The Guys That Moved Across The Street...

Hey I'm Megan Smith, I'm a regular girl that lives in a neighborhood and goes to school. Im a sophomore. I have an annoying brother named shaun. I go to palo verde HS. I was coming back from getting the mail one day and I saw a moving truck. I had to see who it was so I looked in the truck and there they were... Shimmering so bright. His name was Tyler Yale, and his friends Jesse Gauthier and Chad Jenkins. They moved from Utah and came to California. LA. And that's how I met the guys that moved across the street... Like I'll ever fall in love with them psch..... Shaun and them become best friends... Oh and did I mention I became Tyler's sisters my new best friend Madison? Im not a virgin because of what happened in summer 2011. I don't want to talk about it... Also I'm only going to have 1 POV which is Megan's because I feel tired after the 1st chapter so I'm only going to have Megan's POV and I'll try to put as much detail In It as I can


9. Changes

Megan's POV 

Today will be a good day, I will smile at everyone and wave hi to them. I hope they wave back anyways.... Today is the day my best friend will be going on a date!! Drew texted me and then Madison texted me... She told me she DIDN'T have Drew's number! Wtf why don't you have his number?! He asked me where she lived and I gave him my address so I can lead him. Drew walked to my house since they lived next door.. Lol he came and knocked on my door. I opened it and I was giving him some tips.. But first I gave him Madison's numbaaaaa... I asked him if he was nervous and he said yes.... I walked out the door with Drew and said "okay there's Madison's house just across the street of my house..." "okay..." ". Ya ready?" "yes, yes I am!" "okay now go!" "okay" "I'll be watching!" he knocked on the door and Chad opened it. He told Drew to back off and I had to walk over there and break it up. I was wearing a short sundress. Blue high heel wedges. I locked my door and walked over. "whoa whoa whoa break it up you two!" chad:" but why would I let this jerk go out with our Madison?" "because, Madison really likes this guy... And I want her to be happy!" "well I didn't approve..." "I said it to Nick when we were in sixth period yesterday! Didn't he tell you or didn't you listen?" "no,..." "well you should've" Madison came down looking beautiful. Drew held out his hand and she grabbed it. It was like she was going to prom or something. They said their goodbyes and left. Chad and I were the only two left downstairs. Jesse was hanging out with his friends, Tyler was inside somewhere unknown and Nick was trying to go make friends with that Vlad guy even though I didn't want him to. Chad said that Nick said he was going to give Vlad a piece of his mind! Shit I hope he doesn't mean to beat up! I ran out the door and knew where Vlad lived because he would always be outside smoking. I went to his house and saw Nick talking to him. I took off my shoes and ran. They were getting a little physical and so I stopped them. "this is the second fight I've had to break up! You want to make it my third?!" Nick:" whoa Megan! What are you doing here?" "giving him a piece of your mind? Do you want to get in trouble and hurt me?" "no Megan... It's not what you." "save it I don't want to hear it right now" I threw my shoe at him and I had one left. I just said in my head "fuck it" and left it there. I walked away and wiped my tears that were dripping. I didn't want him to become a drug addict and go to jail. I don't want him to be charged. I don't want him to become depressed, lonely, a hobo. I don't want him to become all these things. Friends affect your personality. Especially because of what they have. I just don't want to see any of my friends take that stage. Ugh. I. Hate. This. He followed me after he said "we'll deal with this later!" he picked up my shoe. I turned the corner and I heard him running towards me. I walked around the block a few times and he was already out of sight. I came home and he was sitting on the porch of my house with his face in his palms. Even though I only had one shoe and had it in my hand, my feet were basically black. I stood there in silence looking at him... I felt bad for him but what else could I do? I sniffled and he looked up. I had my arm to my eyes and rubbed them. He stood in front of me now in silence. I removed my arm from in front of me and saw him staring down at me. We stood there for about 7? 8 minutes? Then I finally moved past him when his hand grabbed my arm. I stood still. I kept walking and removed his hand harshly off of my arm. I unlocked the door and walked inside leaving the door open. He walked in. He closed the door. I placed my shoe in the shoe area and Nick left it beside the other. I walked upstairs as Nick was locking the door. He followed. I didn't really know why but now everyone except Blake had a key to my house... I legit-ly told everyone not to come to my house late... It was already 11:00pm... Damn. I went into a bathing suit and took a long shower crying... Nick walked in without showing his face. He got a towel and told me to come out. I got out. He wrapped me while hugging me. "I'm really really deeply truly sorry Megan,.... I am" I didn't reply.... I sat there in Nick's arms. I wanted it to stay that way for a while. I looked up at him while I was buried into his muscular chest... He had his eyes on me the whole entire time. I told him that I loved him, he said the same. I told him "I don't want you to become a drug addict, if you do.... I'm forever scarred. If you do become one then... I... I just don't want you to change and become crazy. I don't want you to go to jail and get charged for possession of drugs.. It's just going to hurt me more and more and I might die inside...I don't want you to get depressed lonely,,,, or even become a hobo. I don't want your personality to change, because you're amazing, just the way you are, and I don't want you to change that." he hugged me harder and said, "Megan... I just wanted him to know if he messes with you, he's messed with the wrong person and that if he hurts you, I will hurt him and give him hell." I cried, it was a happy moment. Really. Really. Happy. I never had someone care this much to kill for me or take care of a problem... I asked Nick "soooo... Since you got some math problems wrong and the test is coming up soon,,, I was wondering of having a study group." "cool, and Thanks for worrying about me, I'm definitely in" "great! It's going to be at night so it stays in your brain!" "lol" we laughed and I guess I passed out, hot weather isn't really my thing... I was passed out for like what the whole night? I woke up at 2 am... I was in bed and Nick was still holding me and I was still buried. He was awake, I started moving and he asked my name," Megan?" "hmm?" I said faintly in a mumble, "your a though one... You know?" "yep" I get told that a lot sometimes... Blake told me that his friend Matt is throwing a party. He already put us on the reservation guest list... Okay then. I wanted to asked Blake if I could invite the guys but that probably won't be a good idea... I'll just invite Madison then! And the party got moved the day after my birthday.

Madison's POV 

2 hours earlier...

The date I'm going on is sooooo great! Drew picked me up and we went to his house... We got in a car and he drove me olive garden... Yum! I've always wanted to go here! I looked at the menu and wow was there a lot.. ALOT! Of choices on the menu! Some I didn't even know how to say! I ordered a fetucini Alfredo and Drew had a normal spaghetti bowl... He said he makes great fetucini Alfredo's and I said "well then you should make me one next time!" "I will ! And since you live so close you can come over whenever you want!" "I will! And if you ever want to try my spaghetti.. Then you can too!" "okay sounds like a plan!" "sure does haha" "you have a beautiful smile..." "thanks" I laughed and we went on from there... I texted Megan because of how great this is going and stuff. She still couldn't believe I didn't have his number,.. I asked him what his number was... He texted me, oh... I didn't know he had my number.... What?... Who? What? When? Where? And why does he have it? I don't think I've ever... Have I? Nope.... So that means.... Omg Megan?!! No way?! Jesus... What is the world coming to? 

1 hour after...

After dinner Drew walked me to my house. He kissed me on the cheek and I said "I had an amazing time... Thank you Drew...." "no problem I had a great time too" I was waiting for something more to happen but I guess nothing's going to happen today... I was saying bye and getting ready to open the door and all but then that's when my world changed... Drew.... He... Kissed..... Me....


Megan's POV

My birthdays tomorrow! Finally! I get to do all these crazay thingsssszzzz!!! Cause I don't care! And I love it!

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