Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


11. It's our story


Justin's POV:


I woke up,cold and alone,my head hurting from the way I was sleeping on the floor,great..this is just great.


''J-Justin?'' Someone whispered.



*I slowly got up from the floor,to see Marlee lying on the bed,her cheeks stained with tears,my heart instantly sank at the fact that I couldn't hug her*



''I-I'm sorry.'' She sobbed,playing with the hem of her hospital gown.



''About what?'' 



''I'm sorry I don't know you...I'm sorry I made you angry,but I don't know why.'' She whispered.



''Don't worry about it,get some sleep it's early.'' 



''Are you going back to sleep?'' 



''N-No,I'm um,I'm going for a walk.'' I muttered,still not sure on how to react on the whole situation.



*I began to walk out the room,only to be stopped by a heart breaking yelp,I turned around quickly to see Marlee trying to climb out the bed,I ran over to her and pulled her gently back onto the bed*



''Why did you climb off?'' 



''I wanted to ask you something,but you walked away,and my voice hurts.'' She croaked.



''What did you want to ask me?'' I smiled slightly.



''Well...if you say,we um,had a special relationship,then I really want to remember,because although you scare seem nice and trust worthy,so please could you tell me some of the memories we shared,to um..try and regain my memory,because it hurts looking at the pain in your eyes when I tell you I don't remember you.''



*A smile instantly found it's way onto my face at the thought of Marlee wanting to remember me*



I thought she wanted to forget me...



''Of course.'' I smiled.



*Marlee smiled slightly and shuffled in the bed,I grabbed the chair and dragged it to the side of her bed before sitting down*



''Want me to start from the beginning?'' 



''Is it a story?'' 



''It's our story.'' I replied,looking at Marlee straight in her eyes.




''But first,tell me about I feel more comfortable around you.'' 



*I nodded and began to explain all about myself,my hobbies,what I liked to do in my free time,my birthday and everything about my siblings*



''W-When is my birthday?'' Marlee asked me,glancing down at her hands.



''Your birthday is the 2nd of March 1994 at 12:57am.'' I smiled.



'' my birthday is the day after yours...and one minute?'' She frowned.



*I chuckled lightly,placing my hand on Marlee's instantly regretting it once she pulled away sharply



''S-Sorry.'' I muttered.



''It's fine.'' She whispered.



*I pulled out my phone from my pocked and began to look through all the photo's on my phone,I passed the phone to Marlee and she flicked through them*



''Why are all the pictures on here of just us? don't you have any of your family?'' She asked nervously.



''No silly,I have albums...the one of me and you is called 'forever' and I have one of my family called 'fam' '' I chuckled.



''Why is ours called forever?'' 



''Because our friendship is forever.'' 



''No it's not.'' She muttered.



''What?'' I replied,slightly startled by her reply.



''Our friendship is not forever.'' She muttered again,frowning.






''Because I don't remember anything,so it won't work,Justin.'' She spat,catching me off guard.



''You know what? I'm going for a walk.''I muttered as I pushed the chair back,causing it to topple over,causing a screech of the chair legs hitting the ground whiz around the room.



*I walked over to the door before pulling it open with force*



''Don't.'' A small voice pleaded,I turned around. ''I'm sorry,please don't go.'' Marlee whispered,a tear falling down her cheek. ''Please,I'm sorry for shouting and upsetting you,it just frustrates me that I don't remember anything,and as much as I try to..nothing comes to mind,just please don't go.'' She sobbed.



I felt my heart shatter into two,seeing Marlee cry was always my weakness ..if anything I hated most,it was Marlee crying and there's nothing I could do about it.



''Please don't cry.'' I whispered,walking over to the side of her bed and slowly touching the side of her face.



This time she didn't flinch,I smiled down at her and wiped away her tears,she smiled up at me when suddenly I felt the urge.



*I leaned in slowly,hovering my lips above her cheek*



''Can I?'' I asked.



*I felt Marlee nod,I smiled and placed my lips onto her cheek,I pulled away and combed her stray hairs out of her face,she looked up at me and smiled*



''Can I tell you something?'' 






''Even thought I don't really remember you,I'm so lucky to have you in my life,I can already feel the bestfriend vibe about you and I wasn't even sure if you were telling the truth or you were just some random boy trying to flirt with me,but I just want to let you know that thank you for putting up with me even after the accident,it means allot and I really hope I can remember our friendship someday.'' She smiled up at me.



''Awhh.'' I cooed,gently pecking her forehead. ''Thanks Marls,you know I'd never ditch you for this if you knew me,you mean to much to me to let you go.'' I grinned.



''Thank you,Jay.'' She giggled.



My heart instantly froze,Jay? that was what she used to call me sometimes..



''Wait,what did you just call me?'' I asked,my eyes wide.



''Um..Jay?'' She replied,thoroughly confused.




*I just stared at her for a mere few moments*



''I-I'm sorry,I didn't mean to-''



''No! it's okay,'s what you used to call me before you,the accident.'' I mumbled.



''I'm sorry...I didn't mean for you to assume anything,it's just you called me I thought i'd return the favour.'' She pouted.



''It's cool Marls,honestly...I want you to keep calling me that though,even if you didn't call me it intentionally,It's cute.'' I smiled.



''Jay it is then.'' She giggled.



I honestly thought my feelings for her would just fizzle out once I found out about her memory loss,but it's just making me love her more...Marlee hasn't changed,it's just her memory's gone for a while,let's just call it a mini vacation.




****** sorry this hasn't been updated in yonks,its just that i had loads of it saved in my drafts but completely forgot about it,so sorry again and yeah:D



Stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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