Youtube Love. (Finn Harries Love Story)

"Sometimes you fall for someone, because you think they might turn out different, but I was way wrong Finn."


2. Meetup!

So, I am traveling right now to Finn and Jack Harries house to make a new video with them, they had asked me to do it a while back and I couldn't resist. I soon pulled up to their home and walked up to the door.

'knock knock"

"I'LL GET IT!" I heard someone scream, and soon a beautiful boy, who I recognized as Finn opened the door. 

"MARIA!!" He screamed engulfing me in a hug.

"FINN!" I giggled.

"What is all the commotion?" I heard Jack said walking in with a mug of coffee.

"Jack, you do know who this is right?" Finn said pointing over to me.


"IT'S MARIA HENDERSON! The girl we are making a video with!" He said happily.

"Oh yeah! The girl in those videos you always watch, yeah I know who she is." He chuckled making Finn give him a death glare.

"Alright, fellas how about we start on this video?" I said looking between them.

"Yeah, how about we do that" Jack smiled. 

What was up with Finn? Does he like me?

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