Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


16. ''I'm such a bad boyfriend.''


                                                                     Marlee's POV:


Okay,lets skip to lunch time shall we? because honestly the whole morning has been shit,Justin's been ignoring me the whole morning,and let me remind you that was every period so freaking far I had the silent treatment from him,god dammit.



''Okay c-''





I smiled slightly as the school bell sounded,catching the attention of all of the sleeping student's in my class who immediately jumped,a few flying out of their chairs and landing on their butts which I found highly amusing causing a dirty look from our teacher Mrs.Tango.



(AN: I'm drinking Tango right now lol XD)



*Me,along with everyone else in my class jumped out our seats and threw our bags over our shoulders before scurrying to the door,immediately scampering back when the teacher ran to the door and stood infront of it,with a cheeky evil smirk placed on her lips*



''AHH-AHH-AHH Did I say you could go?'' She asked,holding up a finger to all of us who were stood in front of her by the door.



''The bell has rang,let us go!'' Someone whined,I laughed and looked to my left to see Justin stood by me,looking at me slightly,I turned around and looked at the teacher.



''The bell signifies that this period is over,but I tell you when you go,so everyone get back to your desks.'' She demanded,shooing us away.



''Hoe.'' I muttered,walking back to my desk.



*A few sniggers and laughs were heard after I made my comment,A loud coughing sound came from behind me and I immediately turned around to see Mrs.Tango glaring at me*



''What was that Miss Hightower?'' She asked,placing her hands on her hips.



''You heard.'' I spat,turning around and grabbing my pen which I left on the table by mistake.



''You tell her Marlee!'' Someone yelled,I looked to my right and saw Steven smiling with his thumbs up.



*I giggled and turned around to see Mrs.Tango showcasing her bright red face,her glasses fogged up*



''DETENTION! BOTH OF YOU!'' She screeched.



''Whatever.'' I muttered,falling back down into my seat.



*I took my phone out of my pocket and went to text Madison and Alexis to tell them that I had detention so I'll meet them later,but before I could my phone was snatched off me,I looked up in disbelief to see the teacher frowning at me*



''No phones In class! you know this Marlee! I am very disappointed in you.'' She scolded,shaking her head slightly.



''Oh boo hoo! So are most people...I don't give a fuck.'' I mumbled,completely pissed off by her presence.


''Do you wan't to double the time that you are in detention?'' She asked.


''To be honest I don't really care,I have nothing better to do...the schools food tastes like shit anyway.'' I grumbled,crossing my arms over my chest.



''That's enough! you will go to the detention room and stay in there for 30 minutes,Mr.Stubbs will make sure you won't escape.''  She hissed.



''Whatever.'' I muttered.



*The teacher turned around and dismissed the rest of the class apart from me and Steven,I sighed and got up,before walking out the room with Steven but before I shut the door the bitch spoke again*



''And don't y'all go running off,I'm going to email Mr.Stubbs to make sure he know's your coming.'' She yelled.



*I slammed the door in the middle of her little statement and stormed off down the hallway,Steven running along behind to try and catch up with me*



''You're so bad to her.'' He chuckled,finally catching up to me.



''She's a fucking hoe,she deserves it.'' I spat,pushing past him and walking into the detention room to see Mr.Stubbs looking at his laptop with squinted eyes.



''Oh! hello Marlee and Steven!'' He smiled,finally looking up.



''Hey sir,is it okay if we can go on our phones?'' I asked,smiling sweetly.



Mr.Stubbs is one of my favourite teachers in this shit hole I call prison,he's so cheery and so nice to me,he understands my bad tempers towards teachers and avoids annoying me as much as possible,he lets me do what I want and he's in charge of Detention,I know him well because me and Justin always used to get in detention just to waste time after school..I've known Mr.Stubbs since grade 8 and he's always had a soft spot for me,I mean c'mon...who doesn't?....exactly.



''Sure,just make sure Mrs.Tango doesn't walk in..she might tell you guys off.'' He chuckled,whipping out his bottle of diet coke and taking a large sip of it.



''Thanks.'' I smiled,I motioned for Steven to follow me as I weaved through all of the desks right to the back. 



*I sat down in the desk next to the wall and whipped out my phone smirking slightly*



That bitch was stupid enough to leave my phone on the corner of her desk,one quick brush of the hand and that little beauty is safely in my hands again...



