Austin And I...

This stories bout a girl named Madison who was rich but didn't want to show it. She's never the type to really do anything. She had to move to Miami because her parents got reemployed there. She then met a boy... Austin... DEDICATED TO MADISON D!


5. Le Double Date

Megan's POV


It was the day of the double date, I texted Austin I'd he was ready he called and said yea. I asked if he brought his date and he said yea. He asked if I brought her and I said yea. She was nervous. Wearing pink Aeropostale shirt and a pair of skinny jeans when I'm wearing a blue and white sweater type of overall that went up to my knees and looked like it could be a short dress but I don't do that stuff. Also my lucky pair of ripped skinny jeans. Wishing me the best of luck. For shoes I wore black converse and Madison wore white ones. I did our makeup and that was that. I just wear lip gloss and eyeliner. I curled my hair and asked Madison if she wanted to but she complained about how long it would take so we decided not to. We waited for the boys and about 10 minutes later I got a text. It was from Austin. "I'm here" "lazy much come get yo ass out and ring tha door bell!lol" "haha okay" I heard a ding dong and opened the door Madison was taking deep breaths as I was opening the door. "hey guys!" "hey!" "um Connor, Megan Megan Connor." "hey Connor it's nice to meet you I'm Megan haha" "hey Megan it's nice to meet you too!" "Austin Madison, Madison Austin." "hey Madison!" "hey a-a-a-uuuussttin!" lol. Awkwarrrdddd "shall we get in the car now?" "yea sure" "then let's gooooo" lololol. Austin is so impatient.




we got to a place called "olive garden" we walked in but the guys held the door for us. We sat in booths which meant 2 to a side. The boys say on one side and we say on one side. I looked at the menu and chose chicken Alfredo. Madison chose spaghetti. I chose raspberry iced tea and she chose lemonade. I was surprised! Connor liked raspberry iced tea too! Wow we're starting to have some things in common! We ate and after that we went to an aquarium in Florida. I think it was the largest. We parted ways... Connor and me and Madison and Austin. We wondered around a little and then when I was looking at the baby seals swimming through the glass, Connor held my hand! I was surprised... I looked at him startled and saw as he was just facing the other direction like nothing happened! I then sat down as Connor say down. He didn't feel good. I asked him if he wanted to get water. I it some for him and left him there for a second. I came back and he was gone. I texted austin and I told him that he wasn't feeling good and all so he said he'd look in the bathrooms and Austin said he found him in the bathroom near the gate. I stood outside the bathroom and met Austin there. I thanked him and said bye as him and Madison were leaving. I waited for like 2 hours. Then I heard a voice say "I fucked up" nooo he didn't. I didn't care anymore and just walked into the bathroom. I saw him in the stall sitting on his knees. He had the brightest neon shoes that I'd recognize. I walked into the stall and locked the door. I saw him in depression mode. He was crying and had vomit all over his mouth. It was okay though because I didn't want to lose this one. I patted his back and said it was all right and to let it all out. I then pulled out a handkerchief and told him to wipe his mouth. I gave him the water and told him to rinse it out. He did what he was told and came out. I was waiting and he finally came out. I knew he wouldn't let me down. Austin texted me Connors number just in case he doesn't or won't give it to me because of how embarrassed he is. It's okay though! I'll understand everything. We sat down for a long moment. My head was on his shoulder and he was drinking water. "you feeling any better?" "yea actually I am thank you.... I'm sorry that you had to see me in that state. I'll probably never meet a girl like you again... I'm glad Austin did this.... I'm so thankful for everything you did for me today" "no problem! I'd love to help you anytime! Just ring me up!" I gave him my number and he said that he'll text me. I nodded and said "wanna walk around?" he nodded and held my hand. We saw a lot of things. Wow. I looked up at the seals swimming and just watched in entertainment. I was just holding his hand until he let go... I turned around and bam that's when it happened... He kissed me.... Before I got a text from Austin saying that him and Madison are bf and go... Muahahahahahahahaha! My plan worked! Yolo and so did Austin's....

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