Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


12. I'm coming home!


*1 week later*

Marlee's POV:


''Miss Hightower? Miss?'' Someone whispered,causing my eyes to snap open from the deep sleep I just had.



''Mhmm.'' I replied,closing my eyes again and stretching.



''You may go home today!'' The nurse whispered,a clipboard grasped in her hands.


*My eyes instantly snapped open,and my jaw dropped,I began freaking out at the thought of eating nice food instead of this mushy crap they actually call 'food'*



''R-Really?'' I asked,just to make sure they weren't playing a joke Justin told them to go along with.



I have to admit me and Justin have become closer..but my memory still hasn't came back..



''Yes,you can leave whenever your ready,just get someone to sign the papers at the front desk and you can leave,but you have to come back once a week until your memory slowly comes back.'' She smiled.



''Thank you so much! you have no idea how much this means to me!'' I yelped,jumping around in the bed.



''No worries Miss.would you like me to send in Mr.Bieber to tell him the news?'' 



''Yes please,but I want to tell him okay?'' 



''Of course,I'll leave you two to talk.'' She winked,walking out the room.



*I just grinned and watched as Justin walked into the room,A huge smile plastered on his face*



''Marlee!'' He screamed,running up to me and giving me a huge hug,kissing my forehead repetitively.



*I giggled and hugged him back*



''Justtiiiin.'' I mocked.



*Justin rolled his eyes and sat down on the end of my bed,facing me*



''How are you?'' He asked,stroking my hand.



''I'm great..OH MY GOD GUESS WHAT!'' I screamed,causing Justin to fall off the bed.



*I laughed and helped him up,he chuckled and sat on the end of the bed again*






''I'M COMING HOME!'' I screamed,clapping my hands together.



*Justin's jaw dropped just like mine and he jumped off the bed and began to dougie,I laughed at his sillyness and pulled him closer to me,pulling him into a hug*



''I can finally eat something goooood,isn't that exiting?'' I shrieked,swaying us from side to side.



''I'm so happy for you! and is that all you think about? eating decent food?'' He chuckled,pulling apart from the hug.



''Maybeee.'' I smiled up at him.



*Justin laughed and kissed my forehead*



''Would you like to sleep around my house tonight,show me where everything is? because I h-''



''Of course,anything for my best friend in the whole entire world.''



*I smiled sadly and kissed his cheek*



''I'm sure you're mine too..I just need some reminding.'' I replied,sighing.



''Hey it's's not your fault,it doesn't change anything.'' Justin replied,soothing me.



''Thanks,you always know the best thing to say.'' I smiled.



''Thank you beautiful.'' Justin chuckled.



''She said I can leave when I like,but I need to get someone to sign me out,and I need to come every week until my memory comes back.'' I sighed.


''Well would you like to leave now? I could drive you to Mc Donalds and get you your favourite?'' Justin replied,taking my hand in his.



''Yes please,but you will have to order for me,I don't remember what I like.'' I giggled.



*Justin just smiled and nodded*



''Help me get up?'' I asked,glancing at Justin.



''Of course.'' 



''Thankyouuuu.'' I replied in a sing-song voice.



''You're so weird.' 



''Why thanks.'' I frowned.



''And cute.'' 



*I blushed and grabbed his hands as he pulled me off the bed,wrapping one arm around me and the other grabbing the crutches I had to use,I smiled and put on my crutches before I limped out the room*



''We need to find your mom then we can leave..okay?'' He asked.



''Okay,I'm hungry so we need to make this quick.'' 



''When are you not hungry?'' Justin chuckled.



''That's true..'' I giggled.



*Justin just rolled his eyes playfully and helped me as I walked down the long corridor to get to the lift,I pressed the button and instantly the doors flew open,I walked in and leaned against the railing as Justin pressed the ground floor button,I could sense he was nervous,so I limped forwards and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder to know that everything was alright*



''Thanks Marlee.'' He smiled once the doors opened.



''It's nothing,let's get outta this shit hole!'' I screamed in exitement.



Justin gasped and clasped his hand over my mouth,laughing. ''Shh...oh my god Marlee.'' Justin laughed.



*I giggled and pried his hand off my mouth before I began to limp forwards*



''Hello Miss.Hightower..just get a guardian to sign this paper and you may leave.'' The receptionist smiled.



