Only a Million Miles to go

When Rose meets none other than the famous Harry Styles on a plane ride from New York to London, they instantly... hate each other. Well, Rose hates him, but Harry sees a certain spark in Rose- a spark that he just couldn't explain. Anyways, the plane crashes and Harry and Rose are the only survivors. They have to make their way across a deserted island...together. Will they, possibly being the only two people for miles and miles around, fall in love? And if they do, will their love be strong enough to make it through all they have to encounter?


2. Howl

(Rose's) Aunt Jane's POV:

I woke up the morning after my sweet Rose left (I had been raising her like a daughter for the past nine years.. I think I had the right to call her my child) to crazy thumping coming from downstairs.

"Jane Bertha Andrews! If you don't open this goddamn door right now.." A strong feminine voice echoed across my house. I recognized the voice as my friend, Cecelia's, and hollered back, "I'm coming! I'm coming! Don't break down the door!"

I pulled a robe over my night dress. I then marched down the stairs and pulled open the front door, pulling the robe close to my body in an attempt to block out the cold winds that rushed towards me nevertheless. She stormed inside as if it were her own house and turned to face me.

"Where is Rose" she asked, after an awkward silence where her face went from angry to somber and remorseful.

"In London with her mo-" I started, but got interrupted.

"Yes, yes I know." she stated.

"Then why did you-" I tried once more, but got interrupted yet again.

"What flight was she on?" she pestered on, rushing her words anxiously.

"SilverLiner, I think.. Why?" I questioned.

Cecelia's eyes went wide and she looked horrified, too scared to move. I opened my mouth to say something when she put her hand in her pocket and pulled something out of it, thrusting it into my hands. I looked down at the piece of newspaper in my hands and read the headline on the front page.

A Horrific Plane Crash Kills no Less Than 120 People

My stomach did a flip as I took in the first three words- three words that changed everything. I quickly started to read the article that was with the headline, my eyes rushing over it so fast that they must have been blurred.

One of the well known SilverLiner airplane company's planes plummeted into the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean where it sank far below the surface of the water. The plane's engine is said to have stopped working for reasons  unknown to us. All 122 people aboard the plane (including the pilots and flight attendants) died on impact, or got plummeted far into the icyocean water.

I stopped reading there, tears already staining my face.

Rose's POV:

I woke up the next morning freezing cold. Warmness washed through the left side of my body. I didn't know or care what the source of the heat was- I moved closer to it, burying my body against it. It wasn't until I felt arms wrap around me that I became fully conscious. The last thing I remembered was falling asleep on the plane (which didn't really happen that's just what I assumed).

I rubbed my eyes groggily with the back of my hands, turning my head to the side to see what (or, rather who) I was next to and gasped at what I saw. There was a curly brown haired boy looking at me. All of a sudden, as if in a cartoon when gravity finally works, the memories flooded into my mind: the plane going down, Harry rescuing me, finding our way here, everything. I stood up, quickly moving away from Harry before laying back down.

You know how your bed is always more comfortable when you have to get up? Well the same thing applies to the grass. The grass was strangely comfortable, considering my Aunt was rich and I usually slept on a mattress stuffed with (fake) feathers. I had never been camping before (I guess this sort of counted) and it was absolutely amazing.

I turned off my side so I was looking up at the light blue sky that was dotted gently with puffy white clouds. The sun was slowly rising above the trees. It was truly a beautiful sight.

My stomach rumbled and I complained sarcastically, turning back to Harry, "Are we going to get some food, or were you planning on letting us starve?" He stared at me expectantly. I rolled my eyes before replying, "I would highly appreciate it if you would come with me to go get something to eat." "Please." I added, seeing his expression didn't change.

He smiled at me before answering, "I will go get us some food." He stood up and looked down at me with that cheeky little smile that he thought any girl would melt under, but not me.

"I'm not helpless, you know." I said standing up and dusting some of the dirt off my shirt and jeans, the cold wind nipping at my bare arms. I heard Harry moving around, but I didn't look over at him, instead, I was looking at the ground. Suddenly I felt hot breath on my neck and then felt something warm over my shoulders. I turned my head and saw that Harry had taken off his jacket and was trying to get me to put it on.

"Arms." he ordered sternly, as if he were an army general telling his soldiers to march.

