Mending Your heart

Louis and Niall are getting depressed step by step by management to the pressures that come with fame but when fighting for a mysterious girl things change. Sakura a young intelligent girl full of secrets and lies joins the life of one direction everything turns around


1. Midnight

Im doing my usual, my normal jog like any other girl trying to get fit or to stay fit. Just wearing my normal hoodie and trackies like any other girl on a jog but there's a difference with me and the normal girls. I'm jogging at midnight, in a middle of a forest. Also I'm not wearing your average grey or coloured trackies, I'm wearing black and the hood up. I'm just like A from Pretty Little Liars scavenging through a forest. I don't need to try to stay fit because I was born fit I was born perfect. Im not anorexic or obese, I'm muscular but not too much. I run and think, that's all I do every night since what happened a year ago. I feel like a needle puncturing my heart letting it bleed toxic black blood, just remembering that accident and him gone, leaving me alone. I shiver again and start sprinting fast up the hill. But I look back now how innocent and foolish I was, lying all the time about my life even coming up with a double life. What a mess I am, a loser. A beaten up lying person, barely an existence to the world. Just a scratch on a window. A spect of dust, a irrelevant just like trash, useless but a trouble maker. I clear my thoughts by imagining myself in the Olympics for training and running with bolt. I try and run faster. BANG!! I crash into something, dizzy like...I sigh and breathe heavily trying to focus again. I never crash, I stretch my arm on to a tree trunk and try and push myself up but then falling. I breathe a few time heavily and try again but I fall. And get caught as well. Hands were holding me up, I felt limp and weak. The hands release pressure and rests my back again the tree. Those hands obviously belonged to a person, duh. Everything was still blurry, I should be used to this, I've gone through this too many times.
"I'm so sorry. Are you ok?" my eyes focuses at last, it was man with the most beautiful eyes and he apologised with the most softest voice. I nod gently, still staring at him how perfect he look. SHIT, no stop this Sakura. No you can't love this guy. Sakura STOP, you gunna go through trauma again. I yell at myself back and forth. I'm so frustrated I don't know what to choose. I choke on a scream. He places his hand on my shoulder, his blue eyes looking into mine with concern.
"Hello? Are you ok?" he asks, oh his voice was just to perfect to even deal with. I shake my head quickly, snapping myself out of it.
"ugh, yeah I am." I smile, a bit too big I supose. I try and get up, he gives me a hand and I nod a thanks. He pulls my arm across his shoulder, helping me walk. But he stops, which jerks me forwards a bit.
"Sorry, it's just that. Do you know where I could get to the path entrance?" he asks timidly, cringing a bit.
"Yeah I do I'll drop you off..." I say and start walking with him holding me up towards the entrance of the woods. I continue "Oh, my name is Sakura. Nice to meet you...I guess" I mumble the last bit so he doesn't hear me.
"My name is Louis. Yeah my mates gave me a dare to run into the forest for ten minutes then I kinda got chased by something and then...yeah I kinda crashed into you. Sorry" he apologises again.
"No, it's fine. I should've been looking." I say smiling, my ankle feels like its swelling, I try to not look down so he doesn't catch attention of my ankle. But me, an amazing liar got caught. He put me down all the sudden and said "Oh my god. Your ankle, I'm so sorry. Here let me carry you, stay over at my place for the night." Louis picks me up, bridle style. Outside I probably look depressed and in pain but inside I was bubbling with happiness and fear. I only knew that he was called Louis and that was it but I swear he looked like someone that I know or seen somewhere.
We walked well more like Louis walked for an hour till we reached to the entrance of the forest. There I saw four boys, the four boys from One Direction and...SHIT. Oh Lawd. Louis Tomlinson was carrying me. Louis I think felt me tense up and whispered in my ear "Forgot to say that I'm Louis Tomlinson fromOne Direction." he smirks, and kisses my temple.
I look back at Louis, and indeed he was Louis Tomlinson, and I turned around. Harry Styles then Liam Payne then Zayn Mailk standing there thinking he is looking hot. But where's Niall gone?
"Oooooo" i see Niall standing next to me and Louis.
 "I see you got your self a girl while you went for your ten minute walkies" Niall teased and scolded at the same time.
"Lets go home, quickly." Louis retorts sternly and kicks Niall's butt 
We sat in a land rover, one of the camper ones that you can borrow to ride in these forest. These forests are known for bears and mysterious events. Well most are the amount of murder that's held here. I've seen some live before, buried alive, shot. It was probably part of my recovery life. After the bumpy ride, Louis not letting go of me rests me in his bed I presume. I didn't pay attention to the house that much because I guess you could say...I was admiring or more like staring at Louis perfect face. He occasionally looked at me and smiled but when he did I pretended I was a sleep.
"How's your ankle?" He softly asks, my heart melting to his god given voice, yet my subconscious telling me not too.
"Better, thank you for letting me stay." I smile back at him as he takes a blanket and a pillow and lies on the small chair next to me. He pulls a latch on the side of the chair as it reclines, I cloud see that he was pretty uncomfortable sleeping on a chair.
"Hey, you know I don't need a whole king size bed to sleep in." I mention, moving to the side, to show him that he could sleep there since it is his bed.
"No I'm fine." He mumbles and flick the lights off. 
"No you aren't, a popstar should have the best care."
"A beautiful young lady should be looked after even more." He mumbles, my cheeks burn up red ad I struggle to find another comeback. 
"And happy forth of July" he chirps in, trying to get rid of the weird tension well, the awards air between us.
I scream, as I hear the fireworks explode, the constant banging, just like the one in the woods. I shake and shiver, falling into trauma again. I feel arms wrapped around me and a soft voice shushing me. A tear escapes my dry eyes, well they have been dry for years till now.
"Here, I'm here just sleep. It's ok, just fireworks." He slowly soothes me yet I can't forget that memory...and the place. The date. 


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