Tom's Riddle

What if Tom Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange had a daughter? Would she be accepted in the wizarding world or will she be prosecuted for her parents crimes?


3. Snake eyes

“Harry? What’s going on?” A woman called, leaning out of the door of a cottage a little way down. The man appeared lost for words, simply dragging me with him back to his house. I kicked out at him, desperately trying to get away but not succeeding. “Harry, what are you doing? Who is she?”
“Look at her face,” He hissed furiously, pushing me into the light. A pretty woman looked at me incredulously, tucking a strand of auburn hair behind her ear. “Bellatrix...” She breathed. Who? I thought. I had never heard the name before but it felt slightly familiar “Um, my name isn’t Bellatrix, I have no idea who that is, but if I could please go...” I said hopefully, they obviously had no idea who I was, or that I was running from the police. “I think it would be best if you came inside,” The woman said lightly, with a shocked glance at the man behind me.

Once inside they sat me down on a comfortable blue sofa, handing me a drink. “Just what is your name?” She asked, softly, trying not to startle me. (I had gotten a look at myself in a mirror on the way in, and I definitely looked like a runaway if not a little deranged). “Emelie,” I clarified quickly. “Emelie Riddle” The man’s face turned very pale, he looked at me slowly, as if he had just seen death.  “Riddle?” He asked faintly. “Are you sure?” I nodded slowly. The couple exchanged a worried glance. “Who are your parents?” He questioned, but I shrugged.
“I don’t know, I was raised in an orphanage until...” But he had stopped paying attention when I had mentioned that I knew nothing of my parentage. He and the woman stepped aside. “She can’t be related to Him. It’s not possible. She doesn’t even seem to be a witch.” She argued lightly, with a quick glance at me.
“She has to be,” he retorted. “She was looking at my parent’s house, Muggles can’t see it. You know that Ginny” She considered the information for a second before replying.
“She’s Hogwarts age though, surely if she was witch she would be there. It’s three weeks into the term already.”
“If she really was Voldemort-” She winced at the name. “And Bellatrix’s daughter, do you really think she would have been sent a letter.”
“Well just look at her...”

I stood up slowly, turning to face the mirror. A small 14 year old gazed back at me. Brown eyes stared out of a pale face, high cheekbones and sallow cheeks showing the obvious signs of malnourishment. Ebony curls reached down my back, invading my face and clashing painfully with the stark white of my skin. I turned back around sharply. “You have a snake.” It was a statement not a question. Harry nodded nervously, taken aback by my abruptness. He gestured through a door that led off of the living room. I stalked through, into a small but pleasant kitchen. “How did you know?” He asked suspiciously.
“She called to me...” I whispered softly, tracing the glass of a small tank.
“She... What?”
“Hello...” I spoke quietly so as not to disturb the beautiful corn snake. She looked up at me through unblinking eyes. Her delicate tongue flickered, scenting the air. “Hello... witch...” She replied. I opened my mouth to speak again but was stopped as I noticed Harry and Ginny’s shocked faces in the reflection of the tank. I spun around quickly, meeting their confused faces.

“She’s a parslemouth.” He breathed.
“I’m a what now?”
“It means you can speak to snakes, and understand what they say.”
“Can’t everyone do that?” I asked slightly confused.
He shook his head, “only certain people, mainly descendants of  Slytherin or pure bloods. I used to be able to, but only because of... well it’s a long story. Excuse me a second...” He quickly took Ginny aside before speaking in a hushed tone. “She has to be Voldemort’s daughter,” She looked as if she was about to interrupt but he kept talking in a slightly louder voice. “The reason she was able to sense the snake was because she was talking to her. I thought maybe she was just guessing, and randomly hissing to the snake, I mean she does look a bit... odd. But I recognized it, I may not be able to speak it anymore, but you can tell if someone can or not. There is no other explanation, she has his exact facial bone structure from when he was a teenager. But her eyes, her hair, the rest of her is pure Bellatrix. You can’t deny it...”
“I can.” She answered quickly. “Why should we accuse this poor girl of being related to the darkest wizard of all time, we don’t know anything about her.”
“She said she doesn't know who here parents were, and that she was raised in an orphanage. Coincidence much!” He challenged.
“She must know something...”

They turned back to me, looking up at them I answered the question I knew they were going to ask. “I don’t know who my parents are, I have a letter, I was supposed to open it when I was 11 but I didn’t...”
“Well maybe you should tell us about your past...” Ginny said kindly.

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