Only a Million Miles to go

When Rose meets none other than the famous Harry Styles on a plane ride from New York to London, they instantly... hate each other. Well, Rose hates him, but Harry sees a certain spark in Rose- a spark that he just couldn't explain. Anyways, the plane crashes and Harry and Rose are the only survivors. They have to make their way across a deserted island...together. Will they, possibly being the only two people for miles and miles around, fall in love? And if they do, will their love be strong enough to make it through all they have to encounter?


1. The Crash

Rose's POV:

I looked out the dark window of my Aunt Jane's gray mini van. The airport was so crowded that you could barely see anything. Everybody was moving so quickly that most of it was just a blur. Her car slowly came to a stop just as rain started pouring down, staining the windows with little droplets of water. I heard a door slam shut, but I didn't budge from the position I was in: leaning back against the grey seat and laying low as if I thought that if Aunt Jane didn't see me, she wouldn't make me go, but she opened up my car door and started tapping her foot impatiently. I rolled my eyes before unbuckling my seatbelt and grabbing my suitcase off the seat next to me. I pulled up the hood of my dark sweatshirt and stepped out of the car, rain dumping down on my head.

"Bye Rosey!" Aunt Jane exclaimed, as if me leaving was the best thing that would ever happen to her.

"It's Rose." I corrected her, putting the hand that wasn't gripping the handle of my suitcase in my pocket. She looked at me disappointed. She was slightly taller than me, but not to the point where she had to look down on me. "Bye." I mumbled. She reached her arms out, waiting for a hug. I sighed and gave her a small one-handed hug. When I pulled away, she was smiling at me.

"Now you be safe." she added, looking at me with sparkling eyes.

I groaned, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it." causing her to laugh.

That's where the conversation ended and I walked away, Aunt Jane waving goodbye at me. I was eighteen. I didn't need to go visit my mom all the way in London, I mean, she had avoided me well enough for a straight nine years anyways.

I continued walking into the airport and bought my ticket with the money Aunt Jane gave me. I gave my suitcase to the airport attendant or whatever he was called before going through the metal detector. Some security guy checked through my purse before I was allowed to actually get on the plane. I struggled my way through the sea of people until I finally got to my flight. I boarded the plane and found seat twenty-eight, sitting down in the uncomfortable chair that I would have to spend the next six hours in. I was sitting in the window seat, meaning I would have to spend the whole flight stuffed in-between some random person and a window, overlooking miles and miles of ocean. I sighed, tilting my head to the side and leaning against the back of the seat.

After about five minutes, ( just after the call ran through the airport speakers: "Last call for flight to London. Last call for flight to London.") a boy about my age with stunning green eyes, dark curly hair, a nice smile, and dimples making him look like a sweet little kid, sat down next to me. I looked straight at the chair in-front of me, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw him looking my body up and down.

"Do you mind?" I questioned, annoyed. I glared at him and he laughed a devilish laugh. I could tell this was somebody I was not going to get along with well- good thing I only had to spend six hours with him.

"Do you not know who I am?" he asked when he realized that I wasn't joking. I turned so I was looking directly at him. I studied him for a minute before realizing that it was Harry Styles from that band everybody was obsessed with. He was looking at me like he was waiting for an answer.

"Yeah? You're from that band." I replied simply.

"And...?" he pressed on.

"And, you might have every other girl in the world wrapped around your finger, but not me." I answered and he looked shocked. "What? You think you're so famous and 'hot'" I made the quotation marks sign with my hands as I said the word hot, "that everybody would fall in love with you?" I questioned, making it obvious that I did not like him. The smile disappeared from his face.

"Well, yeah." he admitted, looking down at me (he was a lot taller than me) hopefully.

"Well, no." I said in a voice that I used to imitate anybody, no matter if it was a boy or a girl. He frowned at me.

"Oh..." he mumbled, turning away, embarrassed. I smirked, clearly winning. The plane started moving. I guess I had been too busy talking to hear the announcement. I felt us take off and then we were on our way to London.

"So..., um, what's your name?" I heard Harry say, his accent making him distinguishable. When I turned, I saw him looking right at me.

"Rose." I muttered. My real name was Rosemarie, but I didn't want anybody calling me that, so I just said Rose. I know you're probably wondering why I would tell some stranger (not to mention I did not like him at all) my name, but it was because we would never see each other again anyway.

"Rose......" he mumbled. "I like it." he added, talking normally now.

I was lost in my own thoughts for another forty-five minutes until Harry got up. I watched him walk into the back of the plane, probably going to the bathroom. All of a sudden, a screeching sound came through the speakers and I covered my ears. Then a girl's panicked voice came through, "Um, hang on momentarily. We are-" Then we started going down- fast. "Never mind! Panic! Panic!" the same girl screamed before the speakers went dead. Well, she obviously wasn't a professional, but I was too scared to worry about that. I spun around, burying my head against the wall of the plane. A couple of tears rolled down my cheeks because I would never be able to see any of my family again. I let a small sob escape my lips. It's funny how much runs through your mind as you (think) you're about to die.

