Tom's Riddle

What if Tom Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange had a daughter? Would she be accepted in the wizarding world or will she be prosecuted for her parents crimes?


4. Unwanted

“...and that’s when I ran.” I finished quietly. Ginny glanced at me sympathetically as she walked over, whilst Harry glared at me suspiciously.
Finally Ginny broke the silence, “you were 11 when you ran away? Right?” I nodded slowly and she continued. “But you’re 14... So, how did you end up here?”
I cleared my throat, and sat down once again. “I started in a village near Bristol; I guess it was closer to a town but it doesn’t make a difference. I’d only been there for about 2 months. It was going alright, I was staying at a dumping ground, going to school, I even had a part time job at the bakery. But it went wrong, it always does.” I took a quick breath before continuing.
“At school... I wasn’t popular, but I wasn’t hated either. Everyone thought I was just a weird Goth, ‘The Ghost Girl’ that’s what they called me. It wasn’t an unkind nickname, it just, stuck I guess. I had two friends; I know it’s pretty pathetic, Emily and George. They were nerds, but they were nice and they liked me which has to count for something.
“There was a guy... he was captain of the rugby team, and easily the most gorgeous guy in school. He was nice to me, but all the girls, the WAG wannabe’s, they hated it. They all thought I liked him when I didn't. One evening, about 3 days after my birthday, I was walking home after a late detention when he caught up to me on his bike, we were just talking as usual, but then the girls came. All strutting around and showing off, trying to get his attention by sticking their chests out and all that. Only three of them but it was enough to get me pissed. I knew I couldn’t take much more of their squealing, so I said I was heading off in a different direction, but he, Charlie, he said he would come with me. Of course that got them started. ‘Why do you wanna go with her for?’” I mimicked their irritatingly nasal and whiny voices. “’Yeah, you should stick with us, we’re better than the ghost girl’ it was their laughter that did it. I turned to face them...
“I didn’t mean to I swear! I don’t even know how it happened, one minute they were fine, the next they were unconscious. Charlie... he... he was looking at me as if I was a freak ‘What the hell are you?’ that’s what he said... It hurt, I thought he was my friend ya know. The next minute he was lying on the floor next to them...”

“It’s okay if you can’t control your magic...” Ginny started
“It’s not magic! It’s a curse! It’s ruined my life! I bet that’s why my mum abandoned me...” Harry’s face hardened and he looked at me curiously for a second. “Just who was your mother?” I shrugged but reached into my pocket, pulling out a thin scrappy envelope and a small parcel. “This is all I have from her, like I said I was supposed to open it when I was eleven but...”

“Eleven...” Harry reached for the parcel, “may I?” He asked thoughtfully, I nodded quietly in response, cringing slightly when his skin touched mine. I still didn’t trust him. With a small tug at the string tied around it, the brown paper fell off revealing two small bottles, both containing silvery stuff. “Memories...” Harry and Ginny murmured.

“You must be a witch! That’s the only explanation! Your mother must have been Bellatrix, but that will probably be confirmed in the letter. The letter... Why didn’t you get a Hogwarts letter? They’ve never missed anyone before, not even Tom Riddle. Of course Tom... the only reason they would have missed you... if they didn’t want you...”

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