"No." I answered back, taking a step forwards, away from Harry's grasp. I glued my arms tightly to my sides.

I felt him step forwards, too, so that he pushed himself against my back. He grabbed one of my wrists and, gently yet forcefully at the same time, forced my arm into the sleeve of the jacket. He did the same to my other arm, the whole time I tried (ineffectively) to get away from him, before he pulled it tightly around me. It was way to big on me- the sleeves hung over my arms and it dropped down to my hips, but, I had to admit, it was significantly warmer. He stepped back from me and walked away, telling me he'd be back in a little bit.

"I'm not helpless!" I repeated, calling after him, but I knew I had been defeated. I waited until his footsteps fell away before I started pacing up and down. I had just now realized exactly how bad this situation was- we were completely lost, in the middle of the jungle, alone, possibly millions of miles away from intelligent life. What if I never got to see my family again? What if we were stuck here forever? What if there really wasn't anybody else on this island? What if-

A loud high pitched scream filled my ears, pulling me back into reality. I suddenly became alert, trying to figure out where the sound had come from, but all I got was piercing silence, that is, until I heard heavy footsteps rushing toward me. I turned on the spot only to find that it was just Harry. Before I knew what was happening, his arms were wrapped so tightly around me I could hardly breathe. I put my hands on his chest and he let me shove him off me.

"Why the hell were you screaming like that!?!?" he yelled at me. "..scared the fucking shit out of me..." he mumbled, not intending me to hear the last bit.

"I-I didn't.." I responded and his head snapped up to look at me, as if studying for any trace of a lie. Then, almost as if on cue, the screaming echoed through the trees again. Harry quickly grabbed my arm, pushing me behind him. His grip was so tight it hurt, but I didn't say anything. No more sound came from anywhere. Harry turned around, slinging me around behind him. We stayed still for another ten minutes, but the only sound that came from anywhere was the sound of our breathing. I used my other hand- the one that Harry wasn't clinging on to- to pry Harry's hand off my arm. I rubbed over the red spot on my arm where his hand had been. He continued looking around for another minute or two before he turned back around to face me.

For a second, I thought I saw fear in his deep green eyes, but it vanished as quickly as it had appeared as he looked down at me. I, on the other hand, was terrified, and despite the fact that I was trying with all my might to hide it, I was sure it was showing up plain as day on my face. My hands were shaking slightly beneath the sleeves of his jacket. He must have noticed because his face softened and he brought one of his hands up to my cheek.

"Everything is going to be alright. I promise." he told me. I nodded, stepping away from his touch. I was horrified. This all meant there were other people here.. and if there were other people here, other people meant safety. But she was screaming, that meant there was something dangerous here as well. It could be anything- a dark monster lurking in the woods. My mind wandered to some of the deadliest things I could imagine. A howl sounded through the quiet, causing me to scream. Harry, in one large quick stride, wrapped his arms around me, holding me close against him. Honestly I just let him hold me there. I needed somebody. And even if that somebody was a person I despised, well, I couldn't do anything to change that.



Otay, so after each chapter (or maybe every other one or something like that) I wanted to write some questions here. Not like a test or anything, but questions that are like based off what already happened to see what you guys think will/want to happen next (Post your opinions in the comments). Otay, so let me start off then.

1) Who do you think was screaming and why would they be that terrified, Harry and Rose had been on the island for a while now and haven't run into any signs of danger (yet), or, could the screaming have just been a figment of their imaginations, if so, why did they both imagine the same screaming both times, and, remember to consider that this happened almost the same minute that Harry left Rose alone for the first time, so, could somebody (or something) really be trying to attack/kill Rose?

2) Were they just overreacting about this whole thing- I mean it could have just been a rookie hiker who tripped on an overturned tree root and screamed as she fell, but simply got back up and kept walking, but how would that explain the second scream- could she have been unlucky enough to fall over something else (if so, she seriously shouldn't have been allowed to go hiking alone- but who says she was allowed and who said she was alone), and how would any of this explain the howl they heard, yes, it could have been a simple wolf, but wolves howl at the moon- not the sun- or could they have been one-hundred percent correct to be scared?

3) So Rose stops struggling against Harry's desperate attacks to get close to her, but will she continue acting as though he's her friend or her enemy?



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