could leave without her since they live in the same neighborhood anyway. I gotta say, they brought huuuge van. He said "I love you" and I smiled and lifted my head then I looked at him... "are you drunk?" he looked at me weird and said "no... Why? Are you?" I nodded and said "yea... I'm drunk off your love ahahaha" I gotta admit that was a pretty good joke... From Shwayze & Cisco..... Nick laughed and saiiidddd "I see what you did there" I nodded and asked if we could sit down. He nodded and we walked to the kitchen, Nick holding my hand through the crowd. We found seats so we just sat. I looked around looking for the 3 troublesome others but I couldn't find them... Yet. I saw the door open and saw Blake walk in... Uh oh. The last person I really needed to see in one day. I turned around pretending not to see him and talked to Nick about random stuff. He then said "don't look back" I nodded and said "I probably know why" "that dickhead who broke you is here" "then let's go outside to the backyard" "okay" Nick held my hand and went through the crowd. We luckily went outside and sat on a swinging bench, he put his arm around me and I cuddled in and rested my head on his shoulder. "don't ask anything, I don't feel like answering anything yet..." Nick just said okay and rested his head on my head. I dazed out for a while and I found myself in a bed with fluffy blankets. I guess someone moved me here.... I heard the toilet flush and a door open as I turned my head to the where the sound was... It was Matt. He was washing his hands and said "have a good nap?" I groaned in annoyance and said "not really..." I looked at the clock and it was 7:33 I scratched my head and looked at him. He wiped his hands and came over to me. "did I drink?' I asked him "no, I don't think so..." "oh..." "yea, cause if you did, I'm pretty sure you'd have a headache or a hangover of some sort." "yea I guess" he sat next to me on the bed and I asked why he wasn't with the party and he said "Simone has to watch you right?" and I put my head to the side and asked why? He then sighed and said "well for one, you're a girl, two, we don't want you gettin all prego without us noticing, and there's also perverted and drunk people here... So basically it's dangerous..." I shook my head and said "I've done it before..." Matt looked shocked at my statement.... "I mean without a condom..." "I have a condom in my phone case..." "well...." it became really awkward talking about that stuff with Matt but we got past that subject. "I saw Blake earlier..." "oh... So he came huh?" "yea I guess so.. But after I saw him at Costco... I didn't really think I'd see him again.." "he talked to you?" "yea I was hoping you'd come around the corner from the aisle I was in to take me away but... You never came and so I had to lie to you about being in the bathroom" "oh, sorry... We were and aisle apart too..." "yea.." I just laid sideways as Matt did the same, except he had a tank top on.. With his muscles showing, he had his hand up his shirt... "so why're you wearing what you never usually wear right now?" "can't a girl dress up for fun?" "I guess... But you looked like a different person when you got here, I think I like your girly side better..." "whoa who said I was a girly?" "that dress and your lipgloss and makeup basically" "hmm... Interesting.,. Everyone's just so wowed by my appearance... Maybe I should dress like this sometime at school..." "yes please, I wanna see how many guys go up to you and ask you stuff lol it's going to be funny, swarm of perverted guys, but if it gets too out of hand I'll jump in to save ya." "gee thanks Matt, big help, I don't dress like this cause I don't wanna become a slut. Plus a lot of girls hate ms already, I already have enough thanks." "well can't you just do one day? And say that it's for band or something?" "fine, just one day. But if it goes haywire, then it's on you. And if I get dress coded." "deal" Matt put his pinky up and we did a pinky promise but with our thumbs touching also. "please wear something you won't get dress coded in" "I'll have to look in my closet for that" "I see how it is... But I just wanna see how many guys that haven't noticed you before notice you when you dress up." "wow thanks for making me sound like a total nobody" "nooo, it's not like that and you know it. But you are the girl at everyone wants to be, hanging out with the boys being liked by them and be able to talk to them, they all want to be you but you just don't know it." "but I'm hated a lot" "it's not hate, it's jealously" "but..." "you know sometimes I wish I was one of those guys.... Just to be with you..." I was confused... Did Matt just confess that he liked me?..... He then looked into my eyes and pit his hand on my cheek.... He moved a piece of hair out of my face... Then continued "I really..." he leaned in and the door opened, I quickly shut my eyes to make it look like I was sleeping. he did the same. I didn't get to see who it was but there were single footsteps... Whoever this person was moved Matt's hand off my cheek and kissed my cheek. "I'm sorry" he whispered "I'm sorry that I broke your heart, I... I was at fault. She wasn't my idea... She wasn't my girlfriend. She never was... You were the only one.. That was actually my girlfriend, the one I felt normal with..." he stopped and I knew it was Blake. "I hooked up with her because I needed something to satisfy me.... I opened my eyes to see Blake looking down I got up and said "so I'm guessing didn't satisfy you enough?! Alright, so that tells me you couldn't wait for the right moment either..." I raged out the room and went down the stairs, Blake followed me and called out my name but I legitly ran down the stairs and hid in the bathroom on the second floor. I waited and cried because that was just wrong, why would you cheat on your girlfriend just because you weren't satisfied? Bullshit. Just then The door opened, shit I forgot to close it... Jesse's head popped in. He came in and closed the door making sure to lock it... "Megan? What's wrong?" without answering I just fled into his arms just wanting to cry. That statement made me feel like I was dying inside. Jesse just shushed me and patted my back while holding me in his arms. Without asking I was grateful. He just held me done until I was being a hopeless crier. Later in 20 minutes I stopped when Jesse asked "did you get it all out?" he was trying to be funny "haha no not yet, eyes probably still to come..." "well then I'll be here for you when you need a shoulder to cry on." "thanks, a lot Jesse." "anytime" I kissed him on the cheek and wiped my tears. Thank god my makeup was waterproof. I checked in the mirror to see if it looked like I was crying and it only slightly did. I had to act as if nothing happened so I put on a fake smile and opened the door. Jesse was holding my had and led me through the crowd. He sat me down and asked "you wanna dance?" I nodded and it was a slow song again. Jesse led me into the crowd and hugged me. We danced while hugging. We talked here and there and that was it. This smell... I remember... This is the smell that I first met Jesse with. He has it on when we met. "you smell good" I said faintly but he heard, he laughed and said thanks. "course" I said. I had a small view of the outside backyard and Nick and Chad were wasted on the swinging bench. Haha. Just where is Tyler? Madison? Matt? Hmm. Jesse noticed that I was looking around "looking for someone? " he asked "no, I just need to keep my distance from that jackass, tell me when you see him" he nodded and I basically hugged him. My arms were around his neck and his hands were on my waist. After dancing like 10 minutes, he said "don't turn around" I just hid my head in his shoulder and held on a little tighter. He tensed up but it was okay. I'm laying my head here breathing on his neck and this is getting awkward. "he won't go away..." "then let's move" we whispered to each other. I removed my head from his neck and he grabbed my hand and went outside into the backyard and sat with Chad and Nick on the swinging bench. Tyler later joined as Matt came out shirtless joining us. They got notified of what was happening because Jesse told them merely everything. They supported me and said shit about Blake. It was right. I'll just sleep here looking drunk and make it look like I had a hangover. I slept on Jesse's shoulder and that was all I could remember....

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