Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


19. ''Princesses can't cry.''



''Babeee...I need your opinion on something.'' 



''What?'' I asked,looking up to see a nervous Justin staring back down at me.



'''ve heard me sing before right?'' He asked.



I nodded,smiling as I remembered him singing a song he wrote to be for my 17th birthday.



'' I good- I mean...I don't sound like poop when I sing do i?'' He asked,grabbing my hand and entwining my fingers with his.



''Of course not! your voice is amazing...ask anyone and they'd agree with me.'' 



''Well...-wait..are you sure?'' 



'' sucks because you sing better than me.'' I giggled,shuffling slightly as Justin grabbed his macbook and put it on his lap,I layed my head back down on his chest and watched the laptop boot up.



''Well..I've got an old really old,I made it so I could comment on peoples video's..but not one vid has gone up on here..and I was thinking...maybe I should cover a couple of songs..and you know,maybe get them out to my other family members who live my dad and Erin,and maybe the littles could watch them when they're old enough...what do you think?'' Justin whispered,opening a new tab for Youtube.



''Wow that's an amazing idea! what's your channel called?'' 






''Why? why not...JustinBieber or something,haha.'' 



''It's because my dad's Youtube is Lordrauhl and I thought 'Kid' suited it...I don't know..stupid but whatever.'' 



''No I like's got a catch to it.'' I giggled,watching Justin as he clicked onto his channel. '' already have 30 subscribers?'' 



''Yeah I know...I don't know how...'' Justin chuckled.



''What do you want to cover then?'' 



''Our song maybe? um....I don't so got it bad...'' 




''Sounds good...hey,well I have a good quality you you want me to lend it to you so you can film good might get more views.'' I laughed.



''Sure okay...'' Justin smiled,kissing my forehead. ''Thanks babe.'' 



''No problem,I'll go get it now.'' 



I got up and ran up to my room,I grabbed my camera bag and tri-pod and slung them over my shoulder before  I ran down the stairs,I set it up and sat on the edge of the seat.



''Wanna start now? sooner the might forget if you don't.'' I shrugged.



''Sure...what cover should I sing?'' 



''I have no idea...think about it.'' I replied,walking into the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of water,I walked back in to see Justin browsing Youtube..he put on you got it bad by usher and began to hum the tune as he strummed his hands over the strings on the guitar.


''You got it-you got it bad,

when your on the phone..hang up..and you call right back'' Justin sang softly,looking up at me for approval.



I smiled and nodded my head before I moved the tripod nearer to him and began to record him,Justin smiled at the camera before he continued singing.





I groaned when I felt Justin sit down next to me. ''I'm lying here..moveee.'' I groaned,kicking his ass as he sat on my feet.



''Someone's a bit grumpy..besides...I thought you might wanna know I uploaded all those covers I did earlier.'' 



I shot up from my sleeping position and rubbed my eyes as I stared at his laptop and back up to him ''Aaaaand.'' 



''And nothing..I thought I'd just tell you.'' He laughed.



I groaned and sat back,focusing on the TV as I knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep for a while. ''Thanks loser.'' I murmured.



''Babe don't be like were the one encouraging me.'' 



''Yeah and you should encourage me to get some sleep you little shit.'' I smirked,rubbing the sleep out my eyes as I sleepily glanced at the spongebob episode airing on tv.







I groaned when I felt Justin sit on my stomach. ''Do you want me to puke all over your handsome face?'' I spat,feeling more queezy by the minute.



''Stop being so harsh.'' Justin pouted. 



''Whatever...get your fat ass off me.'' I grinned,reaching up and slapping his forehead.



''What would you do if I fart right now?'' Justin grinned deviously,grabbing my hands and pinning them down on the couch.



''I'd fucking kill you.'' 



''No you wouldn't.'' 



''Wanna bet?'' 



''Try me Bieber.'' I smirked,trying to swipe my hand across his face but failing miserably.



