Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


13. Desperate for the truth


Marlee's POV:


I sighed and sat up on the couch,it's been one week since I've come home and It's honestly getting harder for me...I mean,for starters Justin still won't tell me where my dad is,and it's driving me insane that he just ignores me when I ask him.


But this time...I demand an answer,and I won't stop until I find out where my dad is.



''Hey Justin.'' I called,swinging my head back to bellow his name.



''Yeah boo?'' Justin called back,walking into the living area and sitting on the couch opposite me.



''Where's my dad?'' I asked,hoping for an answer.



''Marlee...when will you stop asking me that?'' He sighed.



''When you give me the answer I'm looking for.'' I spat back.



''Well your not going to get it out of me,so just stop.'' He replied,rubbing the sleep out of his eye as he fixed his gaze to the TV that was currently displaying the show Awkward.



''Justin...I'm getting sick and tired of you not telling me...I mean,what's so bad about telling me where he is? Is he in England or something? Egypt? America? where is he for fuck sake!'' I yelled,slapping my hand down onto the pillow that layed beside of me.




''Marlee,it's not an easy explanation..I can't tell you,I need to wait untill your memory comes back.'' He sighed.



''What's so important? just tell me when he's coming back and I'll leave you that what you want?''



''No...I can't,it's not as easy as that Marlee,just stop with the questioning.'' He groaned,swinging his head back.



''No! you're supposed  to be my 'best friend' but you won't even tell me where my own dad is? what the fuck is this?'' I shrieked,emphasising 'best friend'.



''Of course I'm your best friend Marls! it's just I really don't have the guts to tell you...I'm sorry.'' 



''Oh quit with the bullshit Justin,last time I checked 'best friends' told each other everything.'' I spat.



''Last time you checked? what the fuck do you know? huh? you wouldn't know the meaning of best friend even if you tried Marlee! you've been in a coma so how the fuck would you know what a best friend is? I'm doing this for your own good! don't bullshit me about not being a true friend..when I'm the only one you have!'' Justin retorted,standing up at the same time as me.




''Your are the only one I have,thanks for pointing it out there that I only have 2 people I can trust..I just wanted my dad here so I could trust him too,but obviously you don't want me to be happy.'' I murmured,walking past him.



''MARLEE! Wait! I didn't mean-''



''You didn't mean it like that? of course you did Justin,otherwise you wouldn't of said it...just leave me alone and don't talk to me...I've had enough of this whole friendship bullshit when you won't even tell me where my own fucking father is and then claim 'it's for my own good' the only thing that would be for my good is if I got you out my life,you cause me so much stress and anxiety its unbelievable,I ask you one simple harmless question and you blow it up into something huge,I's not fair,I've been loyal to you since the day I woke up and trusted you enough to let you into my life again,and you won't even tell me where he is...your a fucking joke.'' I spat before I ran up the stairs and stormed into my room,slamming the door as hard as I could.



''URHGHH'' I screamed,sitting on the end of my bed and placing my head in my hands.



If you want to know where your dad is Marlee,you will have to find it out yourself... 



*I slowly lifted my head up from my hands and glanced around the room*



''This room must be filled with clues to where he is..there must be tons of pictures of him and me.'' I muttered as I began to search through the pictures on my phone.



*I screamed in frustration as the only pictures that were on my phone were of me and Justin,I threw my phone on my bed and began looking for any old photo frames and photo's that could give me a clue.*


I began pulling open draws and throwing out the contents to try and find anything to do with my dad,I ran around the room frantically searching for anything to set my mind at peace,but nothing I could find would relate to him in anyway,I then finally came to my dresser,climbing over all the photo's and ornaments I began to rummage through all the draws working my way up to the top.



*Once I checked all the draws I looked on top,scanning the flat surface of the dresser I finally stumbled across a photo of a young girl with a man,they were both smiling and the little girl was on the man's back,I picked up the silver necklace which was placed on top of the photo and clutched it in my other hand as I picked up the photo with the other hand,I walked around to the side of the bed and crouched down on the floor,resting my back on the side of the bed,I pulled my feet up to my chest and looked at the photo in more detail,once I checked over the photo for any clues,I checked the back of the image only to find the words 'In loving memory of a wonderful father and an amazing husband,1979- 1996 I miss you daddy' in cursive lettering*



My heart instantly broke as I re-read over the words about 2 more times,instantly realising why Justin didn't want to tell father was dead,and there's no way I could get him back.