Just then, I felt strong arms wrap around me, forcing me farther against the wall. I would have screamed, but I didn't have time because the plane turned over so it's nose was towards the ground and we slammed straight down, the whole plane submerging in icy cold water.

Harry's POV:

The plane got dunked in the coldest water I had ever felt in my life and I got pulled away from Rose. I got shoved down until I slammed into the floorboard of the submerged plane, almost knocking me out. Once I was aware of what happened, I swam around, frantically looking for Rose, my lungs begging me to go up for air, but I needed to find her.

I saw somebody thrashing around on the other side of the plane and I quickly swam over to whatever was causing the commotion. I could easily tell it was Rose by her beautiful medium brown hair and her light blue eyes that sparkled- even now when she was fighting for her life. I grabbed her waist, pulling her to my chest. I tried to swim as quickly as I could with only my feet, but it wasn't easier. I needed air soon, or I would die of lack of oxygen and drowning was not a good way to die. I moved Rose so I was only holding her in one arm and I opened up the door to the plane which was now leaning downwards. I pulled us both through, making sure I didn't hurt her, even though my leg got caught on the door and I had to get it loose. I was probably bleeding, but I didn't think of it because my brain was going numb. I lost all sense of direction, not knowing which way was up and which way was down, so I just chose a random direction and started swimming, I mean, I had a twenty-five percent chance of getting it right no matter what right?

Luckily for me, I had picked the right way and oxygen quickly filled my lungs as I took deep breaths. It was a good thing that was the right way because if I had been stuck under for another second, I would have passed out. I pulled Rose up so her head was above mine. For a second, I thought she had died.

"Breathe. Please breathe." I begged silently and then I heard her take a sharp, but unsteady breath. I smiled. After she was breathing normally, I questioned, "Are you okay?"

She immediately spun around in my arms so she was facing me. "I-I guess s-so." she stuttered, concentrating as if she was carefully thinking every word through before saying them out loud.

Rose's POV:

"I-I guess s-so." I said, still taking shaky breaths. Then I suddenly realized exactly where I was. "I can't swim." I stated, randomly.

"What?" he questioned, his eyes going wide.

"I. Can't. Swim." I replied, saying each word as if it were a full sentence. His eyes went even wider than they were before (if that's possible).

"Then I'll carry you." he responded as if it were the simplest thing ever. It was then that I realized who he was (I had a lot of moments of realization in those few minutes).

"No!" I screamed, pulling away from him and almost sinking in the process. His arms wrapped around me tighter, holding me close to him.

"What are you doing!?!? You can't swim!" he exclaimed.

"You think I don't know that!?!?!" I answered sarcastically. I continued trying to get away from him, but he put up a good fight.

"You're going to die" he added.

"I'd rather die than have you carry me across!" I screamed angrily thrashing away from him, water flying everywhere.

"I'm not gonna let go of you." he informed me, and after about three more minutes of trying desperately to get away from him, I learned that he meant it and I stopped, letting him hold me there. He held me so that my legs wrapped around him and I hated it.  "Thank you" he said as he started swimming. After a while, we saw an island far away. Harry, despite my begging for him to leave me there, kept moving us forwards.

"Harry, put me down." I ordered, knowing that he would be able to get over there faster without me.

"Rose, no." he responded, mimicking me. After about another hour, we were close to the shore, and waves were pushing us forwards.

"Harry, I should be able to stand now." I said with raised eyebrows, considering the water was only  up to his waist. He hugged me close (and if he had been somebody- anybody- different, I would have enjoyed it) before setting me down. We both walked out to the sand, which felt so good on my feet.

I quickly moved away from Harry. "There aren't any people here. Why aren't there any people here!?" I asked, agitated.

"Well, if there's nobody here, it's either one, nobody has ever set foot on this island before, or two, there are people on the other side." he responded, ignoring the harshness in my voice. "Come on." he said, walking towards the jungle. I followed him at a distance. After walking for about a mile, Harry stopped. When I caught up with him (I was done acting like a child. I wasn't gonna act like he had cooties or something), he looked at me.

"What?" I questioned, looking down.

"Huh? Oh, nothing." he answered. "I, uh, think we should stop here." he added.

I let out a yawn before agreeing with him. Everything had all of a sudden grown dark and a gentle wind blew, freezing me due to how my clothes were totally soaked. Harry must have noticed how cold I was, cause he walked over to me and stood behind me with his head on my shoulder.

"You cold?" he asked, his hot breath tickling my neck.

"No, I'm on vibrate mode." I said sarcastically, causing him to laugh a little.

I walked forwards before turning around to face him. I let out another little yawn before laying down in the grass. Harry walked over and layed down beside me, but I moved back, away from him.

In a matter of seconds, I was fast asleep, Harry's eyes glued on me.

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