*I sighed in frustration glancing around frantically to see where my mom was,but before I could say anything,Justin stepped forwards and signed the paper,I frowned at him and he just smiled at me*



''I've decided to become your guardian because I want to look after you all the time from now on...I signed the papers last night before I came here,I don't want you getting hurt again so your mom agreed.'' Justin grinned.



''Awhh that's so sweet! thank you so much!'' I replied,pulling him in for a hug.



''It's alright gorgeous,I need to keep my little boo safe.'' He replied,pressing his lips into my hair.



*A small blush creeped up into my cheeks and I tried my best to hide it but failed miserably*



''Awh you're blushing.'' He grinned.



''Shut up and go,I want some food.'' I whined,slapping his shoulder.



''Okay.'' He chuckled.



*We both began to walk out of the hospital,I clutched onto one of the hoodies Justin leant me as the harsh winds flew past us,I groaned and got into the car*



''It's so nice to be outta that shit hole.'' I muttered.



''I bet it is,you've missed all of the food..'' 



''You got that right.'' I laughed.



*Justin chuckled and drove over to McDonalds,he drove up to the drive thru and ordered a 20 piece chicken nugget box for me with small fries and a large banana milkshake and Justin got a cheeseburger happy meal for himself and got a pepsi to go with it,I frowned at my portion compared to Justin's and felt embarrassed*



Did I really eat that fat before I got in hospital?



*Justin grabbed the things and payed before he drove home,stopping at my house and climbing out with the food*


I stared at my house in awe as the bright white stone outlined the huge house with loads of colourful flowers dotted around the yard,I grabbed my crutches and hopped over to the front door which Justin just opened and stepped inside,instantly being hit with the strong scent of vanilla and coconut.


Is that my scent? can I only smell it because I haven't smelt this in so long and I'm not used to the smell anymore? if so then I can finally rest in peace,knowing that my house scent smells nice.



''Justin what's that smell?'' I asked just to make sure.



''What smell?'' 



''That vanilla coconut smell.'' I elaborated,frowning at him.



''I can't smell anything.'' 



''You've got used to it too?'' 



''Mhm,I remember your house smelling like that though when I was yeah I've got used to it.'' He chuckled.



''Would make sense because you did tell me you practically live in my house.'' 



''Yeah so don't get freaked out if I causally walk into your house at one in the morning and eat all your food then go,I normally do that when my mom brings home vegetables and no junk food,your house always has junk food so It's all good.'' Justin chuckled.



''Well that's nice to hear.'' I breathed.



''It's me,you do have healthy food aswell,it's just I tend to just eat all the good stuff and leave you with the shitty food,sorry about that..but you'll get used to it.'' Justin laughed.






''Okay,let's get some plates and eat our Maccy D's on the couch and stick in a movie..your mom will be home soon.'' Justin replied.



''Why do you have a happy meal?'' I asked,watching him as he pulled out 2 plates from the draw.



''Because I ate before I came to see,yeah..don't worry if you don't feel comfortable eating all that food and can't eat it all I'll always help you.'' He chuckled.



''Hey! I just asked you why..I never said I couldn't eat it all!'' I replied.



''Still the same Marlee.'' He chuckled. ''Still so cute.'' 



''This isn't a ploy to get my nuggets is it?'' I frowned,a smirk playing on my lips.



''Don't worry about it..I'm cool,I have my burger and baby fries..I'll live.'' He chuckled.



''Okay,let's watch Mean Girls okay!'' I screamed,seeing the case of the DVD on the table and thinking it's cool.



''This and Monsters Inc are your favourite you still remember or do you want to watch it because you just saw the case?'' Justin asked.



''I saw it and it looks cool..if it's my favourite movie it must be anyway,we can watched Monsters Inc. after okay?'' I asked.



''Sure.'' Justin replied before grabbing his plate of food and jumping onto the couch,I did the same but sat at the other end of the couch.



''Wanna know what I miss?'' Justin asked,facing me.






''Our cuddles and affectionate moments where we just hug for ages and don't let go unless one of us need's to pee or raid the fridge.'' He muttered,looking down at his lap.



''Y-You want to cuddle?'' I asked nervously.