Before I knew it,tears began to run down my face uncontrollably,I ripped up the photo out of pure adrenaline rush and threw the dainty silver heart at the wall causing it to smash into pieces,I instantly regretted it but I wasn't in the mood to even move right now,how the fuck could Justin keep this from me? my own father is dead and he didn't have the audacity to tell me such a thing?



*I sighed and wiped away my tears*



'There's no point crying about it now Marlee,he's been gone since you were a little girl,and Justin was always the one to comfort you' A voice taunted in my head.



*I screamed in frustration and wrapped my arms around my knees before resting my head on them,staring at the ground my eyes instantly snapped over to the necklace on the floor*



''Shit'' I muttered as I realised how truly damaged it was.



*I leaned forwards and picked up most of the pieces and held them in my trembling hands*



This was such a pretty necklace and I fucking ruined it,I'm such a fuck up.



*I threw the pieces back onto the floor and stared at it for a moment,my eyes slowly moved over to the piece of small white paper hidden under the shattered necklace,I slowly picked it up and turned it over*



My heart instantly stopped as two words were beautifully written in swirly letters..



'Te Amo'



Suddenly thousands of memorys rushed through my mind.



'I love you...'



'give me the food Bob..'



'he's cheating...'



'go to hell...'



I began to smile as thousands of memory's Justin and I shared flooded through my brain,all the play fights..the hugs the heart to hearts,Justin messing up my hair,the piggy back rides,the 'I love you's' he used to say when he was younger...everything.



I've finally did it,I found the one thing that was supposed to trigger my memory...and it was all because of this small little necklace Justin gave me all those years ago that I've finally recovered from the accident,every part of me has recovered,I'm finally free.



*I instantly jumped up off the floor and ran out of the room,I jumped down the stairs and raced around the house to find Justin*



I need to see Justin,that's all I want right now...



I ran into the kitchen instantly catching sight of Justin opening the fridge. ''JUSTIN.'' I yelled.



Justin turned around sighing.''Look Marlee-''



*Before Justin could finish his sentence I smacked my lips into his,causing him to stumble backwards slightly but I grabbed his shirt to stop him from doing so,Justin started to kiss back which instantly caused me to smile,I slowly pulled away*



''You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do that.'' Justin breathed,smiling down at me.



''Well you don't have to wait anymore..because I remeber everything,and more importantly I love you too.'' I replied.



''You opened the necklace?'' Justin asked,his eyes wide.



''I kinda broke it when I was searching for evidence of actually having a dad,but I'm sorry for shouting at you and basically saying your a shit best friend,because we all know your the best in the world for putting up with such a bitch like me.'' I giggled,looking into his honeycomb eyes.



Justin smiled genuinely and chuckled. ''You're not a bitch,you're anything but a bitch,you're amazing,beautiful,gorgeous,perfect,funny,cute,weird and such a dork.'' Justin chuckled,I raised my eyebrow at him. ''But that's why I've fallen completely in love with you.'' He finished,entwining my hands with his.



''I can't believe you've loved me since the age of 11,I honestly had no idea.'' I muttered,staring at him in awe.



''Well I had a good way of hiding it.'' He chuckled.



''I guess you did,'ve never liked any girl apart from me for all those years?'' I asked,slightly nervous for his reply.



''Nope,your the only girl I see in my eyes,all the rest are nothing compared to you.'' Justin smiled.



*I blushed and looked to the ground*



''Marlee.'' Justin chuckled. ''You don't need to hide your rosey cheeks away from me,because I won't be able to do this.'' He finished,before he let go of my hand and placed his thumb under my chin,forcing me to look up before he slowly leaned in and kissed my cheek.



''You have very kissable cheeks.'' Justin laughed,pulling me into a hug.



''I still can't believe all this,I mean...just a few minutes ago I hardly knew you..and now were closer than ever before,it's quite scary.'' I admitted.



''It may be scary,but it's a good have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to kiss me like that.'' Justin replied.



''Since how long?'' 