*I sighed as a message from Justin instantly popped up on my phone,I clicked on it and read it aloud for Steven to hear*



'From: Jayboo;)xo


R we cool? - Jay'



'To: Jayboo;)xo


Well considering you ignored me all morning,then no.



*I waited for a reply but I never got one,I sighed and went on twitter to tweet something*



'@ItzMarleeBitch: Fucked up this hoe this morning,hope she has a big fat juicy black eye,sat in detention with @Steven_1994.'


''You're newest tweet though.'' Steven laughed,holding his hand out for me to high five,I giggled and high fived him.



''I wonder if that bitch has a black eye.'' I laughed.



''Hopefully.'' Steven chuckled,glancing over at me.



*******10 minutes later*******



''Dude,pssst!'' I whispered,throwing a paper ball at Steven's head.



''Yellow?'' Steven replied,shooting me one of his trademark grins.



''He's asleep! do you think we could get out of here?'' I asked,pointing to Mr.Stubbs snoring in his chair.



''Let's roll,he's a heavy and Annabel threw a eraser at his head before when he was sleeping and he didn't even flinch.'' Steven laughed.



I giggled and grabbed my bag from the floor whilst stuffing my phone into my pocket. ''Leggo.'' I muttered as I began to walk down the aisle,I tiptoed over to the door and slowly opened it to see a bunch of students talking up at down the hallway,I turned around and motioned for Steven to come forwards before I walked out of the Detention room and made a b-line straight for the cafeteria where Madison and Alexis were waiting for me.



''HEY! OVER HERE!'' Someone shouted,I turned around and saw Alexis waving her hand frantically in the air.



I laughed and walked over to the table they were sat at. ''I did know that Al,this is our table.'' I giggled,pushing her shoulder slightly.



*Out the corner of my eye I saw Justin looking over at our table,I quickly looked away and carried on the conversation between me and Madison as Alexis checked her hair with her pocket mirror,I suddenly felt a tug on my hair and my head instantly snapped around to see Sydney smirking at me*



''GET THE FUCK UP YOU LITTLE SKANK.'' She shrieked,the whole cafeteria slowly went silent and everyone's gases landed on us.



''Come back for more,huh?'' I smirked,standing up and standing right in front of her,laughing inwardly as I clearly towered over her.



Short little hoe.



''You ain't got shit on me.'' She spat,standing on her tiptoes and getting in my face.



''Hoe,just walk away...just leave.'' I laughed,pushing her away from my face.



*She stepped back and frowned at me*



''Awh..looks like those punches I gave you earlier didn't show up,probably because you caked yourself in makeup so much that the black eye had no chance of emerging from your crusty skin.'' I spat.



*Several snickers and wriggled of laughter filled the cafeteria as Sydney stood there with her mouth hung open.*



''Honey,you might want to close your mouth,no one want's to see your last customers cum in your rabies infested mouth.'' I laughed,crossing my arms over my chest.



''It's funny because my last customer was your boyfriend.'' She smirked,stepping forwards.



''You really think Justin would put his dick in your filthy mouth? I don't think so babe,now run along...your 800th fuck want's a refund from the STI'S you gave him.'' I snickered,shooing her away with my hand. ''Peasant.'' I muttered before turning around to sit back down.



''I fucked your boyfriend.'' She hissed,trying to get my attention again.



Gasps and Mutters were echoing through the cafeteria as those words left her lips.



''Sorry,but he's not that desperate...If he wanted to fuck someone I'm pretty sure you would be the last person on the list...I mean look at you,you hardly look after yourself,it looks like you used all the hairspray bottles in the world to make your hair look like that...if I dropped a qauter in there I would never find it again,it's fucking disgusting...and don't even get me started on your fucking makeup.'' I laughed,turning back around facing her.



*I smirked as practically the whole cafeteria laughed at my words,Sydney started to shake from anger and I watched her silently*



''YOUR SUCH A FUCKING BITCH!'' She screamed,frantically looking around the tables around her,I watched as she smirked before quickly picking up a plate full of spaghetti and threw it all over my head,before grabbing a carton of OJ and tipping that over my head too.



*I shrieked as the cold spaghetti ran down my sweatshirt and onto the floor.*



''ooo'' People murmured.