I mean...I've known Justin for over a week now and we are quite close,I've had conversations with him over the phone and he's told me allot about our memories and trips out,he's told me his secrets again and I've tried to tell him mine but I can't remember any,he said it was okay because he knew them anyway which made me sad because he knew more about me than I did myself,but I guess Justin is a nice person and I spend most of my time with him now,because he's the only person I know really well...Of course my mom but I know more about Justin now then I do about my mom,and I don't know where my dad is..he hasn't visited me yet,but when I brought it up in front of Justin assuming he knew where he was Justin just became teary and ran out the room crying,so I don't dare bring it up again...but overall I'm trusting Justin more right now,and I know he's not here to hurt me,he's my best friend apparently and I'm seeing day by day why I made this commitment to him in the first place all those years ago,he's a great guy but it kills me knowing I don't remember him fully like he would like me too,and I'm starting to think he likes me a little bit more than best friends the way he act's around me..I mean,don't tell Justin this but I've been watching YouTube videos of girl and boy best friends to get some ideas on what they do to see If Justin did those,but none of the kissed each other or hugged endlessly for ages,maybe a small hug now and then but Justin always want's to hug me..but I don't mind.



''If that's okay with you,I mean...I-I won't push you,but I would like to.'' Justin stuttered nervously.



*I giggled and shuffled closer to him,resting my head on his shoulder as Justin wrapped his arm around my waist,pulling me closer,I picked up my food and put the plate on my lap and began to nibble on my nuggets while the last advert before Mean Girls came on*



''I've missed this so much,you don't understand.'' Justin whispered,looking down at me smiling.



''Missed what?'' 



''Cuddeling with you on the sofa,eating takeout..messing about...I've just missed it all,I really have,I know this may be awkward to you but thank you so much for letting me cuddle you,It must be a big step for you but for me it means everything that I can finally cuddle with my little Marlee again.'' He chuckled,pinching my cheek before slowly kissing my forehead.



''It's fine..It's all good,this is nice.'' I replied awkwardly.



I mean,It's not like I don't like him kissing's just that its sending me mixed emotions if he only does it in a friendly way...






''Oh my gad Justin,you're so fetch.'' I yelled,pulling my hand out and scraping the air before dropping it.



Justin chuckled. ''Gretchen,fetch is never gonna happen.'' Justin replied in the same girly voice.



''Bite me Bieber.'' 



*Justin leaned down and bit my shirt,pulling it upwards before he let it go,I giggled and slapped his shoulder*



''Not literally,dork.'' I laughed.



''I know,I was messing.'' Justin chuckled.



''Whatever Bieber...'' I tormented,hitting my head on his shoulder repetitively a couple of times.



''OW! you hurt my shoulder.'' Justin pouted,looking at the red patch on his shoulder.



''Suck it up.'' I replied before I began to eat my last couple of nuggets.



''Oh my god look at that!'' Justin screamed,pointing towards the stairs.



*I looked and frowned before turning back around,I caught Justin with a chicken nugget hanging out his mouth, I pouted and slapped his shoulder*



''Hey! I only have about 3 left now!'' I pouted,staring at the chicken box.



''I'm sowwy.'' Justin pouted.



''You have another and I'll have another,...I know you're hungry so I'm going to be nice.'' I replied,picking up the nuggets and giving him one.



''What about the last one?'' Justin asked.



''We share it.''



''Fine by me.'' Justin smirked before he crammed the other nugget into his mouth and began chewing.



''Dude! you chew so loud!'' I yelled. ''It's gross.'' 


''Is this gross?'' He asked before he began slapping his lips together chewing louder,showcasing the chicken mush in his mouth.



''EWWWW move away,ya nasty!'' I shrieked,covering my ears and leaning away from him.



Justin laughed and leaned forwards,tormenting me.



''Stop,it's yucky.'' I replied,scrunching my nose up.



*Justin grinned before he swallowed and pinched my nose*



''You're such a cute when you scrunch your nose up,did you know that?'' Justin chuckled,looking down at me.



''No I didn't ,thank you for that piece of information though.'' I giggled.



*Justin smiled and placed a kiss on my cheek,my smile instantly turned into a frown at the thought of Justin maybe liking me more than friends*



It won't hurt to ask him will it?



''Justin...'' I asked,fiddling with my hands in my lap.



''Yeah cutie?'' He replied,looking down at me again.























Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3



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