''Since I was 7 i've wanted to kiss you so bad...and we've always came close to doing it,but then something happens and we just forget about it...but i've always loved you..and i've tried to hide it but every 3rd year I always tell you it,but you thought it was in a friendly you basically friend zoned me...'' Justin chuckled.



''Wait? so your telling me...that when you were 3 you loved me?'' I asked,Justin nodded. ''You said the same at 9,13,16 as well...was that you admitting your feelings for me?'' I asked.



''Yeah...iv'e loved you since I first laid my big cute eyes on you.'' Justin laughed.



*I rolled my eyes,remembering the time I told him he had 'big cute eyes' when I was 7,justin teased me about it for years and it finally stopped at the age of 11*



''I remember that...but It's still true,you do have big cute eyes...but they've always been big,but that's adorable for a boy to have big eyes,but of course small eyes are cute too-''



Justin cut me off by placing his lips on mine,before he pulled away.



''What was that for?'' 



''You talk to much.'' 



''Sorry.'' I replied.



''It's cute..don't worry about it.'' He chuckled.



*I nodded and fixed my gaze on the floor*



''Something tell's me your nervous.'' Justin sighed.



I didn't reply.



''Look...if your thinking I'm going too fast..we can,we can take it slow if you want?'' Justin replied,placing a hand on my shoulder.



'''ve waited too long for this and I've finally admitted my feelings for you it's the least I can do,you've done so much for me already Justin and I can't thank you enough...its just..I'm not really that used to you being so sweet to me.'' I giggled.



''Pfft..I'm always sweet to you!'' Justin scoffed.



''Oh,so calling me fat and saying I eat loads is sweet?'' I asked,raising my eyebrow. ''Oh,let's not forget the whole BOB MARLEY situation which you've said to me since you were 15 Justin.'' I smirked,crossing my arms over my chest.



''Sorry sorry,I try and be sweet to you all the time but I don't know...some boys bully the girls when in reality where infatuated with I was'' Justin muttered,rubbing the back of his neck.



''Your infatuated with me huh?'' I smirked,stepping forwards and placing my hand on his chest.



I felt Justin tense beneath me. ''Relax Jay,you're okay.'' I whispered,looking up at him with a smirk on my face.



'''' Justin stuttered,looking anywhere around the room but at me.



*I smirked and leaned up to his ear*



''Don't be nervous...because I'm infatuated with you too.'' I whispered seductively in his ear.



''R-Really?'' Justin stuttered,staring down at me with a huge grin on his face.



''Noopeee.'' I screamed before I ran out the room and into the living area.



''You're gonna pay for that Hightower!'' Justin chuckled,jogging into the room.



''Bite me,Bieber.'' I smirked before I sat on the couch and turned on the TV.



*I crossed my legs on the couch as I flicked through the channels,I settles on sweet 16 which was airing and began combing my fingers through my hair,suddenly I felt arms behind me,I turned around to see Justin bent down behind me hovering over the couch,I laughed and turned back around to watch the Girl hand out her invites,I suddenly felt Justin pick me up from behind and carry me bridal style to the back yard,my eyes instantly widened when I noticed the pool come into view,I began to pound my hands on Justin's chest begging for him to put me down but he just carried on running,chuckling at my desperate measures to get down*



''Bieber,I swear to god...if you throw me in there!'' I yelled,trying to wiggle out of his grasp.



''Back to surnames I see,that's a difference to how you were reacting around me earlier,kissing me and flirting with me.'' Justin smirked,looking down at me.



''If you put me down I will kiss you.'' I replied.



''Sorry Marls,but that's just not good enough.'' Justin smirked before he threw me into the ice cold pool.



I instantly gasped as the icy water drenched my clothes,causing goosebumps to form all over my body,I re surfaced and began to splutter as some of the chlorine entered my mouth when I came up.



''I HATE YOU!'' I shrieked,kicking my legs angrily in the water,trying to keep myself from going back under again.



*I watched as Justin doubled over,clutching his chest as he laughed hysterically*



''No you don't.'' Justin laughed,pointing at me in the water.



''Two can play that game Bieber.'' I muttered before I slyly swam over to the edge of the pool as Justin continued to laugh.



