Her Story

she was a history book with billions of stories of her own, he never wanted to share his…when someones betrayed-could the relationships stay the same?


1. The Café

Zayn's P.O.V-

I was sitting there in the little cafe in bradford, trying to figure out what to do for my literacy project. The assignment was to write a "novel"about a person you wish you were-or someone you "absolutely adore" but who did i wish i was, or who did i "absolutely adore"? I drank my coffee and began to wonder what my grade would be if i didn't turn in this stupid "novel". Thats when SHE came in. She was beautiful, with her  long dark hair, and her perfect smile. And those EYES!!!!! Oh My goodness! those eyes! they were beautiful, they weren't like how you'd imagine eyes that you'd fall in love with, they weren't blue/green, or naturally rainbowie-but they were big, like naturally huge, and they were dark! Man, a guy could get lost in those eyes, but who was i kidding? A girl like her…with a guy like me? I mean seriously! Oh.My.Gawd! She just smiled at meee!!!!  Wow, I'm being such a little girl.

 She ordered her drink and began to talk to the guy at the counter, was he flirting with her? She has the cutest laugh,why was she laughing at him? i could definitely make her laugh better than that. WHO THE HECK IS THAT GIRL? I have to talk to her! She waited a bit longer for her drink and talked to that bum some more, then she walked back to a little table by the wall,alone…by herself. Maybe I should talk to her? No, that would be crazy, I mean look at me? I'm in sweats in and a t-shirt. and she's, well, gorgeous! Okay, I'm going to do it. 

  I waited at that table for about 10 minuets, me sitting just there, tapping my foot on the floor, doodling random stuff on my blank pages,  thinking of corny pick-up lines that'll never work.I kept looking at her in between corny pick-ups and each time she was either pulling her hair back, or turning her page to her book, or taking a sip of her french cappuccino….not that i know what she ordered. Right when i looked up for what i decided to be the last time, she looked up too-just my luck-and smiled with her beautiful smile at me. I got up the courage to wave at her and-to my surprise-she blushed! AND waved back! She went back to reading and I swear I could feel butterflies in my stomach! I heard some rustling and looked up from my still blank papers. She was coming over to me. She blushed redder than last time when she saw that I noticed her and she then, she surprised me and the bum behind the counter (who'd been watching us the whole time). she slipped me a little piece of paper. 
"Hey your really cute, and i think you we should hang out some time? :) xoxo -Vi" and by the way, it wasn't a slutty-seductive note- it was a cute, friendly note, that ill be definitely replying back to :D 



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