Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


15. ''Woman Beater.''



Marlee's POV:


I slurped my Chocolate latte as me and Justin strolled into the hallway of the school,I watched as people around us began to tap shoulders of other people,whispering things as they pointed directly at me and Justin,I frowned and turned my head to see that everyone in the hallway were practically stopping in their tracks and staring at me and Justin.



''Look,it's the woman beater.'' Someone hissed,causing a ripple of gasps to echo through the hallway.



''I bet those bruises on her face are from when he hit her.'' Someone spoke aloud.



''I told you guys,I ain't no liar.'' Someone chuckled,I looked to the direction of the voice,only to see Sydney stood there smirking.




''What's all this?'' Justin asked,walking up to one of the girls which was standing a few meters in front of him.



I followed him over and stood by him,waiting for an answer.



''Hey! don't get too close...woman beater.'' She frowned,shaking her head before she quickly hurried away with her clique.



''What do you mean,woman beater?'' Justin frowned,yelled after the girl,but she was already out of sight.



''That's how Marlee got those bruises and cuts...isn't it?'' Sydney smirked,walking forwards with her hands folded over her chest.



I brought my hand up to the bruise on my arm..slowly running my fingers over it..



I mean,these bruises were blatantly from the accident...why would people even think Justin would do that?



''Listen the fuck up!'' Justin yelled,waving his hands in the air. ''About 3 weeks ago,Marlee was involved in a car accident,she was placed in a coma and was asleep for a week,the bruises and cuts are from the impact of the car...she temporarily lost her memory but it's back now and she only suffers from mild migrants once in a while...I would never hit a girl...ever,so I don't know who told you that but there bullshitting you!'' Justin yelled,looking at each individual face in the forming crowd.


''Great cover up story.'' Sydney smirked,walking through the crowd to the front.



''It's not a cover's true,I swear.'' I retorted,stepping infront of Justin.



''Whatever Marlee,you can stop lying to cover up Justin now,he won't hurt you when were done with him.'' My good friend Luke intervened,pushing past Sydney.



''Woah woah woah,Justin is innocent,ask the school...they know about my accident...Justin is my best friend guys,he would never do that...I know him more than anyone.'' I laughed,un sure on how to react.



''Everyone leave them the fuck alone! Justin did jack shit to Marlee...there best friends!'' Someone screamed,pushing through the crowd.



I blinked just as Madison appeared from behind the jocks,I smiled knowing she had my back and motioned for her to come here,she smiled lightly before walking over and standing on my left side,giving the dirtiest looks to Sydney in the process.



''Your little hoe come here to back you up huh? did Justin threaten her too?'' Sydney scoffed.



''Fuck off you whore,Justin has nothing to do with this.'' Madison spat,stepping forwards.



''Oh,I think he does.'' She tormented,taking a step back.



''You're only doing this because I completely shaded you on Instagram this morning,you little hoe.'' Justin laughed,shifting his wait to one foot.



''No you didn't you bullshitter-''



''Oh hush up Sydney,we all know your jealous of my boyfriend...but like he said,your a rachet ass herpes infested skank,so get out our face and think of a better excuse next time.'' I spat,walking forwards getting in her face.



''You know what? I've never liked should of died in that car's not like anyone would miss you.'' She muttered,walking away from me.



Oh shit bitch has just crossed the line..



I walked forwards and grabbed her rachet ass extentions,pulling her backwards before she crashed to the floor,I climbed on top of her and began to throw punches at her face,she began to kick and squirm from underneath me but didn't have the strength to push me off her,I laughed and carried on punching her.



''FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!'' People chanted,shuffling forwards to have a better view.



''YOU FUCKING BIIITCH!'' Sydney screeched,once I pulled out one of her extentions.



''Next it's your fake ass titties,bitch.'' I spat,punching her square in the face,causing her to close her eyes in pain.



''Say something like that again,and I swear to god you won't be breathing right now.'' I muttered through gritted teeth,I got up off her and punched her one more time in the stomach before I walked over to Madison,completely ignoring Justin as he didn't defend me in any way.



''Oh my god Marls,are you okay? I should of done something,are you hurt? did she hit yo-''



''I'm fine.'' I breathed,running a hand through my hair and picking up my backpack from the ground.



''Honestly Marls,are you sure...she did hit you pretty hard at one point.'' 



''Yeah well I hit her back twice as hard,hitting her square in the Maddie,by lunch her jaw will be bright purple.'' I laughed,shifting my weight to my other foot.



''You can throw some pretty badass punches.'' Madison laughed,pulling me into a hug.



''Thanks,the bitch deserved it.'' I muttered,sighing and glancing over at Justin,who was just staring at Sydney on the floor,his mouth wide open.



''Listen boo,what she isn't true..I would care,Justin would care...everyone would...she's just a mother fucking hoe,don't listen to that walking STI,tell that bitch to swerve because no one talks bullshit about my best friend.'' She replied,snapping her fingers in a z shaped form.



''Preach it sista!'' Someone screamed back,I laughed when I realised it was my other close friend Alexis.



She strolled forwards,kicking Sydney in the process before she walked over and gave me a huge hug.