*I quickly pushed myself out of the water and grabbed ahold of his arm,before gravity pulled me back down again and I went crashing into the water,but I was soon joined by Justin*






I laughed as Justin re-surfaced again and started coughing.



''You little shit! you pulled me under whilst I was still laughing!'' Justin moaned,splashing me with water.



''Awh poor ickle Justin can't breathe..'' I cooed,pushing a wave of water in his direction,causing it to splash him right in the face with his eyes open.



I began to laugh as Justin frantically wiped his eyes with his hands,once Justin's eyes were chlorine free he looked over at me with evil eyes.



''I think it's time that you run.'' Justin muttered before he began to swim forwards.



''Correction,swim.'' I smirked,before I began to swim as fast I can to the other side of the pool away from Justin.



''I wouldn't be a little smart ass If I were you.'' Justin warned in a taunting voice.



*I scoffed and turned around only to see no sign of Justin,I began to swim in circles to try and catch a glimpse of Justin,but he was no where to be seen,I began to laugh*



''Justin,stop being a little hoe and appear...I know your trying to prank me.'' I laughed,swimming on.







''Justin,stop,it's not funny..'' I muttered,looking around once more.






''JUSTIN!'' I yelled,frantically trying to find him in the dark water.



It really doesn't help when it's pitch black outside and the only light is the porch light which is no where near the pool.





*I cornered myself in the corner of the pool so I could scan the whole pool*



''JUSTIN! PLEASE,THIS ISN'T FUNNY...STOP IT.'' I yelled,slightly becoming nervous.















''Sup Marls.'' Justin chuckled.



*I opened my eyes to see Justin floating in front of me a huge smirk covering his wet face,I hit him hard on the chest*



''What do you think you're doing? your such a jackass! you were under the water for like 7 minutes Justin! you could of drowned!'' I yelled,pushing him back.



''Calm down Marls,it was a joke-''






''Hey hey hey,shh..everything's fine,I'm okay I'm here.'' Justin muttered,wiping away my tears.



''Don't you ever do that again.'' I cried,biting the inside of my cheek.



''I promise...I'm sorry Marlee,I didn't think it would scare you.'' Justin replied.



''Well it did.'' 



''I'm sorry'' 



''I mean...I've just got you back,I don't want to loose you again.'' I sniffed.



''You will never loose me,I promise.'' Justin whispered,tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.



*I just smiled at him before I wiped away my last tears,Justin bit his lip*



''You look really pretty right now.'' Justin smiled.



''I don't look pretty all the time?'' I joked.



''Of course you do,you always gorgeous's just..I'm trying to make you blush.'' Justin admitted.






''Because you're super adorable when you blush and it's my weakness.'' Justin chuckled,moving closer.



''Oh yeah?and what else is your weakness?'' I smiled,biting my lip as I wrapped my arms around Justin's neck.



''You're lips are my all time weakness.''Justin whispered,hovering his lips over mine.



''Well prepare to be weak Bieber.'' I smirked.



*Justin bit his lip as he closed his eyes,I moved my head back as far as I could as Justin puckered his lips and moved forwards,when he couldn't find my lips his eyes sprung open and he glared at me evilly*



''That's what you get for scaring me.'' I giggled,sticking my tongue out.



*Justin placed his hands on either side of the pools edge so he cornered me,he licked his lips and pouted*



''That's not nice.'' He whispered,moving forwards so our bodies touched.



''You're not nice.'' I smiled sarcastically.



''Yes I am..I'm the nicest person you've met!'' Justin retorted,moving closer.



''Okay okay...that's true,I guess.'' I laughed,wrapping my arms around his neck and playing with the back of his hair.



''That's my other weakness.'' Justin murmured,closing his eyes at my touch.



''What isn't your weakness Justin,you have about 20.'' I laughed.



''You're not my weakness.'' Justin replied with a straight face.



''Fine bitch! be like that!'' I yelled,pushing him away.


''I'm kidding..I'm kidding.'' Justin laughed,moving forwards again. ''You're my all time biggest weakness.'' He smiled.



''And why's that lover boy?'' 



''Because you're perfect.'' 



''Lies,I'm not perfect.'' I sang.



Justin chuckled. ''But you're pretty damn close.'' He whispered before he slowly placed his lips on mine.