*After a few seconds of people snickering and pointing at me,I couldn't take it..I ran out of the cafeteria and stormed into the bathroom tears fiercely running down my cheeks*



Sydney just completely humiliated me in front of the whole school,and no one even did anything..not even my best fucking friend,Justin.



*I desperately tried to wipe away the tears just as someone walking into the bathroom,I decided to stay facing away from them so they couldn't see my puffy eyes and my tear stain cheeks,I suddenly felt a gentle hand rest on my shoulder,I bit my lip nervously and turned my head to the side*



Justin was stood there staring at me.



*I turned back around and yanked my shoulder out of his grasp before I walked into cubicle and locked the door quickly,I walked back and hitched my breath as more tears began to fall*



''Baby,please.'' Justin whispered,barely audible.



But I still heard him...



''Come to embarrass me to?'' I sobbed,trying to wipe the OJ running down my face.



''Of course not! What she did was wrong!'' Justin sighed,placing his hand on the outside of the cubicle.



''Didn't stop you from sitting on your ass and not sticking up for me.'' I replied coldly,sitting on the edge of the toilet seat and grabbing some paper towel to wipe down my top.



''Baby,I'm sorry I didn't do anything,I wanted to fuck that bitch up but I was brought up better and I don't hit girls..I'm sorry,but if it makes you feel any better,once you left I told everyone to stop laughing or i'll individually go around and kick everyones asses.'' Justin replied,trying to open the cubicle.



*I couldn't help but giggle at the thought of Justin shouting at the whole cafeteria screaming he will kick there asses if they laugh,I heard Justin chuckle*



''There's that adorable smile that makes my heart stop.'' Justin chuckled.



*I opened up the cubicle and walked out,stopping just infront of Justin*



''Is it really adorable?'' I asked timidly,smiling in despite of myself as I wiped my tears.



''Yes.'' Justin chuckled.



*My smile slowly faded and my gaze dropped to the floor*



''I'm such a bad boyfriend.'' Justin spat,I immediately looked up to see him shaking his head before he kicked the cubicle door,causing it to rattle.



''Don't say that.'' I whispered,shaking my head as I stepped forwards.



''No! I am...I fuck things up,I'm ruining our friendship and I feel like were drifting apart.'' Justin whispered,barely audible.



''There's no way in hell I'd let us drift apart,you're not going anywhere.'' I stated,grabbing his hand and entwining it with mine. ''Look,I'm sorry about everything,I was the biggest bitch and I was overreacting on everything.'' I replied,shaking my head.



''No,it's my fault...I should of stuck up for you on both occasions but I was scared that if I did I would end up in jail because once I got my hands on that bitch,I wouldn't be able to stop.'' Justin chuckled bitterly.



''Calm down Jay,it's over with now...just-just help me get this out of my hair and shirt.'' I replied,pulling him over to the sinks.



''Fuck that,let's take you home...I'm not letting you go through another period with spaghetti all down your jumper.'' Justin giggled,pulling me out of the bathroom ,I stopped him and pulled him back in before waiting for the door to close.



*Once it did I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled up at him*



''I love you despite the freeze moment's you have in weird situations.'' I giggled.



''I love you despite how much of a dork you are.'' Justin replied cheekily.



''Wanna refrase that big boy? huh?'' I smirked,raising my eyebrows.



''I love you despite of how jealous I am of your perfection.'' Justin whispered,hovering his lips above mine.


''That's better.'' I grinned,before pecking Justin on the side of his mouth.



*Justin let out a groan and I chuckled*



''Wait till we get back,then I'll kiss you as much as you want.'' I smiled,biting my lip slightly to tease Justin.



''Can't wait.'' He smirked before he pulled me out of the bathroom and down the hallway to the front entrance.



''Woah!someone's a bit eager.'' I giggled,letting him pull me outside and down the steps.



''Well when it involves those perfect lips of yours I would run a marathon just to kiss you.'' Justin smirked,shooting me a teasing grin as we walked over to his car.



''You're such a cheeseball.'' I giggled,slapping his shoulder.



''And you better believe it!'' Justin yelled,skipping as he swung out entwined fingers up and down.



*I rolled my eyes and continued to skip to Justin's car out of force.*



I'm so glad me and Justin are okay again...

















Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3



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