Justin grinned before he let one rip,I screamed and wiggled from underneath him. ''IM GOING TO MURDER YOU.'' I screamed,pushing Justin off me and quickly getting up,but before I had time to grab him he was already running down to the basement. ''YOU'RE A DEAD MAN.'' I joked,running down the steps after me.



The room was dark and creepy,it was a theatre room...a big screen with nice couches..a popcorn machine and a small bathroom in the corner,I looked around trying to find his piercing brown eyes in the dark,but no luck,and just as I was about to yell I heard a door slam shut.


I gasped and turned around to see the basement door closed where as a few seconds ago it was left open.I growled and marched up the stairs. ''You're so gonna die when I get my hands on you.'' I growled,ramming my fist into the door.



I let out a yelp when I felt my knuckle displace it's self,I used my foot and tried to kik open the door but my Supra's weren't hard enough to protect my feet from the damage,I gave up and prayed to lord Jesus that my phone was in my pocket,but to my unfortunate luck I was stuck,my phone was upstairs with Justin.



''Kinky.'' Justin whispered into the door,gigging straight after as he pieced together my sentance as a sexual remark.



''FUCK YOU.'' I hissed.



''What position.'' I heard him call back.






''Then you'll just have to stay down there,with your only source of food which so happens to be a half empty popcorn container...while I'm up here with unlimited food...HASHTAG FOOD FOR DAYZZZZ.'' Justin screamed.


I rolled my eyes and walked down the steps before turning on the lampshade in the corner.



At least I have movies and a comfy couch.



I put in the movie 'Safe Haven' and grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch,I sat down and wrapped myself in the blanket before reaching over and grabbing the popcorn with my good hand.



''I HATE YOU.'' I yelled up to Justin,hoping he could hear me.



''Lies.'' He chuckled,hardly audible as it seemed like he was in the living area.



I growled and rested my head back before stuffing the buttered popcorn into my mouth.



This boy is too much sometimes...






Justin's POV:


I woke up from my heavy was roughly around noon,I stretched and rolled of the couch which I had fallen asleep on last night.


I walked upstairs in hope to find sleeping beauty on the bed,but instead she wasn't there. ''Babe?'' I asked,looking around all the spare rooms and not having any luck.



''Babe!'' I called again,rubbing the sleep out my eyes as I quickly changed my pants and took off my top from the day before,I pulled on a YMCMB white top with red lettering and slipped on my red basketball shorts,I placed a snapback over my hair to cover up the bad hair day I was experiencing,I strolled down the stairs and into the kitchen expecting to see a note from Marlee saying she was out somewhere,but there wasn't one.I frowned and went to find my phone but found Marlee's instead,perched on the coffee table,I began to panic,where could she be?



''Marlee? babe?'' I called again,this time more quiet as the silence began to scare me.



My eyes caught sight of the basement door and I immediately began walking towards it,I unlocked it and slowly opened the door to see the lampshade blaring away,I creeped down the stairs and peeked over the couch to see a sleeping Marlee curled up in a ball watching 'Karate Kid' on a low volume,I smiled and ran my hand over her forehead as I crouched down beside the couch,I kissed her forehead and began to shake her body slightly.



''Mmm.'' She murmured,rolling over so her face was inline with mine.



I reached up and traced my fingertip over her lips,I then leaned down and kissed the tip of her nose. ''Wake up beautiful.'' I murmured,brushing the strands of hair out of her closed eyes.



''I don't wanna go to school,6 more minutes.'' She murmured...digging her head into the blanket.



''No baby...come on,time to wake up,it's half 12.'' I chuckled,gently tapping her nose with my hand.




''Stop.'' She groaned,swatting my hand away.



I gasped when I saw a massive black and purple bruise on her left hand,I grabbed it gently and brought it closer to my face so I could see it. 



''Marlee,wake up.'' I whispered,instantly causing her to rub her eyes and awaken.



''What's this?'' I asked,once she leaned on her elbow and continued to stare at me. 



''Oh my god...I don't know.'' She whispered,taking my hand out of hers and looking at the bruise herself.