''You sooo kicked that bitches ass.'' She laughed,swaying me from side to side.''Like what Maddie said,don't listen to her...she's a fucking retard Marlee,honest.If she says anything like that again tell me..I'll fuck up that bitch like there's no tomorrow...we all know the truth about you and Justin...that's all that matters,all these fucktards are stupid if they really think Justin would do something like that to you.'' Alexis continued,pulling out of the hug and smiling at me.



''Thanks guys,at least some people know how to react.'' I muttered,turning around to see Justin looking over at me.



I turned back around and sighed,Madison and Alexis placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

''Look,can we just get to class,I don't really want to talk to him right now.'' I muttered,grabbing both there hands and walking away from the de-creasing crowd.



''MARLEE! WAIT!'' Justin shouted,heavy footsteps heard behind me.



I began to speed up,pulling the girls along behind me to try and escape Justin's presence.






''You what Justin? Didn't defend me when that bitch was slaptalking me? I thought you were my best friend...and more  importantly my boyfriend..I stuck up for you! so why the fuck didn't you say something when she basically told me to die! huh?'' I spat,turning around to face him.



Justin just stood there,completely caught off guard from my harsh words I just spat at him. ''That's what I thought.'' I laughed,shaking my head I turned around and pulled Alexis and Madison along behind me.



''Marlee,please...let me just-let me just talk to you about it in private.'' Justin pleaded,walking after me.



''Go on can't run away from him,he is your best friend.'' Alexis sighed,tugging on my arm.



''Alright fine..but this doesn't make things okay.'' I muttered,looking up at Justin.



*Justin just gulped,nodding slightly as he began to walk down the hallway,I followed shortly behind,glancing back and giving worried glances to Madison and Alexis who were just stood there watching me,shooing me to go on.



I turned back around and began walking,not seeing Justin in sight,I frowned just as I was pulled into a another hallway leading off the main on,I instantly fell into Justin's chest and I quickly pushed away,leaning myself on the wall opposite him,looking at the floor.



''Look,I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to not say anything..I was just in shock from the whole thing...I couldn't even move Marlee,I swear...I wouldn't do that to you intentionally but I couldn't help brain froze when they started calling me a woman beater and I honestly couldn't snap out of the trance I was in...I'm sorry.'' 



''She told me I should die,Justin! isn't that bad enough for you to snap out of your little fantasy? It seems like Madison and Alexis realised and were immediately by me after I fucked up Sydney...but you just stood there,embarrassing me.'' I spat,looking at the floor.



''Madison and Alexis aren't your best friends! I stop acting like I'm not.'' Justin sighed.



''Shut up! there here for me more than you are right stood there doing jackshit! I fucking stood up for you...I didn't freeze when she said that to you..I'm completely fine..'' I replied.



''I've been here for you since we were fucking 3 Marlee! I was there when you were in the coma! I never left your fucking side! so stop bullshitting me and listen! I'm getting tired of this shit!'' Justin cried in frustration.



''Fine then..don't talk to me.'' I hissed,walking out of the hallway.



''See if I care!'' Justin yelled back.



''It seemed like you cared just a minute ago!'' I hissed back.



''Fuck off Marlee!'' Justin shouted back.



''Whatever.'' I muttered,walking back over to Alexis and Madison.



Both of them were sharing worried glances with each other,anxious to know what went down just a couple of meters away from them.



''He's pissing me off so much..I'm not speaking to him today.'' I muttered,shaking my head before walking straight past them.



*I heard footsteps soon join me and I felt a reassuring hand slump over my shoulder,I looked to my right and saw Madison smiling at me,Alexis on the other side of me taking out a packet of gum out her pocket*



''Don't worry about it boo,Justin will come to his senses and apologise,he always does.'' Alexis replied,offering me a stick of gum.



My eyes instantly lit up as I noticed she was handing me my favourite gum 'Extra rainbow sherbet' I grinned at her cheekily as I took the piece of gum and crammed it into my mouth.



Alexis laughed and shook her head. ''I've missed you dude.'' She replied,glancing at me.



''I miss you too...I'm so glad I remember you guys.'' I muttered.



''Yeah me too..I would hate for you to not know us...I mean it would be proper awkward when I go to ask you about boy advice,you would be like...''Um,excuse me,who are you?'' oh god.'' Madison chuckled.



''Hey shutup!'' I laughed. ''Let's get to class,I got my converses Madison,but I need to grab my kit from my locker.'' I replied,walking over to my locker which was right in front of where we were walking.



''Aight,hurry up,class starts in 2.'' Alexis muttered,pulling her iPhone out her pocket to check the time.



*I grabbed my kit and crammed it into my leopard print backpack before I walked on with Madison and Alexis,handing Madison the converses on the way*



''Thanks,you know...if you ever get tired of these...and it just happens to be my birthday,you can donate these to me...'' She smirked.



''Or I could just buy you a brand new pair.'' I giggled.



''True...true.'' She laughed.



*I rolled my eyes and walked on,smiling to myself*



I may be in a small argument with Justin at the moment,but I don't know what I would do without these guys...there my girl best friends and there more useful when it comes to boy stuff..but I guess  I got the best of both worlds...well,I did at least.




sorry it's short..I will be updating tomorrow hopefully...




















Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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