Austin And I...

This stories bout a girl named Madison who was rich but didn't want to show it. She's never the type to really do anything. She had to move to Miami because her parents got reemployed there. She then met a boy... Austin... DEDICATED TO MADISON D!


4. Classes Are So Lame Without Him...

Madison's POV



I was thinking about moving into all of his classes but that would just make me a stalker! I wanted to do it though. Megan told me to go for it. Then that way i can see him and Megan while I'm in class. But there's one problem, I'm in acc math and science so,,,, Megan has math and science with Austin which is great! Wow why do I have to be smart?! Why? She has 4 classes with him! 4! And the last two classes we have together he and her don't have together! Why?! This is utterly ridiculous. Out of all the classes why does it have to be those two?!! I was walking with Megan earlier and she has 4th and 6th period with him. Lucky she gets to see him last. I want her to take a pic of him cause he's so adorable and cute. I might just get a poster of him. She said she'll try and I said" Megan! If you do this for me I'll love you forever!!!" and she replied "why? I know you already love me!" I laughed and she parted to fourth period and I parted to a class WITHOUT Austin. She had biology. I had finance. Ugh. The startings.


Megan's POV



I was in fourth period with THE AMAZING AUSTIN that Madison keeps blabbing on about. He has some absolutely shitty handwriting.... Well in fact most guys do. It's true. I kept my eyes on my paper. Austin pulled out his phone and took a snap of me! Wtf? Why would he take a picture of me? I asked him and he said that he would like to send a picture to his friend that's looking for a girlfriend and he said he had me in mind. "Megan can I send this pic to my single bud and I send you a picture of what he looks like?" I nodded sure and I gave him my number. I thought this was a chance of opportunity to take a pic of him so I said "hey austin! Do a pose for my buddayyy!" and he flipped out two peace signs. I told him I'll send what she looks like and he gave me his number. Then we made a plan to have a double date on Saturday which was in two days. We pinky promised and the bell rang for lunch. I told Madison everything and texted her the pic in fourth and she wouldn't stop texting me exclamation points and hearts. She asked how I took it with him looking at my camera. I told him to strike a pose for my buddayyyy and he just flip out these two guns! Lol



Austin's POV


Okay so this amazing thing happened to me in fourth period! I might actually get a girlfriend and my buddy might actually get a girlfriend! Yeaya! Yeah buddayyy! This is probably the best day in the school year so far. I want my buddy Connor Franta to get a girlfriend because he's been nonstop complaining about how lonely he is and shit. So annoying. So today in fourth I sent him a picture of Megan and he said she was too cute

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