*I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck,Justin pulled away and stared at me intently*



''Te amo Marlee.'' Justin whispered,his warm minty breath grazing my lips.



''Te amo Justin.''I replied,before I pressed my lips back into his.



*I felt Justin move his hands down to my waist as he pushed me out of the corner of the pool,I began tugging on his wet hair causing Justin to moan,I smiled into the kiss just as Justin depend the kiss,I pulled away and sighed,looking down at the dark water*



''I think were going a bit to far.'' I muttered awkwardly.



''It's okay,I can only ask for you to be with me and I'll be happy,it doesn't always have to be physical.'' Justin replied,staring into my eyes.



*I smiled which instantly caused a grin to tug on Justin's lips*



''You're so cheesy.'' I giggled,pulling his hair lightly.



Justin closed his eyes in pure bliss. ''But you love me.'' 



''Damn right I do.'' I sang.



*Justin chuckled and pulled me into a hug,he rested his chin on my head and began to swing his jaw back and fourth*



''Ouch Justin! stop that hurts.'' I laughed,pulling away from the hug.



''Sorry.'' He laughed,keeping his jaw still. ''You know...this is the best day of my life.'' He murmured after a minute of silence.




''Because you  have your memory back and we're finally happy together.'' Justin replied,kissing my wet hair with his warm lips.


''I'm so glad I properly remember you now,I don't feel alone anymore.'' 



''Marlee,you were never alone,I'm always here for should know that,you've been my best friend for 16 years and I'm not going anywhere.'' Justin commented.



''Thank you Jay.'' I smiled,pulling away from the hug.



''It's alright boo.'' Justin whispered before he kissed my forehead.



''So...why did you put Te amo on the paper instead of just the simple English I love you?'' I asked.



''Why..don't you like it?'' Justin asked frowning.



''No! I love it,I'm just wandering.''


''I thought it was more romantic,and besides Te amo is Spanish and you're half Spanish so I thought it through and thought It would fit better.'' Justin shrugged.



''You're so adorable.'' I giggled,moving his hair out of his eyes.



''Thanks shawty,you too.'' He grinned,leaning down and pecking my cheek.



''I can't believe how much we've changed in the past hour.'' I frowned.



''I know,we went from friends to lovers in a matter of seconds...and the funniest thing was we were in a fight at the time before you planted those sweet lips on mine.'' Justin winked.


''Oh shut up,it was spur of the moment.'' I laughed,hitting his arm.



''So are you saying if you could go back you wouldn't have kissed me?'' Justin asked,a frown forming on his face.



''I wouldn't change that moment for  the world Justin,I'm just saying my adrenaline was so high...I was crying then all of a sudden I noticed the necklace and the piece of paper inside and I instantly felt like the most special girl in the world.'' I giggled.



''You are the most special girl in the world.'' Justin replied,smiling down at me.



''You've changed your attitude with me so much,one minute you were calling me a fat whore and now you're calling me perfect.'' I laughed.



''I know,but I'll stop that now...I'm sorry if you were offended,you know your not a whore..or fat.'' Justin raised his eyebrows.



''You don't have to stop it Justin,I don't want things to change between us,I just want it to be the same..but maybe cuddle a bit more and of course kiss.'' I blushed,looking down at the goosebumps on my arms.



''Okay,more cuddling and kissing it is then.'' He grinned before he leaned down and pressed his lips to my cheek. ''Starting from now.'' 



*Justin turned around and I frowned,he turned back around after a few seconds and chuckled*



''Jump on my back then silly.'' Justin laughed.



''Oh right,I knew that.'' I murmured,jumping on his back and wrapping my arms around his neck.



''Course you did you little twerp.'' Justin laughed,swaying through the water.


*I rolled my eyes and placed my head ontop of his,Justin swam around the pool for a couple of minutes with me on his back*



''Justin?..'' I asked,hesitating. ''Mhm.'' Justin replied,walking through the water. ''What are we? like...what does this make us?'' I asked nervously.



''What ever you want it to be,baby.'' Justin replied,squeezing my thigh in a playful manner.



should I really date my best friend...which I also love? or should we just stay best friends and nothing more? I have no idea...




















Stay beautiful my little shawty's<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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