''It looks so sure you don't know what happened?'' 



''Well..I punched the door in frustration last night and heard a crack,but I didn't think it was my knuckle..I thought it was the door.'' 



''Oh my god.'' Justin gasped. ''Shit,let me get you some ice.'' He murmured,getting up and running up the stairs,I rolled my eyes and got up off the couch,I walked up the stairs after Justin and walked into the kitchen to see him frantically slapping the ice dispenser.



''Justin stop.'' I laughed,resting my back on the island as he looked in the freezer.



''I hurt you again.'' He growled,slamming the freezer shut and kicking the cabinet next to him.



''Stop.'' I whimpered,getting frightened by his out of control behaviour.



Justin stopped hitting things at the sound of my strained voice,he walked forwards and lifted me up before he placed me on the counter,he stood inbetween my legs and began caressing my neck with his thumb. ''I'm so sorry...I promised myself to never hurt you again.'' He whispered,his eyes filled with pain and anger.



''You didn't though,It was my fault...I punched the door.'' 



''But you wouldn't of done that if I didn't piss you off and lock you in a basement.'' He growled,running his hand through his hair as he began to pace the room.



''Stop.'' I barked. ''I'm sick of you blaming yourself for everything! cut yourself some slack Justin! not everything's your fault..and this definitely isn't!'' I spat,a single tear pouring down my cheek at the confusion and stress this whole argument was bringing me. 



Justin sighed and walked over to me,he wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off the counter,I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his torso and gripped onto him for dear life.I bit my lip as my tears seeped into his fresh white top,making grey splotches everywhere from my mascara tears.



What? I couldn't take off my make up because I was locked in a fucking basement all night...



''Shh..shh I'm sorry baby,I didn't mean to make you upset.'' Justin whispered,rubbing my back as he kissed my shoulder blade. ''I love you and I'm sorry.'' He soothingly spoke,nestling his head in the crook of my neck.


I sniffed up my tears and clutched Justin's shirt in my hand. ''I'm sorry...I ruined your shirt.'' I whimpered,taking my head away from his and doing my best to rub out the mascara stains. 



''I'd have your lipstick ruined then your crying babe,please're going to set me off in a minute.'' Justin lightly chuckled,kissing my cheek as another tear rolled down my cheek.



''Please stop crying..princesses can't cry.'' Justin whispered,setting me down on the island again and leaning up to wipe away my tears,I swatted his hands away and grabbed the back of his neck,causing him to forcefully move forwards,our lips met in a passionate kiss and Justin re-wrapped his arms around my waist,He lifted me off the counted and continued to kiss me. 



Justin then ran his tongue along my bottom lip asking for entrance and I soon granted,Justin squeezed me tighter causing me to press up closer to him,our tongues danced around and Justin's won dominance,He then pulled away and smiled at me,he lowered me onto the floor and kissed me once more before pulling away. 


''I love you so much.'' He whispered,pulling me into a hug.'' 



''I love you more.'' 



''Not possible.'' 






''Nuh-uh.'' Justin chuckled.






''Nu-'' Justin soon got cut off as a notification came through on his phone. 



He bit his lip and grabbed my hand before he lead me over to the couch,He pulled me down onto his lap and I grabbed his laptop like he asked me too. 


''Fire up Youtube.'' He croaked.



I obeyed and clicked onto youtube,then video's.



My mouth shot open when I realised Justin had gotten over 200 views on his 'You got it bad' cover in under 24 hours. 



''OH MY GOD!'' I yelled,turning around and hugging Justin. 



''Holy shit.'' He whispered,hugging me back.



I kissed his cheek and went through the comments. 



''JUSTIN THEY LOVE YOU..WOWOWOW!'' I screamed,wiggling on his lap.



''Don't do that.'' Justin groaned.



I frowned then realised that my butt came in contact with know...awkward.



I laughed and continued to celebrate with Justin before recording some more covers.





thats it:P


this took ages because I kept getting distracted lol,hope you enjoyed.


love you all 













Stay flawless<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3








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